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Spirituality is for all Religions

Tiny Church
As far back as 1983 both Verna and I had been told that we would be teaching in the future. We have channeled more than 1500 “Lessons” onto tapes in that time, and been told to keep them for the future.
In March 2000 we opened the website called and had spent many years transcribing the tapes into 7 Books. The following tape was made in meditation in November 2000. The forthcoming change of the Earth was originally planned for 2015. It’s now 2022 and we have been told…..its time.
Geoff: I’ve got a woman on the right-hand side, who looks like a woman out of biblical days. And in the center of the picture is a tiny, tiny little chapel, and all around it are buildings which have been reduced to rubble- except this tiny little chapel. She’s invited me in. We’ve gone inside. She’s closed the door, and inside at the back there is- like a tree with branches – and it’s got a small branch going up about as thick as your arm and little branches coming out. At the ends of each branch are these little colored crystals. Now, none of this makes any sense as always.
These are “missing things”. All these little crystals on the end of the branches are “missing things”. Things that we are missing.
Verna: Things that have to be placed there.
Geoff: At the back of this church there is a hole in the ground. I’ve gone down underneath. There’s a huge cavern underneath. It’s also like it’s been bombed or whatever, and there are people down there.
Verna: They want to come out of the dark.
Geoff: Hmm. There are lots of little people down there. All right! To give you a bit of a feeling- This tiny little chapel is the only part that’s left of what should be – what the world should be in a perfect place. Everything else has been destroyed. So, it’s just this little chapel that’s left and that’s why it’s left – it’s been protected and so on, and it’s going to be the right thing for all those people to come out to. They come out through that chapel- and as they come out they pick up the knowledge. Okay. So, the knowledge is held in the crystals in the tree, and as they come out from underground, they walk from the chapel and automatically they get all this information- put into them like memories and understanding.
Verna: But you (The website) are the chapel, and everything around you has always been wiped out, and now you are the chapel.
Geoff: Yes ……. you’re right! So, all these people are going off with all this knowledge… which is what I’m doing. It’s what we’re teaching on the web site. So, it will always be there, people will always be able to find it, but it’s only towards the end that the people – basically, if they are left, when the change takes place- will really find what they’re looking for. I mean, all the people that are left will go in that direction. That’s what it looks like – all the people who are left have to come out that way. Which in a way is symbolic.
The lady on the right, as I said earlier from biblical times, looks like Mother Mary. I’ve never had a direct conversation with Mother Mary, but that’s the way I perceive her to be – dressed in blue and white and so on.
So the crystals I can take in my hand – I’m taking them off the tree. I’ve got them all in my hand now. I can go wherever I need to go, and find groups of people. Okay, so I take these crystals, these memories then go to a different place and there’s another group of people, and they simply walk through, which again is symbolic. I can just see the people growing more and more and more.
Verna: I just see them going from a dark room, into the chapel, which has got light and they can breathe more easily. There’s another lady with you from biblical days – Rachel. …And Rachel works with your healing – your healing hands. She was a healer- and she works with you with your healing. And they’re showing me sitting in a corner of the church. They want to know why I put myself in a corner. They want you to look at this.
Geoff: Because you are humble, and want me (Website) to have the success, for want of a better word. You enjoy what you are doing.
Verna: I’m happy in that corner. I seem to be happy in that corner, but it’s not where I’m meant to be…… But I’m happy there.
Geoff: Not where you’re meant to be?
Verna: I don’t know. I seem to be content in that corner and …. but I don’t feel like I’m doing enough in that corner.
I bring the people to the temple, and then I go back in the corner………
Aah! It will happen quite naturally, that those that need from me will come and just sit in front of me in the temple. They will just come and sit around me, and in front of me, and I feel I don’t even have to talk. They just sit around me. I am part of your temple (The website?) but I’m the stillness, the quietness.
Geoff: I’ve got a very old Indian woman here, and a cow.
The cow represents the Indian people, like Indian, Pakistan. The Indian on the other side is an old Red Indian. The cow represents their nature, their closeness with nature. Now, they’re helping. How can I (Website) expect to have one message for all people? Different religions believe in different things, and different religions will have to be converted different ways.
It doesn’t mean that the whole world, for instance, will turn spiritual. If you take the Indian population for example, they believe in something totally different- which is close to spiritualism -and it’s not wise for us to change them to our Western view of spiritualism. Let them continue with an “Indian” view so they’ll get the message but in their own way. And “that” we have “got to have” in the future, because you’ve got to have balance. You can’t just go into this new-world thing, and see everything as perfect with just one way of life- because that way you lose balance. So, you’ve got to have different varieties.
So, you have the Indians and Tibetans, and then you have the Red Indians and South Americans- but instead of being churches and religions they will all be spiritual in their own way. They’ll believe in, for instance, nature and balance, and energy but there are different variations of spiritualism………. That’s what it is!
Verna: Spirituality of all religions – all beliefs.
Geoff: Yes. Those crystals on that tree are the variations. All knowledge is there. It just means that when I go in this direction they will learn all those basics. The crystals are the basics of everything and then from those basics each will have their – what’s the word? – Derivatives – offshoot – of spiritual religion. That’s what it is, because you can’t change all nations.
How would the Middle Eastern people (like we were talking about the other day) the Muslims, and so on which is a huge religion – they won’t convert to Christianity or spirituality – because it’s simply too much of a task.
Some of them will be converted, but others will start to think different ways. So, they will still be Muslim, but their interpretations of the Koran and beliefs and so on will change more towards nature and spirituality. So, there will still be a “balance” on earth when this change takes place. It’s just a more corrected balance, and there will still be extremes on both sides. That’s okay too, you need those extremes.
So, they’re saying that when I write, I mustn’t be dogmatic, be more flexible. Put it in terms where it is not concrete, but it is “suggested” – can be viewed by the different religions in slightly different ways, and they’re saying even – that’s what’s happened with the bible, and the scrolls and all sorts of things – they’re viewed in different ways because you must have a “balance” and because you must have the extremes.
You cannot expect one written sheet to be translated over several thousands of years and not to change. It’s the people that change it, and that will be made known.
So, with this new spiritualism- coming of age- on the earth and so on, there will be a good variation- and on the spiritual side you will have guys going to the extremes like, as you know, we have already met people from extreme groups – and those are okay. They’re quite acceptable, because they strongly believe in what they do- and what they believe in is right for them.
The basis is right- they’ve just interpreted it a different way – or gone to the extreme – but that’s okay – because they believe in it, and they believe in living the right way. And if they make mistakes, they will correct them over time, and all sorts, so the balance that you’ve got is – instead of having more bad than good, this time you’ve got more good than bad. But you still have a balance and you still have extremes on either side…. Okay – that makes sense?
Verna: By writing what you have just received now. You will help to balance a lot of people, and stop judgment.
Geoff: That’s right. Yes, that’s very good.
Verna: It must be one of the first recordings that people will listen to on the website so that they know there is no judgment from you about any religion or any belief.
Geoff: And funnily enough, on my task sheet these last few weeks I’ve had – “Write an explanation which is very powerful, and which will explain the whole picture”
The above may be hard to believe for those that are new to Spiritual Understanding. As you progress and understand more, so then more of the jigsaw fits into place.
All we ask is that you accept what is given, in the way it has been given, with Love and truth.
Geoff and Verna Hindmarch

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