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THE CHANGES 4 – ENERGY   By SpiritutualDictionary.com

In this meditation, this is the fourth part of information received about the upcoming changes with the help of a guide called Teacher. Geoff – The next thing I have looks like a copper waste bin with a lid on top with a small gauge, where something has been burnt and there is just copper inside, it looks pretty out of place. If I go back a little bit there is a slope in front of this little cave going into what looks like an empty open cast mine, and everything is burnt. The rocks are burnt like there has been some volcanic activity, or a huge……………..it is something that happened a long, long time ago, the explosion that was there was created by this copper gadget. And it was done a long time ago, but the copper gadget is still there simply because people never go there. So I go back where the copper gadget is and I will feel it and see if I can learn more, inside is a multitude of colours and the colours create energy, the main colour is purple and there is a very, very light white green and they are luminous colours, there are lots of other colours, but those are the main two.  And this energy is forever moving. Miriam (Teacher) – And for what purpose do you think? Geoff – It was man-made, and put there to create huge surges of energy when necessary. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes, a bit like your healing basket, but for specific purposes. Geoff – Yes, so when there is for instance an earthquake, where there are several million people involved, this can be activated to send out a huge cloud of not natural energy, but man-made energy which spirit can then convert to do various forms of healing. It can be manipulated by thought as for instance when you bandage a wound, if a healer was in an area of say, ten thousand people, all with cuts and bruises, the mere thought would cover all the cuts with a healing barrier. Miriam (Teacher) – And now that you have that knowledge you know what you can do, but proceed further please. Geoff – Okay spirit would then carry on repairing the damages with the earthly helpers and they would as soon as they touched the person the barrier would fall away. So nobody would ever see it. Now the person who activates this is the person in charge of the whole planet, not just a country but the whole planet, because you only use this when things are – like in an emergency, because everybody has to learn lessons on all levels, and this is like a safety valve if things did get a bit out of control and there are too many dramas at once, then this would solve a lot of problems. Miriam (Teacher) – That is it. You will be in contact with others like yourself in the future, and you will remember where this energy is stored, but not for some time. Geoff – Right, now there seems to be another type as well, I am now in a valley where there is a black ball, very big, maybe twenty feet in diameter, and it is actually hidden inside crystal, they are showing it to me exposed, but it is inside crystal which is very thick, like super thick crystal, and this ball is also an energy. Miriam (Teacher) – There are so many different energies, hundreds. Geoff – Hmm, now the crystal itself is used to keep the energy in, it is not activated as I thought it would be, using the crystal, the crystal is here to act as a barrier to keep the energy contained until it is needed. In the case of a severe disruption, such as when the earth moves off its axis, this will then automatically be released and will hover above the planet, and it will be a link between spirit and the people, it is like a devise created by spirit that can link up with millions of people at once, and keep track of everything, because when the earth does move off its axis there are certain people who need to pass over and certain people who don’t. And this gadget will keep a track of them. Miriam (Teacher) – That is it, and it will need a tremendous amount of energy then. Geoff – The energy will be supplied by both parties, by spirit above and by enlightened people from below. Enlightened people from below will feed in the earthly vibration and in return the spiritual vibration can keep track of all the people. Miriam (Teacher) – The Golden Circle will have different types of energy to contact certain energies. You will be guided as to what is needed at any particular time, both you and Verna. Geoff – Oh I see, that makes more sense, so this ball of energy would send us a message saying we must do this and this and this. Miriam (Teacher) – That is it, a bit like reminding you which key you need at that particular time. Geoff – Okay, it will be there for some time to come after the event because it will help replant different areas, it works with divas, it will change the earth’s vibration, it will correct mistakes made when the earth goes off its axis. