Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation a guide called Grey Wolf is channeling through Miriam. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Now I think you have some children to greet you. Not ordinary children. Geoff – Well one of them that is here is one of my favorite children, Pauline, such a loving girl. I am getting some very strange images, these are not human children as we know them. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – That is it, I said they were not ordinary children. Geoff – I am not sure where they are from or whatever, but that doesn’t really matter, what is important is the feeling, the emotion they give off as children, I mean some can be construed as downright ugly, (laughs) unless you are of the same species, but they give off the vibration of children, and what is more important is they can communicate on an equal level with earth children in spirit. They are like, well it is like being in Disneyland in a way, the children play with these alien children, which come in all shapes and sizes, and from all different planets and dimension and so on, there is such a selection. But the feeling, the connection between all the children is there, now all these that I am seeing are in spirit, they are either in spirit or they have been brought up by their astral bodies. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – They have been brought by their astral bodies for you to see. Geoff – And they all have a connection with each other, they all have a common feeling of children, that is why I can recognise one of these things as children. Also the majority, because they are astral they have a very quizzy nature, and they want to learn and a very loving nature, the feeling is lovely, they are very loving. They are like swimming around me at the moment, and Pauline is showing me how you can play with them. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Yes, Pauline brought them for you. Geoff – It is a bit like being surrounded by fish in the aquarium, they are just there. And now she has sent them all away and we are in an empty room, and she is sitting on my knee, and it is like a big square stage if you like, with a screen at the back, and there is just nothing there except Pauline and myself. There must be something else she wants me to see. What she is doing is she is bringing across this stage is images of Sharon and Verna and Mutts and myself, and she is saying that she can play with whoever she wants to and she can see and be with whoever she wants to. Now we have a very special relationship. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Oh you have. Geoff – And the amount of love that Pauline and I have for each other is just too beautiful, now she is progressing in her own way, but this is the way that I will always see her and the way that we will communicate. She is just showing me some of the things that she can do, she is just too beautiful, and someone that I really love so much, the feeling is just too beautiful. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – And she will show you herself in a more solid form in the not too distant future, when you least expect it. Geoff – Yes, that is one thing I would like to see is materialization. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – You will do. Geoff – Good, that is great. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – And I think that is a happy note on which to end this evening, and I am so glad that I was able to join you on the reunion with your spirit friends for a chat. Geoff – That was beautiful, and off she goes. But I have a question, as always before you go. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – If I can I will answer. Geoff – I have had this feeling on my head all day, as if I had something on my head like headphones or a band or something. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – It is spiritual, if it bothers you then just wish it away. Geoff – No it doesn’t, I just wondered what it was. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – If not, then just leave it, there is a reason for it. Geoff – Okay, oh I will leave it there it is no problem. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Then I bid you goodnight and pleasant dreams for I do not think you will be in astral tonight to do anything special. You will be recovering from your different time and enjoying a relaxing evening. Geoff – Oh excellent, good. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Goodnight and God bless you and your parents too. Luke – Thank you and bless you. Geoff – Thank you.

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