Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – I have Mary here, the woman who has problems with her breasts, I will tell you what I see, and it seems to be that she basically doesn’t have any. It is not through disease or whatever, but she seems to be saying that it was something that was overlooked and has caused her minor distress through this life, and she sort of asking for development as a favour. It is a bit difficult for me to accept that this is part of healing but as I have seen it, I have said what I have seen, perhaps you can talk to her Verna, or confirm it, or whatever, she is definitely asking for bigger boobs. Verna – I see like a …underneath the skin where her breasts should be, I see black circles like they are cut off and it is not possible that they will grow. Geoff – I can see distinct lines from the shoulders to the breast area, yes I can see it. The growth needs to be activated, started, and it is a problem for your friend, the Chinese doctor, the nervous system, he needs to release certain nerves which will start the puberty action around the breast area, although she is in her late twenties it has never happened, and it is a simple thing to activate. And your friend can tell us how. I can see me facing this girl and putting my hands on her shoulders and squeezing quite hard the length from the neck to the shoulders and back again, and with the heel of my hand it is pressing on nerves which are starting to unblock a nervous channel which in some way will instruct the physical part to grow. Verna – I am still getting that it is not possible. It can unblock the channels and bring feeling because they are like totally blocked and dead, her nipples have no feeling, and I don’t get that they can grow. Geoff – It is possible, I can feel what she feels, and the movement she makes as she feels these channels unblock. They are starting to develop. I can see these channels being cleared but the blackness in the channels is being pushed down into the breast area and although they have started to develop there is a large amount of blackness inside the actual breast, which we have put there by trying to unblock the channels. Now if you put your hands on the lower half of the breasts, and I put my hands on the top half, the channels from the shoulders down to the breasts are clear but our job now is to remove the blackness inside the breasts and we do this by putting in a form of silver energy. Like silver bubbles very, very concentrated and this will start to dissipate the blackness and break it down, which is happening. What we have experienced was correct, but for obvious reasons had its difficulties which is why it was given to me rather than you. They need to be worked on a second time, which will be done by another group, not us in the near future, and she walks off very proudly.

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