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes, it will help many things. Geoff – Yes, it certainly will, but as it has been created by really high spirits, it will always be under their control, it is guided by them. Miriam (Teacher) – Always. Geoff – I am now going North from where this huge black ball has been hovering in the sky, and as I go it gets bigger and moving North now all I can see is black in the ground. There has been one tremendous holocaust in this area, what has happened is the area has been totally stripped of all negative vibrations, it is not actually black, they are just showing it that way. So that we as spiritualists, part of the New Age can move into that area and start again from scratch, because every area has memory rods and vibrations which make people do different things, influence people, so now it has been made completely neutral again. Energy will be left there and it will be used by spiritual people to rebuild. Now there is a figure here, white beard and white hair that I will be working with, I have met him before, he is a guy from Norway, I can see Verna and I standing on his left side, as small figures, he appears as an enormous figure to show me how much power he has, he will be in charge of that whole area or territory, he is like the guardian of that territory. Miriam (Teacher) – I am glad you remembered meeting him, I think perhaps twice before. Geoff – Yes, he reminds me of Gandolf the wizard. At the same time that this takes place, there are going to be a lot of different people from other planets come to witness what is happening. Miriam (Teacher) – They will, yes. Geoff – I have just seen some of the most weird and wonderful characters, they will not interfere because they are not allowed to, they will help only if they are given permission by this Norwegian guy. They will all be there with their advanced energy, their advanced minds, and advanced civilisations, and it will be like a major lesson for them to watch and see how the new world takes place because this does not happen very often, in their lifetimes they haven’t witnessed anything like this before, so it is quite a major event. Things will change but the rate at which the earth grows and the new thinking is put in place will be a lot faster, minds will be able to expand, they will be able to spend more time thinking about redeveloping the area and their fellow friends, countrymen whatever, and spend more time on emotions, and no one will be, for instance, working on a job right in the beginning, it will create a new society where people are more in touch with each other than they are these days. It will create a very good bond between people, people will help others because money will no longer play a part, it won’t do for several years when it will be created again, during which time people will have learnt, and the value of money will only be used as a basic tool and not such a necessity as it is today, so life will be much happier and enjoyable. The new generation of children that are created from then – this is about 2030, will be very special children, and they will be more, they are being shown to me as more uniform in their thinking, there won’t be such a degree going from good to bad, positive to negative, on so many different things, there will be more balance. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes there will, much more balance. Geoff – And they will create literally, a new world. I haven’t really left that area, but what is happening now is a sheer wall of rock, a mountain with a gorge below all stone, and there is two small caves halfway up the rock and Verna and I are in one, I don’t know who is in the smaller cave on the left, but that is not important at the moment, but what we are doing is controlling and creating and building with our minds, with the experience that we have got and the energy that is available, we can do a lot of creating through other groups. They would form a circle to ask specific questions of the way to go, and Verna and I would answer them in meditation, and they would then put it into practice, and the way we work together is that Verna understands the people side, the emotions, a very deep understanding of people, and I handle the practical side, the power side, the energy side. That’s why we work so well together. Miriam (Teacher) – That is it, and you have done for many lifetimes. Geoff – Hmm, It is quite, I can see this so clearly sitting in this cave directing energies and thoughts between the two of us to all these different circles. And the colours are, the colour of the energy going out is gold and green. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes, a wonderful combination. Geoff – Yes, green is teaching and creation and gold is forming new things and a high form of energy. Okay now I have got one arm around Verna and we are both going upwards, much, much higher, we are now looking down at the total earth, and the earth has changed dramatically, we cannot see a huge area of blue which is the sea, and Africa and America and so on, there is an awful lot of changes, the oceans are much, much smaller, there are so many more islands, and these are brand new it will be a long time before they are habitable, because they have come up from the sea bed, but they are very clean and pure, things will start to grow on them and eventually, not for a long time, but eventually people will start discovering these, and it will be like Christopher Columbus all over again, but on a much more advanced level. Then they will start living on the islands, and you will have a lot of very small communities. Miriam (Teacher) – That is a very accurate description. Geoff – Where we are at the moment, looking down on the earth, Verna and I are together and we are still in earth vibration, we are surrounded by spirit, but those spirit all come from our learning lodge, our astral lodge, the Golden Circle over on the other side, and all the people watching us are part of our “team”, there are others like us from our lodge who are on earth doing the same thing in different areas, now we can watch the whole thing, and it is like stepping back once the job has been done. Watching the whole thing, and then instead of going back and dying, we simply turn around and walk straight to the other side, together. