Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation a visitor from another dimension channels through Miriam. I astral project to an area in this dimension. – 1998 Geoff –     I have this very distinct stream in a field and it is ‘s’ shaped, and it’s not a very wide stream, a couple of meters, and behind it a very green field, seems to be very English. And on the right hand side the stream disappears under some dense bush. It doesn’t seem to come out on the other side so the stream must go underground. I think that’s where I have got to go…… so I go into the water and I will go into this stream and I go under the bush and see where it disappears to. I am having no luck going into this stream I tried to go in….and was stopped, and I came back out on top again. On the other side I can see more fields and the edge of a village and this stream where it goes into the bush there is like a small hill. The entrance seemed to be guarded, because when I first went in there was like a weird and wonderful creature with teeth and so on, which I ignored and tried to get past and I didn’t……. Miriam (Guide) You are quite right – that it is guarded, and this is a complete stranger who is sitting with you and I have come from a very far distant planet and I shall talk more about myself when you are finished. Geoff –     You’re welcome – thank you for coming Miriam (Guide) It is my pleasure, I had to see this one who is so far advanced Geoff –     Thank you – Okay so I try and get in from the top just by going straight down, and underneath, I am inside now and what there is, is a well with square sides – and it is very deep, the water that comes in is an illusion to the people, it looks like the stream is flowing in here but from this side the water comes in and just stops…… and disappears Miriam (Guide) Yes it is an illusion Geoff –     I can see the creature that was guarding it, and I go down this well and as I go down, I can see the sides are…….. the sides seem to be all crystal Miriam (Guide) Yes, they are crystal Geoff –     Mainly white and dark blue, as I keep going down there are streaks of yellow …… I have got to the bottom and there just seems to be water, very similar to what we did the other night with the owl. Miriam (Guide) Yes I heard about that Geoff –     I touch the sides of the well before I go into the water and its immediate contact with – it seems to be spirit behind the crystal Miriam (Guide) Yes you are right there Geoff –     I seem to be trapped in a way Miriam (Guide) Not quite trapped, but put your mind to it and I think you will find out why they are there. Geoff –     I go into the crystal and stand as they are standing, and it is something to do with time, it seems to be an entrance to another dimension or another world Miriam (Guide) It is another world Geoff –     Right, okay so these are basically the guardians who approve the people that can go through this entrance – the gatekeepers. Miriam (Guide) Yes. Geoff –     Excellent, okay. Now I will do downwards into the water and see where it leads to, and I end up in a passage, which is like a cave, it is very rough rock and there are four ways out, the ones to my right and left and behind me are level, and the one in front of me goes up and I can sense there are some living beings just out of sight in all directions. They don’t want me to wait, so they come to me, they want me to go ahead up this slope and around the corner, and as I do this I can feel them sort of backing away. They are a little unsure at the moment. As I carry on going the next thing I come to is another type of gatekeeper, with very ugly big teeth, I have got to pass through the mouth of this thing into the next cave it is there really for show and I go through into the next cave and from there, there are myriads of little caves and tunnels leading off in all directions. And it seems to be the main chamber, and this is where I will hopefully meet the inhabitants. The creatures are very similar to Tag that we saw many years ago and he lived beneath the earth in Spain, small furry creatures almost……… now, when I met these creatures before they were living in the dark. Miriam (Guide) They were. Geoff –     Now there is more light, and although last time they had big eyes they were hardly used or not used so much, now their eyes are adjusting to more light because over the next few years they will eventually get to the surface and they will be discovered on this earth. Miriam (Guide) What kind of intelligence would you say they had. Geoff –     It is to do with communities, it’s not a specifically high intelligence but there is a lot of communication with thought, there is a hierarchy , there are the elders and the ordinary what do you call them– tribes people or whatever. They have built up a certain amount of knowledge, which the elders keep between themselves and they are teaching the others, the idea is – their thinking is that when they reach the earth’s surface and communicate directly with us they will be able to learn a lot from the people on the surface, that’s the way they are thinking Miriam (Guide) Yes, they will do that. Geoff –     The way that they will benefit us after the change, is that they will teach us, we will be able to see how they live as a very close community and spend their time helping each other and learning……. so it is one big family instead of individuals. Miriam (Guide) Getting back to nature. Geoff –     Yes, that’s right. Now they are basically like small humans maybe two to three feet tall, with two big black eyes right where our eyes should be, and covered in a fur a black fur, three to four inches long. They have slightly clawed feet not sharp claws, but claws never the less and hands almost the same as our hands. Their nature is very loving and caring and they have developed a few things that we haven’t. I have seen little shafts of white light going from one to a whole group of others, which means they can communicate through telepathy. Its energy that rides on the energy in the air and goes to a certain group of others ………it doesn’t have to go to everybody Miriam (Guide) Yes, that’s right Geoff –     So the air is quite thick and can accept these thought waves going from one to another. Miriam (Guide) I think you did very well with that Geoff –     Very interesting one. Miriam (Guide) I am impressed. Geoff –     Thank you. Is there more to see on this one? Miriam (Guide) No, I think we should pass on to another one Geoff –     Okay. Alright I come up out of the ground to see what is next.

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