Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


This is a very long meditation where I am taken in Astral to various Countries to try and sense their energies. A Guide called White Feather is channeling through Miriam. (1998) Geoff:    I’ve got a big city and the city is empty.  It’s a road and then it goes into a Y or a fork.  I can see black railings and old buildings, but the city is totally empty.  There are loads of pamphlets, pieces of paper on the road, which are all blowing around.  It’s very desolate.  And now I’m getting a second thing: outside the city somewhere is a road running round the edge of a field.  It’s a plain mud road, it curves round and goes into a wood.  There’s a connection between the two, and I think that this is Ireland.  And I think the street has been deserted because of a ……..bomb scare? Miriam (White Feather)    You are right. Geoff:    Thank you.    Okay.  And the guys who planted the bomb have actually gone off on this path into the wood.  Now, I presume that area has been evacuated.  But I think what I have to see, though, is the people who did it.  So I’ll continue down this path and into the wood, and I follow it along, and there’s a black car with the guys who did it in it.  And it’s behind a tractor and it’s sort of going along slowly down the lane.  Okay, it’s ……. on the right.   The black car turns in there and the tractor carries on going.  And the black car is a bit out of character because it’s shiny and newish, etc.  But I don’t think that’s too important.   Let’s see if I can see the people.  Okay, I’m being shown – it’s a very hard one tonight! (WITH A LAUGH) – What I’m being shown now is a type of museum again… Miriam (White Feather)    Yes. Geoff…  This is an event that HAS happened.  In the museum, the main thing I see inside one of the cases is like a lot of blackish, dark spider webs, like a lot of webs spun together… Miriam (White Feather)    And that is why you laughed. Geoff:    Yes.  (LAUGHING)  And that’s the hatred that these guys have – the three of them that did this.   It’s hatred but it’s also the emotion… what’s the word?  It’s fanatical. Miriam (White Feather)    Yes. Geoff:    And that fanatical emotion takes them over.  They don’t think logically any more.  It’s been bred into them so much that now it’s just the way…   They believe in everything they say; and convince themselves even more that that is why they’re doing it.  So they believe more and more that they’re right.  And they isolate themselves from the rest of the community.  They think everybody else is normal but that they’re the true ones who know and understand what they must do, what they have to do.  And they think that this sort of thing of planting bombs and evacuating the area and so on is furthering their cause – but all it’s doing really is bringing out more anger against them. Miriam (White Feather)    Yes.  A lot of anger. Geoff:    And they sort of feed on that anger because it’s also a negative, which makes them retaliate stronger and become more convinced that what they’re doing is right.  Because you can’t SEE this anger.  They don’t feel that anger, because it’s group anger; they only feel a part of it.  Now, what will happen in the future is, when they go back eventually, they’ll go back into a town where for instance there is a lot of anger, and that anger is in the form of thought forms, and they will travel through these thought forms and be connected by the group mind – although they don’t know the group mind.  This group of angry thought forms will all form into one.  And as these guys go back in there, it will feed them very negative vibrations, and they will feel like losers, and they will start to lose the desire and get fed up with it.  Because they’ve got all this energy around them.  And that, in a way, will push them out of the area and will make them re-think.  The way they will think is, ‘To hell with this; I’ve had enough of this life.  I’m going to go and do something else.  It’s so unfair.”  And off they’ll go, and they’ll do something else which is not particularly productive but it will stop them on this very bad, damaging path. Miriam (White Feather)    Like a treadmill. Geoff:    Yes. Miriam (White Feather)    You have that right.  Now, where do you think that is? Geoff:    I’m pretty certain now that it’s Ireland. Miriam (White Feather)    Yes, of course it is. Geoff:    Yes.  Now, what the younger generation sees is their heroes, if you like, are going out and doing all this damage, then the heroes disappear.  But the younger generation – the lower ranks – look up to their heroes and they try and do the same thing.  They think this is the right thing to do.  So, as one lot moves out, the next lot moves in.  So you’ve got this continual cycle of new bad guys coming in to plant bombs and so on.   The only way to reverse the cycle is for the higher bad guys to go back to the lower ones – but it doesn’t allow, at this stage, for that to happen. Miriam (White Feather)    Not yet. Geoff:    Because I can see it…  The mould is so set, and they’re so set in their ways, that they can’t go back.  The soldiers have to leave and the next lot comes forward. Miriam (White Feather)    Yes, you have it right. Geoff:    Okay, that’s very interesting.  It does that.  And yet the group mind doesn’t know it’s a group mind – or the people don’t know that they’re part of the group mind.  It’s their thought forms.  