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In this meditation we Astral travel back to Germany in 1945. There is a Guide channeling through Miriam called Ishmael. Geoff –     I looked down and I saw this huge group of people.  It seems to be in Germany and I came down and saw this gathering of soldiers, officers in army uniform – in German army uniform.  It seems to be going back in time because it’s raining, it’s night time and there are three or four roads that all converge on the same place which is like a round-about with some stone ornaments and a garden in the middle – cobble streets and there are lots of German officers milling around in confusion.  They are wearing blue and there must be two or three hundred.  Now this round-about that they’ve all converged upon seems to be some form of escape route.  It’s a bit hard to believe at the moment. Miriam (Ishmael)     You are on the right track. Geoff –     Oh, thank you. Miriam (Ishmael)     This is Ishmael so far but I will not be the only one tonight. Geoff –     Thank you and welcome. Now, it seems to be at the end of the war and Germany has just been defeated.  I’m going to describe this round-about.  It’s concrete – three or four feet high – with a garden in the middle of earth and there’s like a statue on each corner.  There seems to be a gold light coming down directly onto this round-about – a wide beam and this is to take away the German soldiers, the German officers, and all of these soldiers were walk-ins!!! Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, they were. Geoff –     They came for two reasons – one to experience the extremes that a group force would go to learn about group energies and extremes that they could go to and also to act as – also to ensure that the atrocities did not go too far. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff –     Now, it had to be controlled, this war –  because what was happening was, as we learnt before, when you get a group of people together and in a frenzy and all thinking in the same direction, they create energy which in this case was directed by Hitler and the Nazi government.  This obviously spread to the troops and other countries creating a much bigger gathering of people and, therefore, the force linked up making it a very strong negative energy.  The allies also linked up and this explains why in times of trouble the British people stick together because they create a very strong group force and obviously a very good force, and a good energy so you’ve got these two equal sides – one positive, one negative.  To control it through spirit would have been possible but it is far better and quicker to control through walk-ins.  By having them at strategic places they could then control their own little sector or area to make sure it didn’t get too much out of hand.  In some cases they would let it get out of hand…. Miriam (Ishmael)     I was hoping you would say that. Geoff –     ….and merely observe because lessons have to be learnt by all.  Now, if you take concentration camps – and this is something I’ve learnt from the past as well mixed in with this,  about 6 million people were slaughtered during the war just through concentration camps, if that hadn’t happened maybe ten million people would have been slaughtered every year for ten years and that would have been even worse. Miriam (Ishmael)     Now you have it. Geoff –     So it’s a very good lesson to all. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff –     Going back to these soldiers now, what they’re doing – it’s a bit like beaming up – they’re all going back to the round-about where a central energy is gathered to release their spirits from their physical and take them across to the other side.  As far as other people seeing this event goes, we know that there are dimensions in time and the energy created when this happened blocked other people seeing it happen. Miriam (Ishmael)     That’s right.  It blocked their vision.  You picked that up very well – very well indeed. Geoff –     Very nice. Miriam (Ishmael)     And so fast that people did not realise. Geoff –     Now, presumably it was ….hmm?….now, this is only one point.  There are two to three hundred walk-ins here who went through this particular point but this is only one of many points. Miriam (Ishmael)     Oh yes,  Yes, it is. Geoff –     What I was going to say is that they must have known the war was going to end and therefore all converged on one point but there were lots of points. Miriam (Ishmael)     Oh Yes.  Much easier. Geoff –     Now, I can see it as the whole thing was a learning curve.  I can see a thousand, two thousand, five thousand of whatever walk-ins going down and managing this half a world if you like of all these different countries.  Managing the whole thing.  It’s like teaching kids in school – they’re having their little wars and doing their things and the walk-ins are the teachers and they’re observing and sorting out and letting them learn and (again, this is the wrong word) but it’s just one big occurrence.  Training session. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, to avoid bigger catastrophes as you would say….and that is going on now in different parts of the world with walk-ins. Geoff –     Yes, I can well understand that.  What I’m getting as well is I’m seeing it through these teachers eyes looking down upon Europe, England and sort of half the world – I’m looking down on the stage and I can understand what is going on with the walk-ins and all that at strategic points but swirling around me covering two thirds of this area is a dark mist and that is negative forces waiting for the opportunity to get into one section and destroy it or cause havoc. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff –     Now, because of the seriousness of the exercise or training session, these dark forces were overseen by somebody above me much, much more powerful.  You can say one level below God or God himself.  There is no way that those forces could have interfered seriously apart from minor little incidents, it could not have happened because God would not allow it to happen. Miriam (Ishmael)     No, you’re quite right there but not quite.  Not God.  He has helpers below- oh, yes, below. Geoff –     Such powerful spirits. Miriam (Ishmael)     Very, very powerful. Geoff –     Now, they are disconnected directly from the walk-ins.  The walk-ins are controlled by a group of – we’ll call them managers – and many levels above that you get this very strong spiritual group of spirits that control the dark forces at this stage.  This stopped the dark forces interfering.  Those spirits right at the top had no connection with the lower spirits, the managers at the bottom, they didn’t interfere because of their advanced state of mind the spirits who were the managers would seem naïve in comparison, or ignorant in comparison to these others – there is a massive difference. Miriam (Ishmael)     But they were well supervised. Geoff –     Wow, quite a lesson.

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