Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Miriam (Channeling) – My name is Blossom, White Feather’s Blossom. Geoff – Ah I know the one, welcome. Miriam (Blossom) – He said I could come one day and as you are going away, tonight it is, I think he is afraid that I may take the limelight from him, for I also like a lot of laughter and a lot of teasing, which is why we get along so very well together. And we want you to be as light-hearted as you possibly can for your holiday. There are many spirits around tonight and they all wish you well, and to come back refreshed for you have much to do next year. We have not managed to get through to Verna whilst she is on holiday, we think she has been enjoying herself too much, that is not to say that she has not meditated, but not regular enough for us to be there always. Geoff – Yes, and she has had a lot of problems with her shoulder. Miriam (Blossom) – Yes, we understand that and these things take time, it is not something that can be hurried, but you will be able to give her much power when you go, and she does have healing from us at night. The children also wish her well and you, and they are looking forward to many children’s night when you return. And for Sharon also there are many waiting her coming back. You are wondering if you should ask a question, or if I should just talk to you. Geoff – No, no questions tonight. Miriam (Blossom) – Then I shall tell you some of the things that I do, part of my job is to teach the trades and the skills which I knew when on earth, for as you know, we all like to live in the same type of situation that we had while we are so close to earth. And a lot of the children have not developed any skills, not in their last life, so we show what we can, for they are all so different, as they are on earth. I also help with White Feather when we collect the herbs and show what can be done with these, for you know this knowledge is passed on to those still on earth. And then we have the children who wish to travel and we take them around, we chaperone them and guide them, not so much as the other teachers do, stay in one place like a classroom, ours is more for the wanderers. When I say ours, there are quite a few of the ladies who do this. And then we have the older men, who accompany us, not that we are in any danger, but with the children we have to behave as we would as if we were on earth and going on an ordinary journey. For they are not all advanced enough to realise that everything is just thought, as you know, it has to come gradually. Then we join the men sometimes when they teach the young men how to catch buffalo, or fishing, and we join the men on these outings, and we show what the women would be doing if this was happening back on earth. Once in a while we have a great gathering, which is often two fold when there are some who are going to a higher vibration, and you know it is always harder for them to come down, and there are others who are returning for they feel that need before progressing on a higher vibration, there is something that calls them, and it is their choice once they have been shown what is needed, and listened to the wisdom of those who can see further than anyone. So we have a lovely celebration to wish them well wherever they are going, and joyous these occasions are. The children are there at the beginning, for they just think of it as a party, and then when they go with the older ones they will enjoy themselves and have discussions about, maybe when they can meet again, for there are some here, who travel frequently to the higher vibrations as they would on a holiday, and then come back to where they have elected to spend their time in doing certain tasks. So you see we have a very, very varied life, but we do not have the fighting that is on earth. That is not to say that everyone is harmonious all of the time, for there are fairly newcomers, who still have to learn to control emotions, and to be true to themselves, as to what they know they need to learn to progress one way or another, but generally speaking it is always harmonious, the great joy of casting off the earthly body. I am so glad to have had this little chat with you before you went, and maybe White Feather will let me come again another time. I wish you well and a safe journey, God bless you. Geoff – Thank you for coming, and bless you. Miriam (White Feather) – Now was that not a surprise, she has been saying for some time that she would like to come. And I thought she was just saying it out of curiosity, but that was not so. I should have known her better, I should have known. But it is good to hear of what other people do, and we do enjoy telling you of our lives here, may I also say that I hope you have a lovely holiday, and rest that brain of yours, come back refreshed, but do not neglect your meditation. Although we do not expect it to be so often, we know that a fleeting five minutes while you are just sitting enjoying the sunshine, will attract one or other of the spirits around you. For they are always there within earshot if you need to call. And for you young man on the right, you are going to be the leader while he is gone, and you shall have to do something about the prayers to start and finish, we can’t have you coming into astral every time when there are only two or three of you, can we? Luke – No Miriam (White Feather) – But you will be all right, we shall see to that. And I am not going to stay, I am just going to say goodnight and God bless you. Geoff – Bless you and thank you. Miriam (Ishmael) – And this is Ishmael, I must have my say. Geoff – Welcome Ishmael. Miriam (Ishmael) – Also to wish you well on your journey, and to have a good holiday, and to know that everything is going to be all right on your return, and your bird is going to be well looked after by the one in spirit, that looks after it, who is sitting now at the top of his cage, and they know each other. But yours, he does get bumped so, as we have seen, but he is learning to fly and control better, so enjoy yourself and come back safely and tell your lady love, that we all miss her. Geoff – Thank you, I will do that. Miriam (Ishmael) – Goodnight to you all. Geoff – Goodnight and bless you

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