So where you get something like a prayer meeting, where everybody’s believing that they’re doing good things – they send out good vibrations, good thought forms which also join together and therefore a lot of good CAN be done – because the same thing happens.  It certainly happens in a positive way instead of a negative way. Miriam (White Feather)    It will come, but it will be a long time yet. Geoff:    Okay, now I’m above a city……….   North of Europe.  It looks something like Petersburg, a Russian city or something like that.  And the area is very cold.  Inside I can see all the people inside the houses.  And there is NO group mind there.   They’re all individual; each one is sort of isolated.  There’s no…   You know, when I was looking at Dublin or Ireland just now, I could see the group negativity above it – but there’s NOTHING above this city.  It’s very empty.  I think the people here have just said, ‘Well, this is our fate, this is how life is going to be’, and they’ve just accepted it.   And they have no drive or ambition.  They just continue day by day.  I think this is like the aftermath of a communist country. Miriam (White Feather)    It is.  You are quite right.  They have been pushed down so far that they have no fight left in them. Geoff:    Yes.  Because being a communist state they had everything set out for them.  What they had to do, they were told, if you like.  They’ve forgotten how to be individuals.   But, as time goes on, that again will start to change and these individuals will start to emerge and they will become the leaders and carry on from there. Miriam (White Feather)    Not before that country is devastated in one particular area will they come to their senses. Geoff:    When you said devastation, I saw a devastation, but I didn’t see any particular thing; what I saw was…  I’m looking like the whole of Europe and the Russian states…   In one corner there’s this big black patch.  Now, that black patch is the same as I saw in Ireland.  What it means is if there’s some devastation in a particular city, all the people around that city give off this same thought form – whatever it might be – and all those thought forms in all the cities surrounding it, they will link up.   And that has a tremendous influence on the rest of the people because when somebody’s mind comes into contact with that huge 50 000 or 100 000 or whatever group minds, all with the same thought, they feel the impact, and it makes them react or respond to it. Miriam (White Feather)    They make things happen. Geoff:    Yes. Miriam (White Feather)    It’s very clever of you to see that. Geoff:    It’s a very clever idea!   So that influences the people; very much so. Miriam (White Feather)    They have to learn to exploit and use what they have instead of reaching out for what other people have, which is not really suitable for their environment and their lack of funds.  They have such a lot that they can offer other countries. Geoff:    Now, I’m still looking at Russia at the moment, and in Russia there are so many individual countries, very isolated from one another, all thinking different ways, with different ideas.  But they are all very low and depressed.  Around Moscow I can see orange lights in different places and that represents individuals starting to think and create and do.  And it’s only really in the Moscow area.  I know they’re only showing me a comparison but that’s how it is. Miriam (White Feather)    That is good, what you are seeing. Geoff:    It’s like seeing it from the gardeners (The main Guide for Earth) point of view.   Now I have a lot of, first of all, motorbikes going down a freeway, followed by other vehicles.  It’s a mass exit.  It’s the city of Paris.   And for some reason it’s all motorbikes in the beginning. Miriam (White Feather)    Is there a reason why that association? Geoff:    I’m seeing a group of people.  In Paris there are several levels of people.  As an example, you’ve got all the bikers, for instance, then you’ve got all the pensioners and all the middle class and the politicians, the religious people, and so on.   That’s the group I’m seeing.  And this group has, again using a group mind and all thinking the same way, created something – because that same circle of thought forms is there.  They’ve created something and for some reason they’re all leaving.  It seems to be a sort of a demonstration. Miriam (White Feather)    It is.  Can you find out what? Geoff:    Okay.  Something was done in Paris and then there was this huge trek.  I saw the beginning of it, and I still see them leaving Paris, and the roads are just chock-a-bloc.  Nobody’s going towards Paris.  It’s a threat to the government using, I think, chemical warfare. Miriam (White Feather)    Yes, it is. Geoff:    For some reason this group all believe it’s going to happen – but all the other groups DON’T believe it’s going to happen.   So the guys who…  The leaders of those who are leaving conned all the other people in their group to believe it would happen, to try and get a political point across, to persuade the government to do whatever they wanted.  And they created this fear amongst everybody – but that fear only extended to that particular group.  The reason why it only extended to that group and not to any others was because the thought forms above the heads of this particular group was very secretive – the group was doing it very secretively – and therefore other people can’t read those thought forms and don’t feel the fear, and that’s why they don’t respond to it. Miriam (White Feather)    Yes, it is. Geoff:    Isn’t that amazing! Miriam (White Feather)    That’s very good.  