Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



You are pure energy. Nothing about you is solid and you are also filled with colour. Remember that each thought you have has an immediate energy flow that affects your physical and emotional bodies. Each emotion you have creates an energy flow of change within your mental and physical bodies and the physical body creates that same flow of energy to the emotional and mental bodies. We are discussing the colours and the aura within and around your body. Have you noticed how influenced you are by the colours around you? How certain colours are uplifting and others make you feel a little gloomy and tired? We have many energy centers within our bodies, but for this book I shall tell you of the main centers and their colours. The seven main rays of energy within your aura, which come from the seven main energy centers, and are continually within and around your body are the same as the rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Your centers, known as Chakras, which is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel are similar to wheels and they change their shading of colour and movement according to the vibrations and emotions within them. This is caused from past and present experiences because they relate to your body, mind and soul. The basic colours I am giving you are powerful healing colours for each center, so opening them and balancing them will enhance a healthy change within your bodies. Each colour has a vibration and vibrations have a sound so your centers have a sound to them. It is said that in ancient times the shades of colours and sounds within people’s auras were different to what they are now. This is understandable as our outlook on life and the world itself keeps changing. This article will give you a basic knowledge of the benefits of these colours, but it would take a whole book to tell you everything. Before each meditation, healing or spiritual reading I open my energy centers with my mind. Please remember that it is vitally important that you mentally close all your centers after each meditation so as not to leave yourself „open’ to other energies coming your way. To be uplifted by positive energies crossing your path would be great, but negative energies would enter your body through the yellow energy center (the center of your nervous system) and can drain you. Someone in great need could subconsciously draw your energy from you and you would be left feeling drained. Have you ever said something like this after being with someone: ‘Oh, she is lovely, but I feel so drained, she is exhausting to be with’. Have you ever met someone for the first time and instinctively known and felt that you don’t like them? I ask you again: have you ever felt someone behind you staring at you only to turn around and find it is so? You are picking up the energy vibrations of the aura they are sending out. Although I have only mentioned the positive healing aspects of your energy centers, remember that everything has a negative. That is why it is important to see the colours in your mind as bright and stimulating. This will create an inner healing and balancing on its own.

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