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes, isn’t that good? Geoff – That is brilliant. Now they are going to move back, because they don’t want us to walk back with them to the other side because it is too much temptation. (Laughs) Miriam (Teacher) – Not tonight, not tonight. Verna – So that is going to happen in this lifetime. Geoff – Yes. That is around 2030. All right that has now been closed, and the lesson is now finished with, so we will see if there is one more. I can see a form of hump in the ground with a T bar across the top like a seesaw, and it pumps up and down, and what it is doing is pumping air into a cavern below. I keep trying to go inside but the same thing is happening as before, there is a barrier there stopping me from going in. The people who are inside are, okay, when the earth does turn on its axis, a group of people will band together and bury themselves in a series of tunnels in the ground, in caves and possibly a mine, I am not sure, but they seem to seal themselves off from the rest of the world, and there is just this huge pump forcing air inside. Miriam (Teacher) – Are they a particular race or religion do you think? Geoff – It is a misled religion, who have been told that this is going to happen, and they have been storing food, and horses and whatever they will need to survive, underground. They have cut themselves off, it seems to be the Jewish race. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes it is! Geoff – They have cut themselves off completely, so they are not so much fanatics, but towards the end just before the change, their spiritual leader will start to teach this. And a select amount, not all the Jewish race, the high up ones, the elders, the teachers etc, they will take all their old scroll, manuscripts, history, possessions, all the main assets, if you like, of the Jewish race, and they will bury them in this mountainside, they have limitless amounts of money so they can build what they want, and it will all be done prior to the earth moving on its axis because for two years before it does move scientists are going to work out that this is probably going to happen, there is a great probability that it will happen, they won’t see the spiritual significance of it, they will guess at the damage it will do to the earth, but it is purely speculation. When that happens a lot of people will start making plans for this, that and the other, the earth’s financial state will go completely to pieces, as people try to buy land in higher areas, and sell assets and convert to gold and all sorts of things. The very wealthy groups of people like the Rockefeller’s will use all their powers that they have to change their money into gold, diamonds and tangible articles, as they know that currency won’t be any good, this will kill the paper currency market, and there will be financial problems for two years throughout. Miriam (Teacher) – There will. Geoff – It will create havoc amongst businesses as there won’t be a currency worth trading, inflation will just go absolutely crazy, people won’t want to buy businesses or homes simply because they don’t know what is going to happen, they will simply try to store goods. And there is a lot of hatred, fighting, injustices, the police departments are not able to control it, things get out of hand, there is attempted take-over’s, all the countries are in turmoil, and these are all lessons for different people, building up to the final change. Miriam (Teacher) – A lot of panic, a great deal of panic. Verna – It has started already in a way. Geoff – And it will be really a nasty two years. But when the event does take place, Verna and I will be quite safe, we will be protected, not just in a very unusual manner, which we will only find out at the time, but in a very unusual manner, by protected barriers by spirit and all sorts of things, as will your family. Verna – I wasn’t worried about us, I was worrying about Gary and Sharon. Geoff – They have work to do as well, and by that time they will be working. Now the area that we will be in is up in Norway somewhere, what I can see is, going downwards into the center of the earth is a sort of shimmering bright translucent light, it doesn’t have any outline, it is constantly moving, an energy source, and that is where we will be. That will keep that area preferable stable, while the rest of the earth moves, and shakes and vibrates and so on, it will have very little effect in that area, and certainly nothing damaging to the people that are there. And that is in the corner – it is around Oslo from what I can see at the moment. Miriam (Teacher) – Near enough, I don’t think you need worry about exactly where. Geoff – No, but it will be quite an amazing time. Miriam (Teacher) – Very traumatic for a lot of people, and you will have quite a lot of work to do. Geoff – Yes, I think that is all you want to show me. Miriam (Teacher) – That is all, do you not think that is enough? Geoff: Yes – more than enough for one night. Thank you      

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