Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In meditation Geoff – Now I have a black child here, holding his hand out, he is begging, he is starving, very, very close to death, well close enough. And this will be my first experience in doing this, the child leads me towards a tribe where there is tremendous starvation, it is not important where it is, there are probably fifty or sixty members of this tribe, who have gathered in an area no bigger than this house. There are woods all around them, and there is fighting going on between two main tribes just a few miles away, they are fugitives, they belong to neither side of this fighting, and the fighting has been going on for so many years, they have lost their homes many, many times. They have no possessions, they just do not exist anymore, if they do get possessions they just get stolen or lost, as more fighting occurs. And there are three main men in this tribe, who we will call the elders, and they have looked after the tribe for many years. Now there is starvation, nowhere to live, no future, the biggest thing is that they are losing hope. They are becoming so depressed, and this group is sending out negative vibrations all the time, and this is becoming a collective negative energy, and it is killing the tribe, and this is an ideal case where we can put harmony back into the group, so that they may progress in their lives. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Not an easy task when one is hungry. Geoff – No, but by putting optimism back into their lives, they will look harder for food, they will take a few more chances and they will achieve more victory in their search for food, homes and so on. So I will sit with the three elders, and I will invite my group of spirit friends that were with me just now, to bring forth their love and their energy and to put it into this group of people. And let it spread throughout this immediate area, so that the tribe, I know they will be here for a while, overnight or whatever and they will absorb this harmonious and optimistic feeling. And I ask them to start giving this energy now and describe what happens. Miriam (Dr Chang) – And the energy from your father is changing to help with the situation. Geoff – I am seeing a different form of energy being used, it is like glitter, multi colored glitter being thrown over this area in blankets, and it drops down onto the ground where I can see it sparkle and shine and radiate and it has the affect of reflecting emotions. Now the spirits are now going to send a lot of love and optimism into this circle of people, and the rays will bounce off them, and then it will reflect back to them from this glitter on the ground. I can see already the colour of the vibrations that this group was in, is beginning to change, whereas before it was a very dark gray and patchy, it is now getting like a gold mist appearing in places, and it is pulsating and it is starting in different places and are expanding as they move through the people. Each person this gold mist hits, has a different reaction from the mist, some absorb immediately some don’t, some will take a long time to get through, but I can feel the mood of these people changing. And their feeling inside, their determination, their love of life returning, their optimism, and although it will take a while until harmony is there, we have raised them out of the doldrums, they are no longer negative and lethargic, they are beginning to stir and smile and think, and feel. Everybody can sense vibrations but they don’t use this sense as they have never been taught, but these people are feeling so much better now, it is beginning to work, and it will just continue. Now this is all we have to do, spirit is leaving now, the group of spirit who gave this energy, and what it has left behind is making like a dome over the people, and surrounding them, and the energy is reflecting off this glitter on the ground and it will just continue to do so. This group of people will stay here at least overnight, and they will regain their strength and optimism every minute. The three leaders I am with, I am sending them a tremendous love for each other, for they must work together for there is strength in unity, they must work together to look after the tribe, and they are also improving and feeling and becoming stronger. And in amongst them is one lady who is a guide, a spiritual helper in an earthly body and she is there to temporarily look after this group, she moves through various groups, she has seen what we have done and gives thanks. And will call me when more help is needed, she is our link to this group. And she will just be known as Nan. And she thanks all of us in this circle and now we can leave that one. Miriam (Dr Chang) – And you will be able to use that group and the power in many different situations. That is excellent, it is very good indeed.

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