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RESCUE FROM THE GREY LANDS BY The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation Geoff has been taken to assist in the rescue of a soul who put himself there out of guilt. It takes a long time to convince this soul that we were there to help. Eventually he starts to channel through Miriam, and a guide talks to him through Geoff, the tape continues from there. Note also that at one stage both a teacher (Iffy) and a lost soul are channeling through Miriam at the same time. Geoff -……. For we give you the strength to do so. Miriam (Lost soul) – It has been a long time that I have been here, such a long time. Geoff (Guide) – And the time has come for you to move out, so you have atoned for the sin that you believe….. Miriam (Lost soul) – How can I have atoned without being punished? It is such an awful thing that I thought I would have been punished in some dreadful way and it was only being in the darkness and the quietness, the quiet except for the hearts and souls that are crying. Geoff – Yes that is so, but do you not believe in God? Miriam (Lost soul) – Oh I do, I do. Geoff – And do you not believe that he has forgiveness in his heart, do you believe that he would forsake you in the grey lands? Miriam (Lost soul) – I think not now, I think he will help me to leave here. Geoff – Yes, to sit in the grey lands does not achieve much my friend. Miriam (Lost soul) – I believe that now. Geoff – Yes, at the time it helped you, it helped you calm your mind, you are punishing yourself for what you believe what you did was wrong, but there are far more better ways my friend, you must come forth and come with us to spirit, where there are friends and love and forgiveness, and there is work for you to do. You must atone for your sins but help others while doing so. Miriam (Lost soul) – I can really do that? Geoff – You can indeed, that is why we are here to help you and bring you God’s love, it is not what you expected my friend is it? Miriam (Lost soul) – It is not, it is not…. Geoff – Can you feel the love from the circle? Miriam (Lost soul) – Oh I do, I do, it is so strong and I am weak. Geoff – And can you feel the love from spirit, they are here to help you to show you the way so that you can atone for your sins in a far better way. Miriam (Lost soul)   – If I can do that, I shall be happy to come, but I am afraid. Geoff – And what is it that you are afraid of? Miriam (Lost soul) – That I will not be able to do what I set out to do. Geoff – Do you have the heart and the courage to continue with the work that you want to do? Miriam (Lost soul) – I think so, if I have the help to continue. Geoff – Then we are here to help, we ask only that you try, that you put your efforts into doing what you want to do, we will help you and guide you and assist you. Miriam (Lost soul) – Is it not a dream? Geoff – It is not a dream, my friend. Miriam (Lost soul) – I have dreamt something like this for so long, and now I feel that this is right. Geoff – Yes, it is right, step forward my friend into the very center of the circle and look up. Miriam (Lost soul) – There is so much light, it is so bright. Geoff – It is brighter, and there is love here. Miriam (Lost soul) – So much love. Geoff – Look upwards my friend and you will see a path. Miriam (Lost soul)  – I have not felt love like this for a long, long time, and yet it seemed to me in the distance I heard voices calling, I shut my ears for I thought it was the work of the devil. Geoff – There is no devil, my friend. The only devil is in your mind, what you believe, but now you are wiser. Miriam (Lost soul) – I realise that now. Geoff – Now look upwards and you will see a shaft of light going all the way up to your friends, look up to this light. Miriam (Lost soul) – They call me. Geoff – Yes they call you by name, and you will find yourself rising slowly upwards is that not so? Miriam (Lost soul) – It is so, I feel so light, how can I thank you my friends? Geoff – It is your time, go in peace my friend, they are waiting to take you. Miriam (Lost soul) – God bless you all, thank you, thank you, I’m coming. Geoff – They are reaching out and lifting you out of the grey lands, freedom is yours my friend, this is truly God’s work as you can see. Miriam (Lost soul) – I can feel it, I can feel it, it is so wonderful, God bless you. Geoff – Bless you my friend. Geoff – The vibrations of that soul who has just passed will remain here for a while and be felt by others, now again I ask you my friends to feel the emotion of those behind you, the circle is so much stronger now, there is a gold light of strength, surrounding the circle and these poor souls can see this light, many have experienced something they never thought possible. You may see their eyes, their eyes are normally grey and when you see eyes that have a small amount of colour, you know these are souls that we are getting through to, but are listening to this very conversation, they can feel the love and are high in the circle and they feel the love that we send out to them. In your minds tell these people that what they have seen is true, tell them of God’s love and tell them to open up their souls to feel this love coming from the circle. Please do this now. Are there any others that are willing to step forward into God’s light? Do any of you in the circle see one that is almost willing? Miriam – I sense one but I can’t see. Geoff – Ask him with your mind to talk to you, to have him speak through you, invite him into the circle, tell them they are welcome, give them love, let them feel the love coming from you, invite them to speak, they want to do just that, tell them not to be afraid, we ask nothing of them, we just make ourselves available should they want to talk, just step forward my friend, you have had enough of fear, you are welcome…. Do you feel fear now? Miriam (Next soul) – No. Geoff – Why are you in the grey lands my friend? Miriam (Next soul) – I have nowhere else to be. Geoff – Is there another reason? Miriam (Next soul)   – Yes. Geoff – I think the reason you do not want to tell us… Miriam (Next soul) – It is complicated. Geoff – It is complicated to your mind, but it is not complicated to the Almighty, you are a part of God, you are a child of the universe, a child of God, and nothing that you do goes unnoticed. Miriam (Next soul) – Always? Geoff  – Yes always, nothing you do goes unnoticed, every second of your life, every second of your passing, your living in the grey lands is known by God, he watches his children, each and every one and as a child learns his lessons, so must you learn those lessons. Miriam (Next soul) – Am I prepared? Geoff – Are you prepared for what my friend? Miriam (Next soul) – To