Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


SIDE OF FACED PUSHED IN  – 1989   By Verna – She is fairly young, probably in her thirties, and the whole left side of her faced has been smashed in and her face is badly cut, and her neck is cut across from the left to the right, and her arm is cut, her left arm, and there are a few cuts on her body from glass, but we don’t have to worry about those. They want us to work on her face, I have a feeling this was a motorcar accident, or definitely an accident, which involved a lot of glass, and very quickly we have to work around the eye area, because her left eye has been pushed way back into her head, in fact the whole side of her face is flat, and so if you could work around the left side of her head, and build it out and before concentrating too much on the brain and the matter inside her head, could you just work on the eye area, as she could lose her sight, and there is some damage inside which could cause  the loss of sight on the right as well, so if you could work on the eyes quickly. They will guide you, all the tiny little tubes and nerves behind the eyes, they are working on them, they just need our energy, she has got lovely brown eyes, then before we work on the inside, if you could imagine that her eyes are level, and bring that part of her face out and fix the bottom and top lids of the eyes, and the bit at the side of the head, so that when we got to work on the inside, the eye won’t just fall back out, and the work will not be undone. She might have a bit of brain damage after this accident, but she will have enough senses left to know who she is and what she is doing, but she might be a little slow. So if you could work, imagine the brain and all the little cells, if you could just take your energy to the brain cells, they will do what they can to repair this, because it is very badly damaged. All the tiny, hundreds of veins and canals that are connected to the head, and all the nervous system, it has all been damaged on the left-hand side, and they have got to leave a lot of this for the doctors.  Some of it is her karma, but they just want her to be able to still do some work at a later stage. Geoff – Spiritual work. Verna – And this accident maybe the reason for her to turn spiritual and be able to do the work. Now if you could just give all your energy to all those hundreds of nerves going up into the skull. And they have to come and fetch her quickly, so maybe if we can just smooth over and maybe re-shape part of the back of her head, the side can stay open because the practitioners will have to open up her head anyway, this way we can spare her the shock of an operation, or being cut open, and she is suffering from shock so we could cover her with our favourite pink blanket, and at the same time if you could see the cut from the left to her right, underneath her neck, right across her neck almost to her left shoulder, fortunately there are no veins cut, but it is a very nasty deep cut so if we could just seal that a little, stop the bleeding a little, no major veins cut. And then just before they come to take her away, concentrate on her arm, it isn’t broken, just very deeply cut, just below the shoulder, between the elbow and the shoulder, but more up towards the shoulder there is a very sharp gash, if you could concentrate on the muscle underneath because it has gone into the muscle, and mend the muscle, get it to grow together, and the sinew, and maybe the veins to flow evenly again over that, and then the outside skin. For this would be neglected as the doctors have so much to do with the damage to the brain. And they have to take her away now, they are coming, because she must be treated more for shock and the practitioners must work on the brain. So they can understand, the amount of damage that has been left there for them to see, they can understand and work with, and explain to the family and to her why she will be a little bit slow after this. And they take her away, and her spirit gives thanks as she feels the love and the warmth and the caring that we gave her, she was aware of the fact that someone was helping, she thanks God. Which is a very big step for her, and now she has gone.

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