Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – What I am witnessing now is earthquakes, but on an enormous scale. The death toll will be as many as the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. Miriam (Dr Chang) – That is so. Geoff – That will be a major, major earthquake, it will be in the China region, and I am many miles up in the sky, and I am seeing these souls. Thousands of souls who are in limbo coming upwards, which is more symbolic, they are crossing over, they have died, and there are so many that spirit are just taking them as quickly as possible, and everybody is helping, and they are moving these people over to the appropriate places on the other side. But there are masses and masses. Miriam (Dr Chang) – And when that time comes you will be helping a great deal. Geoff – Yes, by directing and using energy from spirit, those that need to remain far away, because of the work I have to do, will send me the energy so that I can assist with this in large groups, I can cast the energy over huge groups, and what I seem to be doing is transmitting to these people in a way is like an anesthetic, to keep them in shock, so that they can literally wait to be processed. Miriam (Dr Chang) – A very good description, very good indeed, but that is quite right, it is like an anesthetic. But it has to come, the earth must be cleansed, the world, not just the earth, the whole world, evil has been progressing too fast. Geoff – All these thousands of souls passing over, I thought I would feel more happiness for them that they are going now to a greater life, but what is surrounding this whole thing is a lot of evil, a lot of these people will remain in limbo and go to different parts of the afterlife to learn and progress, and live in solitude and continue the dark side as they were learning, until they are ready to learn otherwise. And the deeper I go down towards this earthquake the more concentrated the dark energy is, it will be a collection of the dark energy brought from various sources around the world, like a huge octopus there are these huge tentacles going out, and all this dark energy is brought into the one area which will erupt. And it is a form of, their energy will be used against them, it is a turmoil that is boiling, that is getting out of hand, more and more dark energy is forcing itself in, until with the help of others it explodes within itself, and it creates this gigantic earthquake, which as you say is a cleansing process. Miriam (Dr Chang) – You have it correctly, you have picked it all up very well. Is it not said that in my father’s house there are many rooms, but not all are good, but they are there for a purpose. You are being taught to dwell and help more on the dark side now, for you are able to conquer your fears, and your faith is strengthening, and this is the way that you will progress for a while, but not all that you will have to do will be with the dark side, but you are being tested, and passing with honors. Geoff – I did realise one thing last week, that I have always had a tremendous fear of the dark side, but I know now it was a fear of the unknown, because now I have a better understanding of the dark side, and I used to think it was evil forces and demons, and Satan’s and God know what, and I now can understand what darkness is and it is not such a thing to be feared as the unknown is. So I was more afraid of what I didn’t know. Miriam (Dr Chang) – That is right, there is nothing so frightening as fear itself. Geoff – That’s right, and that was quite a relief to work that out. Miriam (Dr Chang) – But you have to go carefully in these things, you have to experience it. But you must put that out of your mind, for that is not going to happen yet, or rather put it at the back of your mind for the time being, there is much work to be done first. Geoff – Right, that has given me a feeling inside of, my vibrations have been lowered, now that I understand more to get out of this depressing feeling after seeing this earthquake, I will try and raise my vibrations and therefore attract to me happier vibrations and circumstances. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Yes.            

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