Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – I have a small jet that has crashed in the woods, and I can see the back of the plane, how it has been ploughed up, and I can’t see any people yet. Verna – I see a baby alive on the back seat. Geoff – I am inside the plane, there are only about eighteen or so passengers, there is the captain and to co-pilot and the one sitting on the right-hand side has a very bad gash on the forehead, but that is not the main reason we are here, it is something unusual, different. Verna (Channelling) – I have already been given the baby, it is on my lap. Just to get the earth and the love vibrations while we carry on, and my cheek bones are both broken, my whole face it broken, why am I feeling this instead of seeing this? Miriam (Dr Paul) – Because it is something you are beginning to learn to feel the colours, and also to learn to feel injuries then so much the better. Verna (Channelling) – I think I am the mother of the child. And my face is all broken, all my cheek bones and my forehead. Miriam (Dr Paul) – You are the mother. Geoff – I think that everybody on the plane is dead, I think it happened some time ago. The plane hasn’t been found, the child was last to die. Verna (Channelling) – Oh the pain. Geoff – Everyone is in spirit, and the child was the last to die, but because they died in such circumstances, there have been difficulties in some passing over. Verna (Channelling) – My whole face is broken. Geoff – The fear that you felt is no longer there, you were concerned, you would not leave the plane because of the child. And although you were hurt and in pain you would not leave, but now you must leave because both of you are in spirit. It is hard for you to understand at the moment, but you must trust me and listen. Verna (Channelling) – I cannot breathe. Geoff – You can breathe, you must move upwards, your baby is in your arms, you must rise above the trees, it is not what is holding you in this area, it is a bubble of fear and terror, of not understanding, of concern, worry for your child, but it is over now, move upwards, just above the trees, and you will see blue sky and you will realize that you are out of this terror that you have been in, and that there is no more need for your concern. There are people coming to help you and if you look around you and above you, you will see many people, and these are people you know, some were with you when the accident happened, and they see you and your child and you can see them. Verna (Channelling) – I don’t understand. Geoff – No, but you will, and listen to me and trust me. Verna (Channelling) – But my face is all broken, my baby is dead. Geoff – Your baby is not dead, he is with you, both of you have passed over to another world, you have had no understanding of life on the other side and what happens when you die. It is not a matter of dying, it is a matter of being reborn, you have left the world on earth, the material world, and you are now in what they call in spirit, and the people you see all around you are all in spirit, all your family and relations and friends that you know, they have all passed over, some in the accident, you have been held behind because you were so concerned, quite rightly too, about your child. But now your child is with you. Verna (Channelling) – But I see I am in two places. Geoff – This will come clearer, put your right hand to your cheek and feel, is it broken? Is it damaged? You will find it is not. Am I correct? There is no damage, you have been reborn. And reborn perfectly, and your child with you is also perfect. Is it not amazing, surprising, it will take time for you to adjust. Verna (Channelling) – I don’t understand. I can see everybody here, and I can see a body there. Geoff – Yes, I understand how difficult it was for you, it is difficult for all of us but now you know that what I have said to you is true, turn to your right and you will see a sister there, take her hand, for she is the one who will help you move over, and adjust and understand and you will sense such a feeling of love coming from her and these people, they are all your friends, they will help you, and your concern will start to fall away, it will not be easy, it will take time, but your fear and your terror is over. Verna (Channelling) – I am confused, but I will go. Geoff – Yes, you are confused, but you are surrounded by people that love you. Put yourself in the hands of the sister. Verna (Channelling) – I will go. Geoff – And go in peace, my friend. Verna (Channelling) – I will go. I have been alone for so, long, thank you, thank you. Geoff – Go in peace and relax and learn, and we will talk later. Verna (Channelling) – Goodbye and thank you for being my friend. Geoff – Bless you my friend, I will always be here. Verna (Channelling) – And my baby, thank you, when I find out what has happened, maybe I will find a way to thank you. Geoff – We will talk again, but now you must go, no more thoughts, no more talking. Put yourself in the hands of the good sister, and you will learn and understand. Bless you and goodbye. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Is not that further advancement Verna, for you that you could feel so much. Verna – Wow, I know now why you want me to control my emotions. Miriam (Dr Paul) – But that shows how you are improving and progressing, not very pleasant but a very good job done. Verna – But also not unpleasant. Because deep down you understand that it is not you or your emotions, and that you are actually helping, but the pain in my face, all the bones broken. She is gone.

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