Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Mr. Woo(one of our regular Guides) is channeling through Miriam.
Miriam (Mr. Woo) – It is very pleasing to all of us when someone eventually manages to open up and let one of us talk, for we do like talking even if we do not give a message. We love to think that we can come that little bit nearer to you, and hopefully in the majority of cases we know, that you learn a little about the life that we lead here, and we can sometimes offer a little bit of advice, not often for these things have to be done very slowly. But we do love to come through, there are so many people who are here at the circle, time after time, and they haven’t got the courage, perhaps you might call it, or really there is not courage needed, but like everything new, like you all find when you first channel, it is difficult to get the initial start. We have to sometimes hold back, for they want to just sit and channel, I am not saying that is good, but we have some people and they just want to sit and channel all day long, they don’t want to do any work, they are so pleased and thrilled, and then we have to squash that because that is the ego. Then they learn and they take it easier but sometimes it takes a bit longer than others, they are so thrilled and we do know the thrill that you feel, for we feel the same. Once we have managed to channel through, and it is our first time we have just as much a thrill about it as you, and then of course we have the children, some of the children do it very easily, like children the world over they have no fear of trying anything. And they find that they get a lot of success with children themselves, not channeling but getting in touch with them, but as you would say, they play with their imaginary friends, and it is surprising what help these can be in the spirit world, what they can do when children are not communicating on earth, the autistic ones. And we have the spirit children who can communicate with them so they are not completely as desolate as one would imagine. They are being taught to have more perseverance but there are many things that cause this blockage of communication, too many to talk about in one session. But it is good that you should know that children in the spirit world are doing their bit, I am talking now of course about the teenage children, from about ten, eleven upwards because from that age they are a bit more knowledgeable here than they would be on earth, and they are more caring. So you see what communication can mean to so many different people in so many ways. And we do enjoy it, but now I think I have found something to talk about, and I hope you enjoyed it. May you all have a wonderful evening, and may God go with you on your path wherever you go on the weeks and months ahead, until I talk to you again. God bless you and walk in the light.  

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