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Possible outcomes of Russia v Ukraine (Channeled)

Possible outcomes of Russia v Ukraine August 30th 2022
In this meditation Geoff leads the way into the scene, then one of the regular guides takes over. Exchanges are made with Sharon (S)
It has been shortened to make for easier reading. It begins where we have joined with other groups (in meditation) to send specific energy to the area.
……..we have the river going down to the sea, and it ends up next to a Cove. This is Ukraine. They are some silos by the side of the cove, and that is where the ships will dock to collect the grain. A lot of the grain comes down the river and there are bridges across the river, which means a lot comes by land as well. Things are very turbulent there at the moment. I can see planes above the rivers.
S: So that probably caused a lot of upset which is why we are using this energy.
That makes sense, and we have seen this energy before, we have used it to calm things down and to let people sort things out the best way possible. Although there is lots of drama, you need clear minds to be able to take the next step instead of wanting to retaliate and fight.
There are a lot of troops there, I can see buses filled with troops. We needn’t get involved past this. (Spirit takes over here) It has just opened up another gateway, so we can send energy and information there, on your behalf. Once the gate is open, and once you understand what is going on, what you are doing is giving us permission to go in, and use whatever energy we need, that will be acceptable with you. So, you can leave this with us quite comfortably now. We thank you and ‘goodnight’.
Now I have a road winding through a pretty desolate area. There are two roads, one coming this way and one going that way.
I think what they are trying to show us is how people react to a situation like this. Imagine you have got two sides, Russia and Ukraine. And Russia, being the aggressor, suddenly gets attacked by munitions sent from America or the West. How does that make them feel?
S: But it’s also the collective energy from everyone around the World. They are all “yeah, you deserve that” and that builds up an incredibly strong energy. It multiplies the energy dynamically.
(A Guide takes over part way through this paragraph)
That makes sense. Because we are going forward, that is all the energy going in the right direction. The energy coming towards us, which will be the Russians, there is nothing on that road. So maybe that, in a way, has stopped them in their tracks, with a ‘we will not tolerate this anymore’ energy. Now the energy on the Russian side, I like what you said about group energy from all over the World, but on the opposite side of that you have the Russians coming forward. And what energy are the Russian soldiers getting first of all. They are not getting a huge amount of support from the Russian people or from NATO or from the rest of the World. They are on their own, working just for Putin.
Putin says do this and that is what they do. And they are being fed a lot of wrong information. So, what a lot of them are doing, is they are starting to realise this. And now they have got a bit of a problem. Do they do what they believe is right? Or do they follow instructions? Because they have been brought up in Russia, where you do follow instructions, it’s very important, otherwise the discipline is absolutely severe. But it’s a way of life, a way of thinking. You dominate your enemy, you are strong, you are powerful, you are the better army. You have that sort of mentality behind it. And that thinking is a group energy. So, you have a massive group energy going in one direction. But you have the entire World opposing it. The stronger energy will eventually win.
So, what is going to happen with the Russian troops feeling the right sort of energy? At the moment they are feeling “well, there could be a change here”. They are hearing rumours and some of the rumours now are becoming more and more and getting worse or better, depending on which way you look at it. And it will change their thinking a little bit. Maybe they won’t try so hard, because they dominate Ukraine as far as fire power goes and so on, they can basically sit on the side lines and bomb a city until there is nothing left of it. Maybe they won’t do that so much, because they can see it is so unfair. Because there is not enough retaliation from the Ukranian people. You should not be shooting and bombing civilians anyway. That is their group energy starting to change. Now, what will happen when that group energy reaches a tipping point? And it starts to change. It is unheard of, that the entire army, for example, would change, revolt or strike or whatever they could do. That would never happen. But what will happen, the Generals will realise that if I push these guys too far, we are going to have a revolution on our hands unless we do something. And then they will put together some way of saving face and solving the problem. Now, the way they will probably do this, is to say “ok, give us the two regions we have been fighting for and we will call it quits”. Which of course is not suitable or acceptable. So maybe they will settle for a little bit less, and trading will go on, and prisoner swaps and so on. And eventually the NATO side will realise that Russia needs to save a bit of face, so it will probably end up by saying “ok, you win, we will give you this little bit here, and you will withdraw and do the good thing, etc.”. And try and make it look a bit like a saving Grace for them.
Now the other way it could go, is because of the way the Russian people think, the Russian Generals who are the 2 IC’s to Putin, are basically going to think that “this guy is just destroying everything and it’s not going to work, we simply have to take him out.” And correct things, so they would make a deal with NATO for example, under the table, saying “Look, we will take Putin out and we will withdraw. We will just work around that and make us look like we are the good guys or at least doing the right thing”. Now, everybody will agree to that, simply because it’s a solution to the problem, not so many people would die, Ukraine goes back to the way it was, Putin disappears and Russia gets back in its good books, everybody gets oil and gas and everybody is happy.
Now the creation of all of this is by one man, Putin, and it is all his ego. He doesn’t need money, he’s got all the power in the world, he’s got wealth, he’s got power, he controls, so what does he need this for? Simply because there is nothing else for him, this is the next step. He is just flexing his muscles showing what he can do. He went into Syria and did exactly the same thing and the West has sort of forgotten it and settled down. Then he did the same thing in Crimea, he took over that, and then he thought “what the hell, let me go for Ukraine as well”. It’s just one big game and ego trip for him.
S: Another Hitler energy with ego.
Absolutely – but also a very good learning curve. And it’s coming at exactly the right time, as the Earth is going to go through this change.
S: Yes, absolutely.
And we can all see it, everybody can see it. Everybody will see it, understand it, and then after it is done, a lot of little secrets will come out and the people will believe what they want to believe and it will be forgotten. But what a change in the energy of the World when that does get completed. Quite something.
S: And they will not even be aware that they have contributed to it.
Very true. Now the people who are in the firing line at the moment, who are the most worried people, are Putin’s Generals. Because they can see that he is on a downward spiral path. He is basically going to destroy himself and the country with him. So, they are the most afraid. So, what is the energy we would send to them? Lots of decisions to make. Big decisions.
S: Peace and clarity.
Yes, clarity. We send them clarity so that they can see a very clear picture of where they are going, what will happen and what the outcomes could be and they will make the right decisions. Again, free will is secured. We just send them a bit of clarity so they are able to see things a bit better. And the World will continue to evolve. Very good. You got the beginning and the end, so that is excellent. That is all you need at this stage, so I will leave you to see who is next and thank you and once again ‘goodnight’.

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