Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Verna – I think they are trying to heighten our vibrations, because I have got a jolly old lady here, oh she is dying, but she has such spirit, and she laughs, well her higher self is so very high that I see her lying above herself on the bed, and it is her higher self that we are talking to, and her physical body is lying underneath her, because she no longer wants part of this body, and she says she’s nearly dead anyway, so she may as well come out every now and again on her higher vibrations, but with all her strength of character, and the way she, even on her death bed is helping others, she asks us please just to release the pain of the cancer in her stomach. And she is not going to help us, because she is going to have a good time, she is spiritually out of her body, which she can do, and she will help us to help her physical body. Miriam (Dr Paul) – She is a remarkable lady. Verna – She is a very old spirit, she won’t come back to earth, and she has chosen to have this cancer, she tells me, to teach one of her children, her child, a very selfish person, to teach them a lesson. So she can actually handle this pain by leaving her physical body, but he doesn’t know this, and he suffers more than she, but she can’t stay out of her physical body for long, and it is a painful death, so they brought her along at her request so that she may have an easier time before her death, but her son still has a bit of suffering to do. So she lingers on for another month, or until he has learnt his lesson, which she hopes will be sooner than a month. Miriam (Dr Paul) – We think it will be. Verna – And so if we could just, in her stomach, there is nothing we can do for the cancer, if we can put an ice blue color inside her stomach. Miriam (Dr Paul) – That is an excellent choice. Geoff – But I think we can do it in a different way than we have used before, by isolating the cancerous parts from the living parts, by putting a barrier in between the two. If you imagine the body as being made up of millions of tiny little ping pong balls, and some of them are black and bad, and they are the cancer, and some are white and okay, so the black ones you would just cover, like putting a coat of paint on or whatever and that then isolates them from the nervous system, which gives you the pain. And it is difficult to visualize so we do the whole body at once, although we know most of the cancer is in the stomach. There are larger sections and smaller sections, so you just imagine this in your mind, all the black parts are just coated, like the shell of an egg or whatever and this will cut off the majority of pain for the next few days, not for long. Because the energy cannot be held there for too long, but it will give her great release, and others will do the same thing at a later stage. Verna – She says why didn’t she think of that. And now she returns to her physical body, because for some reason it will be easier for this to take effect while she is in the physical body. Geoff – Or her spiritual body controls the physical, so when we heal we actually give the energy to the spiritual, which then heals the physical. Verna – She is so funny, she says I know that. She is so lovable, you just want to take her into your arms, and she is so unbelievable, she could lift our vibrations and yet she is dying of stomach cancer! And she lifts my vibrations. Miriam (Dr Paul) – She really has lifted them, when you see the courage that she has, and how she is facing up to things. Verna – And she says “Child, I have not only courage, but understanding, and it is the understanding and the faith which reaches out to me when I am at my worst and that is what has pulled me out of the dilemma, it is my faith, and my understanding”. And she leaves us now.

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