learn. Geoff – That depends on the reason that you are there, talk to us my friend. Miriam (Next soul) – Murder. Geoff – Murder, it is little wonder that you are in the grey lands, how do you feel knowing that you have taken a life? Shame, remorse, was it a sin, was it intentional? Miriam (Next soul) – At the time, I am guilty. Geoff – You are guilty of murder? There is more that you want to say. Miriam (Next soul) – I didn’t mean to, at the time. Geoff – Yes, take no notice of the vessel that you are talking through, talk to me, I am here to help, feel the love, you can feel the love and the strength from the circle, take this deep into your heart and talk my friend, tell me your inner most feelings, tell me what you want to say. Miriam (Next soul) – It is not easy. Geoff – Yes I can see that, whom did you kill, was it a child? Was it a child? Miriam (Next soul) – Why? Geoff – Is your question, why did you kill? Miriam (Next soul) – Yes. Geoff – Look what’s changed since you did that many, many years ago, at the time what was the reason, why did you have to kill? Yes there is more to it, as you speak the truth the burden on your shoulders will begin to fall away, and you will realise what you have done and why you did it, you killed to live but there is more. Miriam (Next soul) – Revenge. Geoff – Is that the reason? Miriam (Next soul) – It isn’t a good reason. Geoff – No you are right, my friend, there is no good reason, you cannot justify revenge, at the time you had anger and that anger told you, you must take a life but now what is your feeling? Do you know you were wrong? Miriam (Next soul) – I still have anger. Geoff – You still have anger, how can there be anger, for that person, what is the anger for? Miriam (Next soul) – For what I did. Geoff – Yes you are angry with yourself. Miriam (Next soul) – What must I do? Geoff – Your heart will tell you, what you feel inside will tell you. Miriam will you ask one of your guides to come through and help? Sit quietly my friend and look deeply inside yourself, you know far more now than when you did at the time, you can look back at this incident and maybe view it differently, look into your heart and tell me what you feel. Miriam (Next soul) – Sad. Miriam (Iffy) – Hello my friend, you are listening to these people, they have come to you with love, love from God, but you will only have the answer, you must unlock the words within you, you must speak those words out for it is only by saying those words that you can be free, you must face up to them, you know you can do it, you have plenty of love, these people are willing and they come from God, as I do, and the many others who are waiting, so come my friend, speak out the words which are holding you back, just the one time, and then you will be free, and know, like the last lady that you have been listening to, that you can seek restitution for what you have done and leave these grey lands, so come my friend, speak now. Miriam (Next soul) – I regret. Miriam (Iffy) – We are waiting friend, we know you can do it, speak out, each word is like a bolt that is undone to give you the freedom that you need. Miriam (Next soul) – Will I be forgiven? Geoff – Yes God forgives, forgives those that ask for forgiveness from the heart. Miriam (Next soul) – Can I love? Geoff – Yes you can love, as long as the love comes from the heart. Miriam (Iffy) – Now my friend we are waiting for you, you can do it. Geoff – Step forward into the light of this circle, step into the circle and you will feel the love that surrounds you and you will feel forgiveness. Miriam (Next soul) – What will I have to do? Geoff – Just step forward and feel. Miriam (Next soul) – I can see. Geoff – Yes you can see, you can see something that you have not seen for many years, light, smiling faces and people willing to forgive, step forward boldly to the center of the circle and look upwards. Miriam (Iffy) – You can do so much more my friend, once you have left the grey lands, so come, do what has to be done and say what has to be said and release yourself. Geoff – To go after revenge was foolish you know that now, two lives were destroyed through your act of revenge, it was not so important as you believed, you sat here for many years wondering about forgiveness, wondering about what will happen to you in the future, and time and again going back to your period of revenge and hate. And the hatred has hung onto you like a burden, you have not been able to throw that hatred off and still it remains as you stand in this circle, that hatred still surrounds you and weighs you down, that is the reason you cannot move upwards to the light. You must shed these boulders of hatred, you must feel love in your heart for your friend, he used to be your friend, shed these boulders of hatred and look up, for your friend is waiting to receive you, he has forgiven you. Miriam (Next soul) – Can I love him? Geoff – Yes you can love him, he will help you to forgive yourself. Miriam (Iffy) – Can you feel the love that comes to you? It is such a beautiful feeling do you not feel that, let it into your heart. Miriam (Next soul) – Yes, oh God. Geoff – And as you move up we will go with you for we have used a lot of energy down here, and as we move up together you will see light, yes you will see the light getting stronger, yes colours that you have never seen before, and many friends waiting to help and give you love. Miriam (Next soul) – I give the love too. Geoff – Those boulders of hatred are left way below Miriam (Next soul) – At last. Geoff – Do you understand now, they are no longer a part of you, as you rise higher and higher you are getting closer to these people waiting for you, you can see the light and the colours, and the people and feel the love and harmony. Miriam (Next soul) – I am tall. Geoff – Yes you are my friend. Miriam (Iffy) – And know that God is with you always, always. Geoff – And they are surrounding you who will now take you to the other side, for we must leave you here and return to our work, go in peace and bless you. I can see your face. Miriam (Next soul) – I feel so happy, thank you. Geoff – Yes you will feel a lightness you will not feel for many years. Now you must go with those that are with you, for we must leave, bless you my friend and go in peace. Miriam (Next soul) – Thank you once again, God bless. Geoff – And now we must go back, away from the grey lands and back to the oak tree and as we walk back to the tree we will find that we are being given all our energy back again, it just takes a few seconds to draw the energy into ourselves and then as we come out of meditation, we start to close off our centers and come straight out of meditation.

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