Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation, I am experiencing the lessons, and a Guide called Mr Wu is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – And now I’m in an area, which is way up north again. Maybe the Arctic or Norway. There are a lot of mountains. They are semi-covered with snow, and the sun is on the horizon at the moment. It’s way up north. There is a huge crater, and if you can imagine a lid which is saucer shaped, fitting into this huge crater but it’s sort of come out – it’s at a bit of an angle so on the right and on the left. On the right the lid is below the rim of the crater and on the left it’s above. That’s the best way to describe it, and all I want to do is take the lid and put it back on straight -and yet it’s massive. That’s what I’ll do to start with and then we’ll go underneath. Just correct that lid because it’s such a strong feeling to do that. Miriam (Mr Wu) You are right there. It is essential to be straight, as you will find out if you go down. Geoff – It was a small move in the earth, which made that a tiny bit smaller. I’ve now settled the lid back on top, and am going below to see what is there. It’s a very big cavern – huge – at the moment it’s all in darkness, but there’s such a lovely feeling of a lot of spirit there and ….a lot of spirit and I can feel a strong spirit with me. Miriam (Mr Wu) Too many for you to count. Geoff – Yes. Now, normally when I go to a place like this I sort of land on the ground and start looking from there, but in this cavern there is no gravity – everybody is hovering, and although I know spirit normally does I think other things would – um – I can’t see any individual as yet. Miriam (Mr Wu) But you will. Geoff – These are spirit uniforms if you like. I don’t know how as yet, but it seems like – if spirit comes down, he will put on one of these so he would be recognised as a spirit. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff – Now, to communicate – when somebody comes to talk – to channel through us, we recognise the presence and you can recognise who it is. The spirit upstairs knows different – different people know those spirits different ways, because of the different lifetimes they’ve been in and the different ages Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes that is right. Geoff – So there’s got to be uniformity, so that when spirit does come down, one spirit doesn’t forget who he’s supposed to be to that person. In this cavern that I’m in there are a lot of spirit cloaks – identities – so that as a spirit comes through to channel, he automatically collects his identity before…..and then carries on from there. Then it’s automatic from there. Miriam (Mr Wu) Now you have it. Geoff – Well I never. Miriam (Mr Wu) Otherwise what would he come down as or she come down as – I mean there are so many lives, and so many different people who know him – it would be impossible practically. Geoff – Yes. Well I never. A Spirit wardrobe. Miriam (Mr Wu) That is one way of putting it. Geoff – Hmm. It’s all automatic, but…. Miriam (Mr Wu) Now you will be wondering whom you will see when you do pass over. Geoff – Yes. Miriam (Mr Wu) And for how long will they keep that identity?  Until you are able to understand more, this will not be on the first level. Geoff – Yes, that’s right. But I wonder why the lid was loose. That’s irrelevant. Let me look some more in this cavern, and see if I can see if there’s anybody here. What is there is like the automatic librarian we had yesterday. A mechanical device created by spirit, which automatically processes the thought forms when they need them. Miriam (Mr Wu) There has to be some sort of a collecting place – there are so many thoughts around. There are many collecting places around for different things – wishes and dreams, and healing thoughts- but this is for coming down to this particular area. When I say area, I should say for this particular planet. Geoff – Right. Now the….it physically isn’t on this planet. It’s in an area which I can see, but it’s on a different dimension so nobody would stumble across it in this life. Miriam (Mr Wu) No, no, they would not. But why do you think the lid, as you say, had to be put on correctly. Geoff – If thought forms, or whatever, are gathered, they have to be kept there otherwise…well, other entities could take over and impersonate. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, yes, that is it. Geoff – Hmm. That was very good. All right we will leave that one.

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