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RESCUE OF CHILD BURIED ALIVE By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation there are the usual four of us – that’s myself, (Geoff), my wife Verna, Luke who gives energy and Miriam. There is a guide called Mr. Wu channeling through Miriam. Geoff: I’m getting a village, sort of semi destroyed- like a squatter camp. There are some big white birds. There are three big white birds here now. It looks like a squatter camp but its disused now – it’s empty. There’s been nothing there for awhile but there is some spirit around there. All I can see is in the ground it’s like a dark mist. Somebody in pain, in trouble, who is stuck there, is waiting there. It’s a rescue of some kind. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. You must do a rescue. Geoff: Yes. I’ve sat down cross-legged in front of this dark mist and it’s about 3’ long. A foot and a half wide and it’s, it’s… in agony – a lot of pain and a lot of suffering. I can’t see what it is. It’s attached to the ground and I’m putting my arms around it to try and control it. I’ll try and look closer and see what I can see. It is – it was somebody who was trapped just under the ground, and they have a tremendous fear – a phobia about this. What’s happened is that they died and they’re straining to get the body out, but there’s so much fear that the mind is in total turmoil, and it cannot be released. It’s just gone on so long that the mind is totally scrambled, and spirit cannot do anything to release it, to get it to think again. I’m going down below the ground, sort of cradling it in my arms, I’ve pushed the ground back so that if it could see it would be able to see that it’s now released. I’m holding it close to me, and what I’ve got to do is unscramble the mind. That is the thing, and the only way I can unscramble the mind is to stop it completely and then start again. Miriam (Mr Wu) That is it – like a newborn child. Geoff: Then in the head section, I’ve totally wiped out what was there through pure white light – it’s like sterilizing it or whatever, and I’m putting back in just the basics. And the first basics are love and peace, and security, and that will start to flow through the rest of the body – not the mind but the rest of the body – the natural instincts and reactions- and the whole thing is calming down- and the memories are returning, but they are returning in a uniformed manner, so this being can understand that it is now free. It will take a long time to recover but it is now free. I’m handing it over to some spirit ladies that are here – spirit mothers who are taking it away to look after it and bring it back to its normal self. Miriam (Mr Wu) That was a different rescue. Geoff: It certainly is. Miriam (Mr Wu) But you were not afraid. Geoff: No, never afraid. It’s a very unpleasant way to go. But while I’m around here I’ll just look around this area. It’s some form of – used to be some form of native camp. I think that was a child that was put there deliberately. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, it was. Do you want to find out the reason or do you want to pass on to something else? Geoff: No, I think I know the reason. It was put there to punish the mother. The mother broke some tribal rules or custom and this child was born. I think it may have been a child conceived with somebody of another tribe. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, a taboo tribe. Geoff: So when the child was born it was immediately buried alive. It was very hard lesson to make the mother suffer. But what happened to the child being newborn, and although it had spirit with it, it didn’t as yet, have any memories or experiences or very few, and that is why it suffered so much. Because all it knew from day one was fear which compounded all the time, and that eventually scrambled the mind. I can still see the mother standing there but the camp is totally empty. They moved on a long time ago and I think what I’m seeing is the love the mother left behind for the child. No, not quite. Miriam (Mr Wu) No, not quite. Can you see the face of the mother? Geoff: Yes. It’s a biggish woman of lighter skin, – normal African. The image there is her guilt and suffering, and negativity. I’m seeing that’s why it remains, and that is really just a thought form, as I can put white light on it – it crumbles and disappears and it is no longer of any use. Now the site is totally empty. Miriam (Mr Wu) Excellent. Geoff: Good.

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