Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Spiritual growth (Advanced)

Pyramids made by Aliens 1991
706 Jesus talks about how Earth evolves.
12th Feb 2022 How the World developed
959 April 2022 Evolving at different levels in different forms
776 Spirit tries to automate a civilization
778 How to live in the now
873 Learning how to channel
892 An automated collector of mistakes
Your higher self divides you into more dimensions to learn.
How to live in the now
769 Energies, planets and evolving
Teaching a future civilisation
Long neck Aliens 1992
Other Earth dimensions
Visit by 5 high spirits in black
Very high Spirit burnt in explosion
Advanced Spirit abuses energy
Dissolving a black dome of negative energy in Astral
Mountain of mechanical energy
Powerful energy for the future
Super negative energy 1992
The concept of time
Going back in time
921 How Spirit can adjust your direction when needed
Automated communication
Memories and Walk-ins
754. May 22 How do we get new information across to the people?
Gandi protecting past spirits in Tibet
Prince Charles and King James
Developing in 2 different dimensions at the same time
4500 years in the future  1882
Teaching a future civilization  
April 2022 Control center for memories.
Using Pure thinking
Advanced sensing and creating
Sangoma channels before he dies
Tibetan future leader called Soo
Spirit confirm Soo
Geoff given extra energy to create emotions 1992 
Energy sphere that creates changes
Beneath the sea
Karachi negative shield 1992
Advanced Tibetan Buddhists
Going back in time 1991
Changing creatures though forms
Viewing misjudged items
Group minds create a village
Helping tribal member with ceremony
Indian caves in harmony valley
Manifestation in a Bankok temple
Museum of past failures
Talking to a Nomad in Senegal
Priests torture native to change their religion
Removing German officer walk-in 1945
Reversing time
18th Century Gypsys
Spirits create conference centre
Spiritual cavern of identities
The Cardinals image
Stopping ancient library decaying
The Mechanical dog 
Linking to other circles.  By the
Learning to Astral travel
Learning to see the future 1991
Your higher self   
What are life cycles  
Well of truth 
Watching God create life
The beginning of life in Earth
Teaching area in the graylands
Armor doesn’t always protect
Protective armor
Brighten visit from the future
Levels of consciousness

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