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RESCUE – SPIRIT CREATES APPARITIONS We had been told of a “Haunted Castle” in Ireland that a group was re-searching, and asked if we could shed any light on the haunting. We went into meditation and went to the Castle. There were so many entities there (Over 100) ……..and scary too. There were those with a definite evil intent, lost souls and a very nasty lady who controlled them all. We got that she controlled them using a shrill sound, and that they had been there for almost a hundred years. After reporting back to the re-searchers, they confirmed that this did fit with a legend there of a “Banshee”. A Banshee is part of Irish mythology, and many of the locals still believe in them. The researchers spent an evening at the Castle with their monitoring equipment. They saw forms moving through the Castle, and picked up many sounds from the Mikes placed around the Castle. The next day I was working 5 000 miles away at 4.00 am and had just read the researchers report. I sensed many Spirits in the room, trying desperately to get through to me. I could sense they were not too friendly so kept them at bay with white light. I could easily have contacted them, but without some form of backup it was not a good idea. My wife was still asleep. I told them I would contact them at 5.00 that evening. They tried to contact me twice later that day. I have never felt spirits so strongly. They were becoming very pushy. At 5.00 I met with the 2 other mediums (Verna and Steve Connor) and planned to do a “Rescue”, Steve and Verna went into a light meditation (To sense better) but with their eyes open, while I went deeper and tried to contact the entity\s. The first thing that I experienced were 3 Irish boys, very happy and just looking around…..Looking a bit deeper I saw that behind them was a huge group of very dark entities. I think the plan was to make me feel comfortable with the 3 boys who were happy, and then scare the hell out of me with the dark entities. Nothing more happened……so I went right into the group of entities, and saw it was hollow. This was just a “creation” of energy. I covered it with white light, and it disappeared. Next, I sensed a tall man standing next to me. He wore armor, and on his chest was a white flag with a red cross. (English flag). He did not attempt to contact me, but was standing between me and the castle. I tentatively moved forward and he put his arm across my path. I did not sense he had any bad intentions. We all sensed that he was just “Doing his job”……..curious. After he sensed that I was friendly too, he let me pass, and I moved into the Castle to see what I could find. I went through each room…….nothing. I went through the walls themselves……nothing. And then I went down into the cellars where it was dark, and ran slap bang into hundreds of entities that Stephan King would have been proud of. After a moment I burst out laughing……..these were not real entities….They were created by the Knight. What a relief!!!!! I did not white light them, I sensed the Knight did not want me to, as he had a job to do. The Knight had created these entities to scare intruders away…they included all forms of entities, including Banshees which was in the local folklore. The Knight would not come and channel through me, but did show me how this all came about. He was fighting in a war in 1108, and was second in command to a King. He died on the battlefield, but with his strong loyalty to his King did not pass over. Instead he promised his King that he would look after the spoils of war (Whatever they were) they had religious content (for their day) but I am not sure what. Most of the goods were sent to Alexandria, and were eventually buried there. Many years later some of the goods that were left were brought to the Castle…along with the Knight. After showing me this he returned to the Castle and started opening all the boxes there. I was kept at a distance so could not see in. I sensed he was saying that it was now time to re-evaluate his situation. We left him there, and promised to return in a few weeks. I believe he has come to the conclusion that his job is done, and will want to cross over. The interesting part of this one was that he could create these apparitions through thought and energy. Perhaps something similar could have happened with the mummy of King Tutankhamen.    

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