I think your powers are increasing tremendously. Geoff:    Yes, I’m surprised every time.  Great!   Now, if I were able to do this at home in South Africa… Miriam (White Feather)    Oh, you will, you will.  Perhaps nearer the end of the year. Geoff:    Good! Miriam (White Feather)    Because it should be only a few years before you have your proper sanctuary. Geoff:    Ah, brilliant.  Okay.  Now I’ve got a huge building.  It’s covered in snow.  The side of the building facing me has hundreds of arches – windows with arches.  It’s very old. It looks a bit like a huge railway station.  And this is in Germany.  And it’s a huge shed of some sort.  Now, I go inside and there’s a collection of energies in here.  They’re like hiding up in the roof.  And they’re like scared energies.  These are thought forms of fear. Miriam (White Feather)    Yes. Geoff:    Now, they’re attracted…  They started to collect here, and they attract other ‘fear’ thought forms.  Other fear thought forms are automatically attracted to THEM… Miriam (White Feather)    Yes. Geoff…   and the group gets bigger and bigger. Miriam (White Feather)    Like a magnet. Geoff:    Yes.  Now, the fear thought form is not a BAD thought form but it must be disposed of.  The person who had that thought form will get over it; doesn’t need any particular help for that thought form.  That thought form hasn’t called for help, it’s just been created.  So I needn’t worry about the person who created the thought form.  These thought forms must be dispersed because they will start to collect, and as they collect…   the group will just get bigger and bigger, and the people around that area will be influenced. Miriam (White Feather)    That is your task. Geoff:    And it’s quite an easy one!  (LITTLE CHUCKLE)  Because then I’ve got a loving white light, and they feel what I feel, and they all just burst and disappear into nothing.    Okay, now the inside is nice and clear, and other thought forms will now gather elsewhere, but it was just something which you wanted me to see and I had to move them.   Okay.  Now we go to a building – it’s a very special building, it’s in America.  Outside there are very tall green trees.  It’s in a quiet town, not a city.  It’s a very special building.  As I go round, you want to sort of stroke it and pat it.  It’s got a straight roof; it’s a very old building.  There are very nice vibrations.  I’ve gone all around it, now I’ll go inside it.  What is inside is a collection of very nice thought forms.  These are very…  The feeling is giving and loving; they’re thought forms to HELP people.  They are very nice thought forms, not a thought form where somebody falls down and you send them love, but where somebody loves somebody else and gives him a hug, and creates a beautiful thought form. Miriam (White Feather)    Very well put. Geoff:    They HAVE to go somewhere; they’re happy thought forms.   So they all gather in this particular building and because they’re happy thought forms they can be used.  So when a child, for instance, is unhappy because the mother is out of the room or whatever, Spirit can take a happy thought form, because it’s all created into energy, and just put it around the child to make it feel comfortable and loved till the mother gets back, for a certain period.  But these happy thought forms are used all the time.  They’re also used with absent healing – not so much for healing but for sending happiness to uplift people and so on.   And people meditating will automatically have a thought to send some love to somebody when they need a lot of energy for some specific thing – like a child that’s lost its mother.   They will then take a lot of these thought forms and surround the child with them, and that makes it feel more comfortable while it adjusts to not having a mother. Miriam (White Feather)    That is good.  Do you think you’ll be using that in your sanctuary? Geoff:    Aha, I’m sure we can! Miriam (White Feather)    Why not?! Geoff:    Yes.  Now, what we CAN do as well…   That building, for some reason, attracted the thought forms there…  What we can do is create our own building.  Our sanctuary will become a building which attracts those happy thought forms. Miriam (White Feather)    Of COURSE you can!  And don’t forget there are plenty of spirits waiting to take away, as they do with your absent healing. Geoff:    Yes. Miriam (White Feather)    You just have to learn to harness the amount you need, and where it has to go, and we will do the rest. Geoff:    Right.  So our sanctuary will become a very happy area. Miriam (White Feather)    Oh, yes.  It will not all be happy; there will be…   There’s bound to be when you have people coming to you. Geoff:    Yes, there have to be. Miriam (White Feather)    But that will be a special area. Geoff:    Yes.  Which makes the feeling good, which raises people’s vibrations and makes it easy to work and so on. Miriam (White Feather)    People will be able to go there and relax. Geoff:    Yes, that’s nice.  Because you’re not really using up the energy. Miriam (White Feather)    No, you’re not using it. Geoff:    It’s just to feel it, to be there.  Like lying in the sun.  Great! Miriam (White Feather)    So that is one room marked out.  (LAUGHING)

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