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Miriam’s life in Mongolia 10TH Century

Miriam’s life in Mongolia 10TH Century   By

Geoff – Right, there is a huge archway, a really big one, it’s made out of stone, it’s whatever they used 10/20/30 centuries ago, it’s around Mongolia, China that area, and it is my mother. Miriam (channeling) – It is. Geoff – I can see her sort of shuffling, the way the Chinese do, with a bowed head going through this arch going along these streets, the streets are just sandy walkways, the buildings are wooden, but very thin. Now it is wood and hide – the basic framework is wood but covered with hide. The hide is hide of ordinary cattle, cows, and I follow her down a side street and into one of these rooms, each one is the size of a small caravan. Inside the floor is hard-packed dirt, which made it easier to keep clean. There is no seating, just animal skins and the light comes from an oil lamp. I have sat down and this woman sat down and she must be in her sixties, a very thin, very wrinkled skin, well sixties in those days was very old. Very thin but still astute and wide awake to what was going on compared to the surrounding town, she is more alert, far more developed spiritually, nobody around her is developed spiritually. And she lives this life of a poor trader or whatever they did on those days, what she does is to monitor the vibrations in the city itself, and sends out healing for individuals and for groups in the city as part of her life. She knows full well what she is doing, she knows she is far more developed in this life than the others and that she must go through it, which was pleasant in a way. There was a purpose to her life and there was a great sense of fulfillment being able to help all these people, because she was so far advanced compared to them. They were a very primitive society, Mongolian Horsemen, they were very rough, very barbaric, and they had no respect for women, they used to take slaves, there was a lot of masculine arguments and fights. Who was the strongest – that was the most important. And their whole life was spent in poverty, in almost squalor, very poor conditions and very, very cold in winter. And yet the opposite in Summer, it was right on the edge of the Mongolian Dessert, like a small town, very harsh conditions, food was not always available, they had to depend on the men bringing food back to a central point, where it was a case of the women would cook it for the men, the men didn’t get involved, they would bring back the animals they had hunted, drop them in the square, and the women would go and cut them up and start cooking, and that was the main source of nourishment, for this old lady, if she had not been able to do that she would not have eaten. Miriam (channeling) – That is true. Geoff – There were very few vegetables, and there was nothing left of the animal that was butchered, the bones were used mainly for weapons, but hip bones and so on were used for ladles, the hooves were melted down to make some form of glue for material, to make it nice and stiff and waterproof. Miriam (channeling) – Yes! You picked that up very well. Geoff – The skins of course were used as coverings and seating, the hair of the animals also for rugs on the floor and sleeping, whenever food was brought back, they spent a long time eating and in the winter it wasn’t so bad, but in the summer it would go off very quickly. What they used to do was to boil it all down, boil all the meat and bits and pieces for ages until it became sticky, gelatin, the fat used to come to the surface, and that used to seal the meat inside the containers, and therefore it stayed fresher longer. Good grief, that is surprising.   During this life time this woman sustained various injuries, one time she was severely injured, when she was trampled on by horses when the men got out of control, they would ride through the town or village and if someone got in their path it was just bad luck, especially if it was a woman, it made no difference, they had no qualms about going straight over you. Miriam (channeling) – The men did not value the women one little bit, there was always someone else willing to do the cooking. Geoff – No, not at all, and each time she suffered these injuries, the repair work was done mainly by spirit, she would get back to her little home, and they would repair her, friends would come and help but they did not have a lot of knowledge in those days. Also what is very interesting is the home itself was protected, it was quite common in those days that if one person wanted to take over another person’s home, they could do so as long as nobody really objected, like an old lady who was getting old, it was not unusual that a younger lady take over her home and cast her out. This home was protected by spirit and nobody ever thought of doing that to this particular home. So the lesson was a very heavy and long, but also very fulfilling. Miriam (channeling) – Very fulfilling indeed, very rewarding. Geoff – In the end, when it came to the time for her to die, I can see this very clearly, you had the village and then you had this sort of rocky area, with a path going through the middle and that went out into the dessert, which went on for miles, when the time came for her to die it was Winter, and she went out, down this path and she clambered over the rocks to the left and sat on a rock, feeling peace, she felt no cold, she felt peace because her time had come and she was going to return to her friends. She lived her life exactly how she planned to do and before she physically died, her friends were in front of her and slightly above, and she was told it was now time to leave her body, and that is exactly what she did. She moved straight out of her body, which then physically died and she passed over with no problems. Miriam (channeling) – And that I can tell you is such a wonderful feeling. You all look forward to going home, but nothing at all like the experience of coming to your true home. Geoff – Yes, I can sense the feeling, and the security and serenity and the beauty and love, and everything in one as she passed over. To go back to that side is just too beautiful an experience. Miriam (channeling) – And once again you have excelled yourself, and I think the crystal you have recently acquired has given you a lot of insight. Geoff – Oh yes, so much clearer. Miriam (channeling) – So much, much more than we expected really. Geoff – Good. Now that was Mom’s life over a 1000 years ago, and she was so well developed and experienced then, so you can imagine the experience she has now, which is why she knows what she does about passing over this last time, in this series of lives. Miriam (channeling) – But you also are well developed. Now I think you have time for one more, which will surprise you completely.

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