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Spirit “General” on the war in Ukraine

August 2022  In this meditation we have just been shown the possible outcomes of the Putin/Ukraine war and we are visited by……..

This is a person who has fought in many wars, who has had many conquests. He says that he understands Putin completely, because he has come across many like this. He is in spirit at the moment, but he used to be that sort of person. His name if not important. What he has learnt is important. He has seen the outcomes of many many situations like this. And he understands why it should not be solved by spirit putting in more energy, rather than just letting people just fight it out. (Spirit takes over around here)  The reason being, that if they fight it out, they will basically kill each other and tear each other apart. But the same thing happens time and time again. So, there is no evolving there. Because people don’t learn from that.  So, you try different methods of getting them to make peace, to get the right solution, to learn. And everybody is learning. So that is what I have been doing all these years, for many many decades, watching all these battles between two countries or two people or two groups. And not just on this planet, on several other planets as well. Because it is an essential part of evolving, every time a major disruption takes place, like what is going to happen to your country at the moment, it has got to be done the right way, because you have got 5-6 billion people, and it is going to affect their lives, how much they learn and not just that, but it is going to affect the whole world. Now it doesn’t make a lot of difference, as if everybody gets wiped out, you will all come back up here and then you just go back and you do something else. But for us, we are looking at a classroom, where suddenly it is a failure, and we have got to start again, which is no good for evolving. And evolving is the main purpose. So, I simply watch over all of these, and I watch over this one, and I have just enjoyed what you picked up there from the beginning to the end. It’s very simple. When you can think clearly in situations like this, it’s very simple to get the outcome. The problem is with all these people, it is first of all it’s their ego and secondly, it’s the people behind them. And thirdly, it is the unknown outcome.

S: Which brings fear.

Yes. So, if they can see things clearly, then they would do things differently. You know when people have hindsight, they always look back and go “ah, if only I had done that, or I could’ve done that in such a better way”. And that is what we try and show them. It’s a more simple, clearer way of doing it. A more effective way of doing it, so that everybody can progress and evolve. Thank you.

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