Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Miriam (Guide) Today is your celebration of Mayday and you did have quite a talk about it at church yesterday, not all of what you heard is true, but not enough to worry about. It did start as a religious festival, that is quite right, even the birds celebrate at this time of the year, unfortunately you do not have enough birds here to bother you with the dawn chorus. Luke – Unfortunately. Miriam (Guide) – Yes it is unfortunate, it is a celebration of the beginning of Spring, of new life, it is a time when most of the animal and insect kingdom are born, a time when the earth awakens, this much you can see and know. For us it is a time of getting together, recharging our batteries as you have heard, of discussing world situations and the work that we are doing. It is a time of growth in many ways. People are more alert now, they are more willing to try different things, more willing to progress in perhaps in something they are learning, for the sunshine and warmth do that to you. When we gather and discuss the world situation, I say world in the broadest sense, not just your world, but all the planets of which you know and some that are far beyond anything that you have heard about, but you have had some visitors from these far distant places. For what affects one planet affects us all, we are all one, it is such a huge one to anything that you can imagine. Most of us who are in contact with sensitives and others cannot even imagine how far this oneness stretches. What we do know is way beyond anything that you can imagine, and therefore we have this get together to discuss what is happening and to see if we can rectify anything in any way, and to discuss the pro’s and con’s, the results or defeats of what we have been doing. We have power, we have a great deal of power, but we are not allowed to do just what we would like, it has to be within a certain context, in order that we do not interfere with the freewill of the people, and it is this that we discuss. Because sometimes if we know that there is a happening of which we are all very concerned, we can put forward our concern to those in higher vibration and those will go much higher to see if permission can be given to alter this whatever it is, the sort of permission that one must seek when you have a walk-in (A walk-in is a soul that takes over a physical body (with that bodies permission) so that it might work on the physical plane), when you do not want that particular person to come down to continue the work that they started to do but now find it very difficult. That is just one of the situations where we meet and then ask for help, it is not always given, it depends upon the severity of the task that needs doing, sometimes instead we are given permission to use the power to enable that person to accomplish whatever they set out to do. It is not just in the human field that we have our discussions, when there is pollution in the atmosphere, it reaches far and wide, and the repercussions of the pollution has to be discussed and ways and means found to rectify any problem if it can be done. So many scientists and those in authority, think that an idea that they have is theirs’ but that is not always so. The idea is given to them in order that they may accomplish and do a certain task, so you see that we have these meetings, not just at the beginning of your year, but whenever the need arises. One thing when we have a meeting of the minds like this, we do not need a large hall, the space is not needed for us, we can also reach far and wide with our power, it is not easy to explain all that we do, until you have more knowledge than you have at present, but that is just to give you a little idea of the work that we do, something that you have perhaps not heard about so far. We also have an exchange of souls to different parts of the galaxy, that they may see at first hand what is being accomplished and so be better prepared to tutor their band of helpers for whatever purpose, so there is quite a lot of coming and going, ideas passed back and forwards. The future to a certain extent is shown to us and just how best we can help. There are also some in the world at present who are able to come to us in astral at will, as you have been told about, and in this way they can be of more help to those around them and to the work that they are doing. For the animals who are evolving before they go to the land of shimmering light as you call it, they are instructed into what it will be like, they are shown a little of what their future will be before this knowledge is taken from them, and this can only be done by very, very evolved souls. Now sometimes you have, in fact quite often you have people who are naturally gifted and I expect you may wonder, is this a new gift, or is this something that comes from a past master of that particular art or science, or whatever it is that they are doing. Quite often they are given tuition in the spirit world for it is something that they have done through many of their lives and something they wish to continue. Therefore what you call the masters, who themselves have had many years and many lives, they are taught by these masters and the knowledge is soon regained and the pleasure that they have in continuing in that work not only helps them, but is chosen especially to help those around them. You have been learning a lot of the good that is being done, but there is another side, as you know, the power of evil is very strong. It draws to it those who are mostly weak minded, they are drawn at the beginning through pleasure and they think this pleasure will continue if they follow the evil teachings, only to find