Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Spiritual growth for beginners

272 Media exaggerate, but you shouldn’t
3D to 9D
872 Growing your confidence
Abigail talks about the Graylands
Adam and Eve
Akashic records
All about Guides
Are Spirit truthful?
Are we born into sin?
Astral travelling
Beginners question night
Can thought forms think?
Choosing a religion
Connecting with your Guides
Dawn chanels through Verna 1993
Earth entities in a cave
Everyone sees through their own eyes
Girl from Graylands
How absent healing travels
How do I believe Spirit?
How do I find a partner
How do I find out who I really am?
How does a clairvoyant see your life?
How healing progresses
How Hell was created by Religion
How many Bibles were there?
How to increase your faith
How to understand these articles
How you think is most important now.
Increasing faith with vizulisation
Is it OK to be rich
Knowing yourself
Las Vegas
Laughter stops worry
Learning clairvoyance
Learning patience
Ledge of fear
Lessons on belief
Lessons on earth v Astral
Memory rods
My Guides won’t talk to me
Native American Indian beliefs
On a human note
One of our first main Guides
Paulene returns to say Hello
Q and A with Verna
Releasing energy from your body
Release of thought forms from remains
Seeing with eyes open
Sequence of learning
Should Spiritual people make a profit?
Soul mates
Spirit chat on Channeling
Spiritual Development on the earth plane
Spiritual Flower
Start Healing
Timeline of the Bibles
Unconditional love
Understand yourself
We must stay grounded
What are Angels?
What is a Quija board?
What is reality actually?    By Fiona van Rensburg
What is the opposite of God
What is the opposite of God?
Who am I
Who is my Soul-mate
Why do Spirit start with the word  “Greetings”
Why Spirit need to heal through us
Why stress
Why the Spiritual Dictionary was started
Why you chose this life
Woman priests and abortions
Would you like to find out who you really are?

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