Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation I am being shown a situation on Earth by a Monk in Spirit. There is also a guide channeling through Miriam. Geoff –    I now have a monk with a staff in his hands, a bit like a shepherd’s crook, and he’s in the cellar – it looks like the cellar of an abbey – and there are various storage areas like large tunnels going back into the rock and down here there are a lot of books – very old books and obviously very important. He is a keeper of these books and he is in spirit but the books will be very important – very important discoveries in years to come but the books are deteriorating – falling apart with age and this monk has come to ask that we use our earth vibrations to stop the aging of the books either by …. I think the main thing is the air in this cellar underground, which is causing the books to decay, and also rats and mice. We can totally encompass this area and seal it off with an energy force that will keep the air stable, and will also stop the vermin coming into the area.  For this they need a lot of power and that is one thing that Luke (Circle member with us) has got.  And he automatically puts this into this circle, and we must utilise it in a certain way.  We start with the energy in the center of the room and the energy is like a balloon, as the balloon expands the atmosphere – air, whatever – is pushed backwards and the vermin that are in the room are also pushed backwards – and the books and the bricks and the mortar come inside the energy, so you end up with this ancient library inside a balloon of energy which will seal it off for a long, long time. But when this library is eventually discovered, when it is due to be found, those that discover it will automatically break the energy force, or energy field and it will look no different once they are inside.  They are showing me that this sort of thing has happened before when archeologists discover pyramids and tombs, when they open them up there is always a rush of air and things start to decompose and so on – fall apart – because the air has got in…..but that’s by the way. Miriam (Guide)    It is a very unusual situation but we expect that by the time these books will be found then a way will be found also to stop them from decaying once the field of energy has been severed. Geoff –     Very interesting, and the monk thanks us all.

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