Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Rescue of the Abbot


Myself and Verna (My wife) and 2 others mediums sat in a circle, and all went into a light meditation and made contact with the “Guides” who were to assist us.

I went into a deeper meditation and astral traveled to the position where the Abbot was.

He had died many years ago after spending his life in a Monastery. He had his visions of what God was, as he was taught. So when he died and saw something unexpected, he turned his back on the spirits there, and refused to look towards those calling him.

He faced the corner of his room in the monastery where he died and would not budge…total dedication to the view his Religion held.

I was on the same vibration as him, so he knew that I was there. After talking to him for a while I managed to link up with him so that I could feel and experience all his emotions and fears. (He could feel that I was genuine too)

As we were on the same “higher” vibration, and my physical was on an earth vibration, whatever he said could be heard coming from my physical body. He was channeling through me to the other circle members.

They could then talk to him physically, while I listened to him talking “through” me.

Verna took control, and assisted by her guides and the other mediums, talked to him gently, and persuaded him to at least listen to what we had to say. She projected so much love towards him, and persuaded him to take a quick look out of the window (Of the monastery) to see his friends, to confirm that we were telling the truth.

I will never forget his cry of anguish when he said, “How can I forsake my God?”…It was heartbreaking for him…….and against all he believed.

Eventually he agreed to try, and turned briefly (Both myself and Verna were seeing what he was seeing)

What he saw absolutely staggered him…His friends, students, teachers, and relations…..They were all there. They also were sending him so much love and encouragement. Eventually he agreed to walk towards them, I held his hand all the way, and handed him over to his friends.

His Joy, elation and love for all was something that I will remember for the rest of my life. He had gone from absolute despair to absolute Joy, and I experienced every single emotion that he did…….I cannot put into words the feeling afterwards that we as a group had. To be able to complete the Rescue was the most fantastic reward for all of us.

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