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STORMS AND ENERGY By The Spiritual Dictionary

This is a very interesting one about storms and energy. I am experiencing the lesson in Astral, and a Guide called John channels through Miriam. Geoff: I’m seeing a storm at sea. It’s a dark night – lots of boats – all coming in from the storm. The storm in the distance is huge, really immense. I’m going towards it now and it is just full of thunder, lightning and wind but the strongest feeling is of energy. There is such a strong force here and….. Miriam (John) It is very strong. Geoff: …I can see it in the form of giant black crystals. It’s just mountains high, and all this energy is about to be released. I’m seeing something from the past – it is not now. Now I know that, apart from your normal storms, you get a collection of negative energy which all goes to one point which creates hurricanes and so on. This is a similar sort of thing, but this is one off the English coast and it was many, many years ago. It built up and, there was no radio in those days to monitor with as you can now. The storm was in the middle of the English Channel. Everyone could see it building up and avoided that area. In those days there wasn’t radar so ships couldn’t communicate with each other. But nobody realised how big this storm was. When all this energy collected, sort of reached its peak, it’s all released at once. There were phenomenal winds – not exactly tidal waves but there was a lot of flooding all along the coast, and the same in France. It was almost like an explosion – it was that powerful and sudden. Miriam (John) Was there as much life lost as there is today? Geoff: Not at sea – that’s pretty clear. One or two small boats, that’s all. I can’t actually see if there’s any life lost. I presume there was but I can’t see anything exceptional….. Miriam (John) Not so much because in those days people could read the weather. They were more in tune with nature. Geoff: Aah, I see. That makes a lot of sense. Miriam (John) They were more prepared for that reason. Now you rely upon what you hear or see, and it is not always correct. Geoff: Yes, very true. Yes – that’s interesting because people get used to….when there is no other means, then they get used to using their minds. Miriam (John) Yes, that is it. They could tell the signs much more easily not only by the clouds, but by the birds, the animals, how they behaved. Geoff: Of course, the first scene I saw with all the boats coming in this direction away from the storm………. Miriam (John) Yes, because they knew. Geoff: Yes, they would have seen it building up and that’s why there was little life lost at sea………. Miriam (John) Yes. Geoff: …because they avoided it. Energy can be released – it doesn’t have to be released close to land. What I’m seeing now is in the middle of the Atlantic – huge storms building up, and again it’s in those days – where it builds up then it just sort of explodes, and releases all this energy and that becomes air, wind, rain, thunder, lightning and so on. Miriam (John) Yes. Geoff: So it’s a form of release – form of release for nature, but so much power. Of course, before the days of radar and so on people wouldn’t know how big these storms could be out at sea, because the ships would automatically avoid them, steer a different route, and maybe only see them from a distance – a long distance. Miriam (John) As long as their ships were capable of getting to land quicker, then they did. Remembering, of course, that they didn’t have the same power, but they always tried to aim for shelter. Geoff: What I’m seeing at the moment is like in the middle of the Atlantic and the force that is released is enormous. It’s far bigger that what happens today isn’t it? Miriam (John) Yes. Would you like to go in to the center of the storm? Geoff: Okay. Here everything is buzzing – vibrating – and that’s just the energy building up. Now, once the energy is built up to a certain degree – it’s like being compressed, there’s more negative energy coming in all the time being drawn in to the center, and the center is becoming more and more compressed. When the center is so tightly compressed it creates, like crystals. The crystals create friction. Now, this is just the energy side of it, which sets off a chain reaction, which releases all the energy at once. Miriam (John) Quite right so far. Geoff: You see, I can see how this can be lightening, but what I’m seeing is the whole storm – this enormous storm, all setting of at once from this one spark right in the middle. It starts to crystallize, it glows and then it just literally explodes. Now, storms these days don’t work that way. Miriam (John) No, no they do not. That is why I wondered if you wanted to go to the middle and see. Geoff: Okay, so in those days it was just a quick release of energy created by nature – the Divas and whoever was looking after it. There was, as you know, no loss of life because everybody avoided that area, and nobody saw it because it was out over the sea. Some ships saw it from a distance. They would have got the after effects, which would be strong winds, rain, etc. but the energy would have been lowered because they were so far away. Now, if we look at a modern day storm where…. (pause)…..You have two types of energy in modern day storms. One is in the clouds where it builds up and so on the same as before, but one is covering the surface of the earth and by the earth, I mean the sea as well. It’s like an aura around the earth a few feet off the surface, and this is where the energy moves around when negative energy builds up. Miriam (John) That’s the answer. Geoff: The same as it does with a storm above it. One acts as a catalyst, and that’s when the storm breaks. Miriam (John) So much negative energy. Geoff: And that will account for so many more storms, tempests, hurricanes, earthquakes and so on that are going on at the moment. The negative energy is getting worse, and therefore the storms in nature are getting worse. So, if we had a perfect world ….if tomorrow everybody loved each other – that means that the weather would improve. Miriam (John) It would – definitely. Geoff: Makes a lot of sense. Miriam (John) Does make sense. Luke: Then it is man made? Miriam (John) Yes, it is indeed. Man is destroying his own environment and he cannot see it. Not yet. Geoff: Yes, because he doesn’t think like we do. Miriam (John) But you’ll have to pass the word around. Geoff: Yes. It’s going to take a long time to teach these people….. Miriam (John) Yes. Geoff: ……..because everybody has to start on the first step of the ladder. Also as people are getting taught so many will go off on tangents and deviations. There are so many dangers of people in the beginning thinking they have psychic abilities, and not developing it any further and changing direction, which can all bring bad things to the spiritual movement. So it’s got to be done very carefully and very controlled. Miriam (John) Very carefully, and I think that is a very good note to end on tonight. Geoff: Yes. Miriam (John) We had not expected to come but we heard that you were going to be around, and we gathered up what we thought would be interesting and a little bit more for you to learn. Geoff: Thank you – that’s very good. Miriam (John) That is not to say that we put these things there just specifically there for you but we paved the way for you to see them. I’ll say goodnight now and tomorrow will be a different night altogether. God bless you. Geoff: Thank you – and bless you.

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