Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

The concept of time

26th March 2022. In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Ok I am going to look at the concept of time. What we have been taught, is everyone is upstairs, it’s what you and I discuss, Sharon, is that when you crossover, you go up to heaven. It doesn’t exist up there, we are used to saying it and it is very easy to describe it like this to people when we discuss it. But over there is nothing, nothing physical, so it doesn’t exist. It’s almost impossible to describe, if you take the whole universe, no, I’ll try and put it another way… imagine a vast area of emptiness where there is nothing, we can actually go there and create everything, planets or whatever we want to. We can create it. So spirit, because they don’t have physical bodies, they are simply energy and they are thought.

S: There’s no space or place

They are not in a specific place, because if you imagine yourself now, being in England, being on the QE2, being in Australia, being on the moon, you can do that. And because thought is creation, they can do exactly the same thing as well. Now we are thinking of that while we are here and we are thinking of something over there. So they don’t need a place for existence because all existence is now.

 Now we know, we have done this before in meditation, all time is now. So that the past, present, future is all in one straight line. Now if that straight line were compressed into a dot, the whole of existence, of humanity, of everything could be there. Could be in one brain cell if you like. And again, I have been 70 000 years into the future, and, I think 30 000 years and 70 000 years, I can’t remember the 30. But I remember this other one where we were in the future and we were traveling and going different places and seeing different things and then the  guides said to me, “you have been traveling for a long way, astral traveling etc, how far do you think it is?”. And then they showed me a smaller, like a miniature universe that I could hold in my hand.

And they said we can put the whole universe in here because all we’re doing is thought, astral traveling, and everything else, and thought is creation, and just thinking of it, it doesn’t exist, but we are creating it in our minds. Everybody creates it and it is easy enough to create a scenario where everybody can exist. So we are all connected with one another, we don’t have to contact each other, we simply think of each other, and it is not just a matter of thinking of one person, you can think of 100 people and make contact with them straight away. So it’s far more advanced than what you experience on Earth.

S: And again it goes to our brain, because our brain can only actualize what we know, what we see and what we feel. So we think, our brain is our greatest limitation.


S: So the brain locks that in, whereas if we step out of the brain, you open up to infinite possibilities.

The brain is used for humans. But you have several bodies.

S: yes.

Do you think spirit has a brain?

S: No

It doesn’t, because it is all energy, it is all together in one. Every thought, every experience so far, is now compressed into one, which we can all tap into.

S: So everyone is just all around, everywhere.

When needed, yes. So if you want to relax on the beach, it’s simply you on the beach relaxing by yourself. And if you want a party immediately people are there. Don’t forget that people don’t have to be in one place at a time, they can be in several places at a time. So now it is getting very complicated compared to what you know on an earthly environment.

S: Confusing to our brains.

Not, no…. Yes it’s confusing to your brains here, but you must understand that in spirit you use just energy and create far far more and it is not our brain that limits us, it’s experience which limits us. Your brain on earth limits what you can imagine, and you’ve got to experience it to believe more. But here, we can imagine, it’s unlimited to what we can imagine, it’s unlimited what we can do. But our collection, or let’s say your  collection of your higher self is limited to the experiences that it’s had. So the experiences are on Earth plus all the different planets plus all the thoughts, and we are using each other’s. There are thousands of millions of trillions of things, of experiences that you’ve had, and you are still only part way up the ladder.

S: yes. Which is why we are continually learning.




S: and growing. And we don’t get bored.


So you learn down here in physical life, and you learn up here whatever you need to, in a lot of different dimensions.

S: Super handy.

Mmm. Now why do you think we are telling you this ?

S: To realise how it all works, to be aware of how it all works, to be able to help people more and to be able to use those energies more.

Exactly. The more you know, the more you can help and use and tap into that energy. So we are giving you more and more awareness and eventually more powers, more energy, to use more, and so on. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it.

S: It’s beautiful. Really beautiful.

G: They are saying that they will make a plan for you to visit. It’s funny, it’s like information pops in and out. Maybe it’s like this automated information.

S: yes.

Ok, this is somebody with a sense of humour. You’ve heard about all these energies on Earth etc, connecting up to all the planets. Now think of an energy that connects all the planets together. In between every planet is just energy flowing, so the universe as you know it is energy from one side to the other, what would you call that energy?

It’s easier than you think, there is only one person that can create all of that.

S:  God-like energy

God, simple. Can you imagine the size of it? All the different variations of energy on each planet, in each dimension, multiplied by universes, by Billions and billions and billions of galaxies, all together, it’s just way too much for the mind to comprehend. Nobody can imagine all of that because it is a collection of experiences from all the spirit that have been created, that have existed and lived many lives, and many different dimensions to date, all of that information is one.

Basically they are saying we just can’t think that far. Because you are adding past, present, time and then dimensions. It’s just waaay too much.

S: yes.

So, basically you are connected to all of it. In the beginning there was nothing. God created everything. That means everything that you can imagine is created, a 6-legged donkey, a flying pig, a whatever, all these things have been created, all can be experienced. And what you are doing, is you are experiencing and growing and evolving in many different ways. 


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