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SPIRITS CREATE CONFERENCE CENTRE – 1991 By SpiritualDictionary.com

Geoff – Now it is night time, I have gone across Bangkok, across the river, and going onto the other side, then a fair way into the countryside, there is one area where there are lots of thatched huts surrounded by a sort of farming area, and in the thatch in all of these huts, I can see spirit lights, it is a very peaceful place, and gives out a huge aura of peace and harmony. The feeling I get looking down is one of real peace and harmony, it is beautiful, it really is, I can’t see anything but thatched huts, but it is such a beautiful area. Now I go down to sort of ground level and all these huts seem to be empty. It is very strange there are no huts here, just thatched roofs floating in the air, all right, let’s see what else, the spirit lights give out his harmony, now I have just picked one up, it is about the size of a big hail stone, and it is giving off this energy, and it is on top of these, or in amongst all these thatched roofs, but there is nothing below, right. And this is an area, which can be created by spirit for various meetings. Miriam (Guide) – Yes. Geoff – Most strange. Very few people come along to the area, whole groups of spirits come down here where they meet to feel again earth vibrations and to learn. Spirits are taught here by learning earth vibrations that cannot be done in astral, and it is like a protected area and nobody really comes close. So as they arrive, they just design it as they want to see it. Miriam (Guide) – Yes, just as they do in astral, but with the proper feeling. Geoff – Very clever. Miriam (Guide) – You are learning many strange things tonight. Geoff – Yeah, so they get the feeling of all sorts of earthly vibrations, and that is when they can be taught different aspects of that. Right, we will leave that one. Miriam (Guide) – I am not sure if there are any more for you tonight. Geoff – There is something, but it is strange, I have just rescued a dog from the side of a cliff, it was starting to slide down hanging on, I picked it up and took I to the top to put it down again and let it go, and everywhere I have tried to put it down, there are just hundreds of thorns, so I can’t find anywhere to put it down, it is very strange. Miriam (Guide) – Perhaps you are meant to take it with you. Geoff – Yes, there we go. It just crossed over, oh that was to show me not to rescue it, which I was trying to do. Miriam (Guide) – Yes let it go. And I think we have done a lot for tonight, and it has been a good evening, many wonderful feelings. It would be wonderful if one could say, put them in a box, and open them and say, well today I think I will have that feeling, but they will all come again so much easier as time goes on. So I shall bid you all goodnight and pleasant dreams, and I shall be with you again. Geoff – Thank you and bless you.

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