Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


VISIT BY 5 HIGH SPIRITS IN BLACK Geoff – On my right I have several people dressed completely in black, but it is not a nasty feeling I get from them, I have encountered people in black robes before and Verna has three guides who have black robes, because the light beneath them is so strong. What they are asking me to do is to put my hand inside the robe, inside them, they are a group of very high teachers, and that is the reason why they are robed to protect us, the vibrations are so high that they would affect us, either hurt us or blind us or so on. Miriam (John) – They would. Geoff – They have come to say quickly that this young Soo is not something that should be forgotten, but forever kept in the memory, they are confirming what has happened. And that they follow him around to make sure that the circles have understood the message, they also appear at several circles at the same time, such is their power. They are on the mental plain, very high on the mental plain, but that is irrelevant, they teach and have been teaching for thousands of years. But time is irrelevant to them, they can foresee to a degree what is happening to the earth, and how it is changing and going to change and they prepare the way for what is going to happen, they say they are like the gardeners of the earth, they liken themselves to that. They want to know if there are any important questions that either of you two would like to ask regarding this that they can answer for you. Miriam – No I don’t think so, it feels right, it feels true. It is not something that can be spoken about is it? Geoff – No you will know when you can talk to people about it. They have now surrounded the circle completely, and they are now establishing it, like putting an official stamp of approval, saying you are now one of these cells. They are giving blessings and leaving a connection so that we can call on this network of energy when required, they are leaving us the thoughts in our minds so that at any future stage we can tap into this huge network of energy. Miriam – How would we do that? Geoff – When the time comes, it would be in the mind. And all you have to do is think and it will just happen, that is what they are putting into our minds now. It is something we will never forget, an unusual energy they are leaving here, which we have not encountered before, it has a lot to do with crystals and colours. We will learn at a later stage, they give many blessings and many thanks, and are very happy that this has been established and they move off. And leave the circle completely surrounded by beautiful white light and automatically Verna is included, and the next time she sits with us the information will just pass through to her. Now there is an even smaller child, a little Chinese girl who is maybe two or three years old, she can just walk, and she is walking behind Soo who is miles down the road, what they are saying is that she also is here for a reason, and there are many others, who arrive on earth to grow and continue this network. So it is not a one-off thing, it will be something that will be created and will continue, there will always be more people coming to take the place of those who pass over, and it will grow and grow and the goodness that it brings will change the way of the earth, the way people live, their attitudes and lifestyles, but until people are ready for that period the world will keep on going downhill to reach the extreme before it can be changed. But enough of that, we now understand what is happening. Miriam (John) – Was not that a wonderful experience, and something that was quite unexpected, I must tell you. Geoff – Yes it was, what I can see of the future is too much to explain in a few words. It is like seeing a whole picture. Miriam (John) – And something that you have been very privileged to have been given. The power and love they gave you was tremendous. Geoff – Yes it certainly was Miriam (John) – And I hope you all felt it, I know this lady did, and I am sure your father did. Geoff – Yes that was excellent, it really was. Thank You.

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