Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Rescue from Stonehenge

RESCUE OF DRAC AT STONEHENGE We had to get special permission to hold this meditation right in the center of Stonehenge. The things we could sense there were fantastic, but none of us could guess what would happen next. We got in touch with the last custodian of Stonehenge, and he described what went on there, and showed us many many things. Nothing was taped, but we spent a lot of time with him, and then tried to convince him it was time to leave. Many of his friends came through to talk to him. The following meditation took place about a week later. Verna – I have a very big man next to me wanting to channel, or he has brought himself for healing. I think we have the custodian of Stonehenge. Geoff – Oh right Verna – Don’t you see him? Geoff – Hmm, yes it is. I am sure he will channel but I think what he is after is he has been looking after Stonehenge for such a long time, he feels in a way responsible and will not leave it until he decides it is in good hands and all the souls have been rescued. He also knows that in a way he is being a bit of a martyr but he is getting a little confused now because the time from what his original aim was, and he still believes of course 100% that he must remain, but his friends tell him that it is time for him to move over, and let somebody else finish off the work. And it will be no dishonor to him, as the work he has done since passing into spirit has been tremendous, and he has put his heart and soul into it. He has done as much as he can and now it is time to rest. He is welcome to come through and speak and give us his version, and his feelings. Verna (channeling) – It is the emotion which I receive from your visits which has given me cause for thought. It is the anger I felt from this channel towards my soul which gave me cause for thought. It is the pleading from my wife and the love which was given to us during your visit all these things have been churning around in my mind until I could bear it no longer. I have been torn in two, the guilt side, and the thinking that what I was doing was right, has kept me tied to Stonehenge, but a time came when I had to listen to the emotions and the messages given and do some thinking. I have taken a cloak of sadness off my shoulders I have taken the cloak of guilt and thrown it aside, it lies at Stonehenge if you ever return there, and you will see my cloak. I have no wish to leave from here to return to Stonehenge, if you look carefully, you will see my wife is standing by my side. Can you see this? Geoff – Yes I can see. Verna (channeling) – It is time now for me to take her hand and to find my inner peace but before I leave I had to make amends here for I felt a lot of  animosity towards me. Especially from this channel, (Verna) and that is why I chose to speak through her tonight. She has strong feelings this lady, but we love her dearly, as we do all of you. But her strong feelings of truthfulness, and not hiding them and saying “I give you love, my friend, now look towards the light” she turned to me and said “I dislike you for your thinking but I give you love, I dislike you for not listening to your wife’s pleas, I dislike you for not facing what you have done and to now look towards the light. Maybe she did not tell you she felt these things, but she did and now I feel the joy in her heart when she realises that the lesson I have taught her tonight, is to rid her of her guilt for saying those things to me, when she simply should have said “my friend I give you love, all will be well, go towards the light” I came and I listened to her, and I now feel her guilt, and her cloak of guilt about my future and what she said is lifting off her shoulders as I have done with mine and she laughs with me and so I hope it is a lesson for all of you tonight, that although it is love that heals, in every form, love is a healer, but the truth with love is an immense healer, a powerful healer. I hope that you understand why I came here tonight. Geoff – Yes we do. Verna (channeling) – But I also needed the vibrations, and I still need the vibrations to help to take this trip with my wife. I have permission from the doctors here tonight and they said that while I am channeling now, you will give me the love and the power and rid me of my last few emotions, which I cannot seem to shake even with all the help I have received, I still see the children, please will you help me? Geoff – Let us help you in another way. You have paid for your sins, you have paid the penalty, which few would have had the strength to do, and over these many, many years you have suffered because you have believed, quite rightly so, that this is what you must do. The burden that you have shared this evening is the burden which you created yourself and you know full well that you have paid the price and absolved yourself from all that has happened in the past. You can cross over in total peace and harmony, knowing that in what you set out to do, you have succeeded. And when you move over there is one that will take your place, a high healer, who has watched this entire episode and you see him now dressed in light blue, and he is known as the Cardinal, he will take over from you, where you have left off and he will finish off, he will tidy up the odds and ends, and you can move across in total peace and harmony knowing that what you set out to do will be finalised. Go in peace my friend, you have all the love from this circle and the many, many friends that are all waiting for you. Take the hand of your wife and move across to a well deserved rest, bless you my friend. Verna – He has gone. Geoff – There will always be an attachment from him to this circle. He is happy that he has gone now, and so we can continue.  

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