Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation a guide called Iffy is channeling through Miriam. I am being taught about development in solitude. Geoff – I have a man here who is giving greetings by holding his hands together as if in prayer, bringing them up to his forehead so that both index fingers touch his forehead.  He keeps doing this.  I think he comes from Senegal. Iffy (Miriam): Yes Geoff – And he’s wearing a red and white striped form of a dress.  He’s very old and wise and belongs to a nomadic tribe.  Now they spend a lot of time crossing the deserts to Senegal.  Or away and back again.  The Sahara desert I presume that would be.  While out in the desert, groups of them would go and they’d take various goods and camels and so on and they’d cross the desert and at night they would all sit around a fire and they’d sleep.  Now, it’s right in the middle of a vast open space.  Above them they’ve got the stars, which are very clear, the area they are on is desert and for miles it is all totally beautiful.  And at night they are on their own without interference, after they’ve eaten and gone to sleep or laying down to sleep – there is a period of tranquility when they can learn and this is how this old man learnt.  Being out there and so isolated and having so much uniformity around you gives very clear or allows for very clear vibrations and to pick up very clearly, communications with spirit.  He started at a very young age, 7 or 8, and it was customary when he started, that he was used as a sort of tea boy or whatever and he wasn’t told things and he didn’t have a father to look after him and explain different experiences in life etc.  He had to learn totally on his own.  This is a similar circumstance to Mamut, he was isolated, in a way, but because he was in surroundings which were so pure and vacant it made it very easy for spirit to get through to him and teach him and over many many years he has learnt bit by bit and this has become his way of life.  He doesn’t understand spiritualism the same as we do, he is taught by spirit, but ancestors of his race.  And many things are related to him which relate to his race so it’s easier for him to accept and understand.  Basically it’s the same but with a few changes because of his life and ways.  He is now at a stage where he can communicate with others as he is doing with us now. I can see him sitting and he is at peace, so comfortable and he is passing the time by contacting different people. To him it is a silent world because he doesn’t talk to others about what he can do because he still has some…….. I would say, doubts……….. anyway, he doesn’t talk to others.  He does communicate with spirit but he doesn’t use his knowledge all that much in his daily life because he doesn’t really believe.  It’s difficult to explain, I can see what he’s thinking… Iffy (Miriam): It is difficult for him because he is more advanced than the others. Geoff – Yes, so he can’t talk to the others but he sees the spirit world as a bit like a dream world, he knows it is there every night and he knows he can communicate but because he has never met a physical spirit, it doesn’t fit in with his day to day life, with his life on the Earth plane.  He sees these as two separate lives. Iffy (Miriam): But you can help him now. Geoff – I’ll see if I communicate with him… again I’m just…. he sees me as being on the spirit side and not his day-to-day life, so I’ll have to see how I can help him.  Now, I’ve got my hand on the back of his neck,  I’m kneeling in front of him, facing him and I’ve got my right hand on the back of his neck.  This is a link between the spinal cord and the brain.  I will communicate with him now physically.  Now, he can hear what I’m saying and he understands what I’m doing.  What he will feel right now is the physical feeling of my hand on the back of his neck and I can feel his right hand go behind his head, He’s placing his hand on top of mine, to feel if it’s there.  Now he can’t feel my physical hand but I am squeezing his neck, which he feels physically and he knows it is there.  This will take a long time for him to sink in but it is the beginning of proof for him that the two worlds that he has should work as one.  I’m also telling him that when he reaches different villages and towns and when he communicates with other people he should feel the vibrations of those that are connected to spirit that do understand the spiritual life and life after death and so on.  If he concentrates on this, he will find many people who will maybe not be as advanced as him but each one will teach him a little bit more and suddenly both will come together. Iffy (Miriam): He is so amazed. Geoff – I see his left hand is up with the palm towards me. Which is a sign for thank you. Iffy (Miriam): It is. Geoff – I’ve never seen that before. Iffy (Miriam): And now the word will spread a little more, you see. Geoff – It’s not so much a Thank You as an acknowledgement that he has heard. Iffy (Miriam):  Yes Geoff – That’s great.  And he’s shaking his head and he’s happy now because he has his next target, his next goal, and his next advancing step.  And now he can’t wait to get to a village to feel the vibrations of people.  He is very, very happy. Iffy (Miriam): (Laughing)  And many will wonder and many will be able to communicate with him a little more. Geoff – Yes, that’s right. Iffy (Miriam):  But it is the joy that you pass on. Geoff – That’s right.  Now I have, I’m sure it’s Mamut, who is standing behind him, on his right and she is now going to communicate with him and I must go now to the next one and she will talk to him more. Iffy (Miriam): Isn’t it wonderful when you can be in touch with each other so quickly Geoff – Yes. It’s great. Iffy (Miriam): You will soon find you have many many more friends in spirit than you ever have on Earth. Geoff – Yes.  I can understand that.

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