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SENSING ENERGIES IN ASTRAL By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation Verna and I are being shown situations in Astral by a Guide who is channeling through Miriam. Geoff:     I’m going to stay in Tibet.  I’m in the area now at the bottom of the mountains.  There’s lots of greenery and it’s very harmonious and very peaceful, and what I’m getting is —- vibrations from sound.  I can recognise what I’ve just experienced with this sound – I’ll try and put it across to you.  Imagine being by the side of a lake when the sun is going down – it’s beautiful, harmonious and you’re sitting there quite content and you hear maybe the call of a bird “only” breaks the silence and that one sound is very beautiful.  Because of the environment you’re in that sound is very beautiful.  That triggers off or links with the harmony around you to give you this beautiful sound vibration.  I think that’s the best way I can explain it at the moment. Miriam (Guide)     Are there not many sound vibrations in Tibet with the prayer bells and wheels. Geoff:     Yes.  I think what they do is they build up…a….um? Miriam (Guide)     They’re absorbed into the rocks. Geoff:     Yes, and they in turn give off harmony. Miriam (Guide)     Yes. Geoff:      I’m still at the bottom in this valley and there are many monks working on the hillside.  They’re cutting long grass – looks a bit like sugar cane, and I cannot hear any sound but I can “feel” the sound. Miriam (Guide)     Yes – a different vibration again which, as you have sound whistles for dogs that can hear but you cannot hear and how the deaf sometimes pick up the vibrations more than you do. Geoff:     Yes.  I’ve a monk with a shaved head at the side of the road and he is hovering.  So he is in spirit form on the side of this hillside where the monks are working cutting the cane and the majority of monks can see this one hovering.  The one hovering is showing me is that he can be seen.  Now, I’ll go closer and stand between him and some of the people that can see him – and there is a ray coming from or hovering to the others.  It’s not a light ray – it’s a “feeling” ray.  I’ve just passed through this ray and you can see it with your third eye but you can feel it more than see it physically.  Now, I’ll leave that one for the time being. I’ll go closer to this guy.  He comes to visit and teach the monks at a certain level and the level he’s teaching at, the students that he is teaching, can see him physically.  Now, he doesn’t materialise when he teaches them, but they can see him with their eyes open and this is part of tonight’s lesson.     Seeing with your eyes open – and that is why they can see him hovering from the fields that they are working in. Miriam (Guide)     Much as you are beginning to see. Geoff:     So, if we open our eyes now – keep our eyes open – we may be able to see something in the center of the room. Miriam (Guide)     I’m sure your lady can.  It is something you have not seen before? Verna:     No, well, yes, it’s made of energy – not material – I mean, it’s not stone or anything, it’s just small molecules if anything…. Miriam (Guide)     Vibrations. Verna:     And as the energy sprays out the top…. Miriam (Guide)     There are so many vibrations so much to learn about vibrations. Verna:     As it sprays out the top so it loosens up like water, goes into a spray so it covers a wider area.  And it spreads completely around – I think it is symbolic of how energy is used. The color is orange. Miriam (Guide)     It is but the colour will change. Verna:     I wonder if that’s the storage – that’s the colour of the stored energy and now people are now taking the fountain of energy away and changing the colour to what they want. Miriam (Guide)     Yes, that is it.  For what is needed, you change the colour. Verna:    Now some spirit came and picked up his fountain and walked away – I could see them all taking a bit of it and all changing it into different colours for what they needed it for.  It’s like picking up your work tools. Miriam (Guide)     That is right – that is a very good description. Verna:     And also in the middle of the room, there is like a stick man – you know, how you draw these hanging men – these stick men? Miriam (Guide)     Why do you think he is there? Geoff:     Like a matchstick man with a round head.  He’s not doing anything but he’s very joyous.  So much joy it makes me want to laugh – oh, that’s ridiculous.  The sort of joy you get from watching clowns from what I can pick up from him. Miriam (Guide)     It is what Lillian has brought, and that is why this lady is coughing – she will insist on coming with a sore throat.   She hoped you could have pick up her vibrations or sensed her first. (Lillian was a family member that died several years ago with cancer of the throat) Miriam (Guide)     Yes, Lillian does come like that – she is sorry – she is saying. Verna:     She brought us much joy – lots of joy. Miriam (Guide)     She’s so pleased to be here. Geoff:     What made me laugh was when you said about a stick man, I immediately thought of a stick insect when they appear they are so comical because they have eyes that like stick forward.  They’ve just come to see what is going on.  Lovely characters. Verna:     When I saw this – sort of stick man I thought maybe this is the stick insects that you see but then I got, you know, this absolutely round head definitely like you would draw….. Miriam (Guide)     Like a child would Geoff:     Yes – because I double checked that it wasn’t…..I never saw them…..I’m seeing them now. Miriam (Guide)     They always bring joy. Geoff:     They’re showing themselves.

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