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CAR ACCIDENT – REMOVING GLASS AND REPAIRING DAMAGED EYES   By Miriam (Dr Paul) – And now, the roads are icy. Geoff – There is one car on the left-hand side of a bank, it seems to be a very old car, almost as if it not real. I am unsure if what I see is right, because the car looks as if it was built in 1920. Miriam (Dr Paul) – You are seeing right. Geoff – There are two passengers, a man and a woman, and the man’s head has gone through the windscreen. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Yes. Geoff – He has slight damage to his chest, but mainly to his face and his eyes. Miriam (Dr Paul) – So what will you do? Geoff – I looked at the woman first, she is unconscious, but not seriously damaged, she has hit her head on the front, so we will treat the man first. Miriam (Dr Paul) – And you will ask Luke to help you do what? Geoff – Extract the glass from his face to……I have pushed him back against his seat, and the eyes seem to be the worst thing at the moment. Miriam (Dr Paul) – They are. Geoff – Also the front of the brain is very badly bruised, directly behind the eyes, and there is a chance that he will lose his sight. Miriam (Dr Paul) –And that is what we must not allow. Geoff – So we must release the pressure immediately on the front of his face. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Very good, very good, that is what I wanted you to say. And you will get your father to do what? What you are thinking is quite right, say it. Geoff – To hold the head back so that I can pull the front of the eyes, the face forward. Miriam (Dr Paul) – It is right, and one will hold the head steady, while you do that. Geoff – So Luke will hold the back of the head and I will, using purely energy, pull the damaged eyes and the front of the face forward, and as that is done it makes it easier to remove the glass from around the face and the eyes, there is bleeding behind the eyes and I think the eyes are bleeding. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Wonderful, you are doing wonderful. That bleeding you must stop for it can do a lot of damage before he is found. Geoff – So much must come out to release the pressure, and then we stop the flow of blood. Miriam (Dr Paul) – So you can imagine the suction. Geoff – Yes, we have relieved the pressure from behind the eyes, and now the wound heals up, there is a gap where the blood is coming through, and starts to swell, that is the reason we had to take the blood out, because of the swelling. It would put pressure on the optical nerve. Miriam (Dr Paul) – And no one will ever know how bad it was before you started, we shall make a doctor of you yet, even if it is not an earthly doctor. Geoff – Now the glass, we can take out the major pieces, and the minor pieces can be left there, the chest is not badly injured, mainly bruised. Miriam (Dr Paul) – And your father is giving such a lot of power, which is a good contribution to help, and the lady is now……. Geoff – She has hit her forehead on the dashboard and merely knocked herself out, and when she comes around she will see the state of the man with her and suffer deep shock, and she must be calmed down, which is with the same pink blanket for warmth and for shock. Miriam (Dr Paul) – I think you have done an excellent job, an excellent job. Geoff – Good, yes she has no other serious damage. Miriam (Dr Paul) – One must be very careful not to do too much, that will cause difficulties that will hide something that needs correcting, if I make myself clear? Geoff – Yes, so the doctors can still find out what’s wrong, we mustn’t cover it over. Miriam (Dr Paul) – That is it, but you have corrected the most important part and the eyesight will be saved, which is most essential for this man, most essential. Geoff – And the car he is driving is a vintage car. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Yes.    

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