that once they are well and truly caught then it is not so good as they expected. Many are on the borderline, they are weak, but not evil to any great extent, for these dear souls we are able to rescue them once they have put out the thought that they wish to be rescued, and you yourselves have done this type of rescue work, as has your family. But for others, there is no turning back, for a long, long time. They enjoy the power that it wields, it does not bother them that people are hurt, and that animals are hurt, they have cast aside all feelings except power. These are the greatest enemies of creation, through each civilization, the evil has tried to conquer but never as yet has it completely succeeded and never will it, but the struggle will continue for many, many years. You have been chosen to do work that will help humanity and even the animal kingdom, and you will be guided in everything that you do from evil. That is not to say that you must sit back and say ‘well I am protected’, you on your part must do your best to cultivate the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth senses that you will be given, so that all the sweet talking, all the miracles and all the beseeching words that you will be given, you will understand are not true. It is not something that will come upon you in one go, it will be gradual, for one must always build slowly and thoroughly in order that it is strong and can not be knocked down. You will have enemies of some who are jealous of what you will do, but you must only pity them for it is work that they have been offered but have chosen not to accept, and that is not to say that they are bad people, or under the influence of evil, but they have not as yet the strength to go forward in the way that they wished. We have such wonderful times all of us when you are asleep, but as yet you cannot bring back these memories, but let me assure you that we do. Not just with your spirit friends and guides, but with your family and friends that have passed through the veil, for those who are able to come near, they do and they send a message to say ‘you have done your best’ and you know of what I am talking now, others must learn and fulfill their karma, but it is not for you to worry about. You could not have done anymore. Words that were spoken will be pondered over and it will be good. Now I shall say goodnight my friend. Luke – Bless you, thank you Miriam (Guide) – And I shall be back again very soon, God bless you. Miriam (White Feather) – This is White Feather Luke – Welcome, bless you Miriam (White Feather) – It is sometime since I was here, but as it is your Mayday and Mayday we celebrate, I thought I would tell you what the children have been doing. They have their maypole and their dances and it is such a delight to watch them. The older children are very keen at this time to forget that they are older and join in the fun, and of course I say older children, are we not all children at heart? So we all have a ball, the dances that we have are very, very complicated because we can move our feet better and there is no falling down or at least when the children fall there are no bruises, and it is so delightful. The festivities will continue for a long while, we have horse riding, we have canoeing, in fact it is a day when the children are allowed to express a wish for something, which normally they would not be granted, and for most of the time that wish will be granted. So you can see we really do enjoy ourselves, but there are so many people that gather, so many souls gather for enjoyment and not just from your little planet, but from out of space, so many different places. They come and join in the festivities for this is more of a celebration than anything that we have for a the children, even Christmas, for this they understand is the beginning of new life, new growth, for even here, when we have gardens, we plant so that it grows at the appropriate time, not just instantly, we have animals who give birth, just as you have on earth, that the children may experience this and take that memory back with them when they select and chose another life. It is different from those on other planets, from those out in space, they have a different time of festivities, and we go there to where ever they are living, but this they say is the most delightful, I think because the children are brought up in such a different way. Our only regret is that the children of today are not living as children, so many especially overseas are being treated as young adults, when they should be enjoying themselves, making mistakes, having fun, not to worry about their figures and features, but just being children, and sad to say that that is over in your country and others, and we regret it very much, it will change but not for some time. But we think that now the people are beginning to rebel against the freedom that was given to, I think you call it, your sixties, when anyone was allowed to do just what they liked. Even the teenagers are beginning to rebel, it is like giving a child too much to eat, they enjoy it at first but then find that it is not the enjoyment they expected, and the result is often very disappointing. But today we celebrate, all the children and adults and as many as possible congregate in so many different parts of what you call the astral, on this second vibration. Now we know that you have been busy, you have not been out celebrating, but we think that you will be having many happy days this year, and with that I am going back to enjoying the dancing and the canoeing which I love so much, and I am away! Bless you, my brother and sister, bless you.  

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