Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

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In this series of Meditations, various Guides channel through Geoff and Verna over several weeks, describing how the change will affect us, and what their plan is for the future. These channeling’s normally start with Geoff describing what he is being shown, and then at some stage the Guide takes over completely.  1997 Often the tenses are wrong because you go back and forth indifferent dimensions and time zones….. Geoff:    What we are going to look at tonight is various energy centers around the world, which were put into place many millions of years ago, and for a variety of uses, and a lot of these can be utilised by this change that will take place. First when I started out (seeing) this energy centre  – it’s a bit like a volcano with – instead of being cone-shaped, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, it goes straight down and one side of it is has collapsed – When this was built it was made out of rock and we will have a look at the inside workings in just a minute, but as we were talking earlier, you can’t help free will on earth (the damage) and what will happen – you don’t know what will happen.  People and evolved spirits on earth will be able to utilise the energy from this centre and they will also help to remove the damaged areas – like the boulders that have fallen into it – it’s like half a mountain has slipped into it – they will be able to remove the boulders and so on by using their minds, they are highly developed and they can use their minds, to literally levitate the boulders out of there. Spirit can’t do it but spirit can supply the power for the person\s who has free will and experience to get the job done. Now I will just go down into this one to see what there is. In the bottom left hand corner, now this thing must be half a mile wide, and at least half a mile deep – and one side is just boulders and rocks everywhere but in the bottom left hand corner is a very small lake and it is absolutely white – the colour of milk – it does not make sense at the moment but these things rarely do in the beginning – so I will go down into it to see what it is.  Immediately as I get there I see eyes.  Anyway this does not make any sense at all but I will carry on with what I am getting. I have got two big eyes like separate orbs, but they are alive – they are like two huge balls of energy.  I thought they might be memories but I could not be sure what it was.  Then I removed all the rocks and rubble to make it like it originally was and these two eyes were- like hovering around.  I then went up to the surface, to the top and these two eyes followed me up. We looked out over the terrain.  Now the terrain has changed an awful lot – it has gone back to an original time or years ago.  Directly in front of me is a huge gorge and its massive, but all the rock is black and as far as you can see it is black. There is no vegetation and I am going down to travel around to see what else I can see.  The rock itself is very new and clear, and does not hold any memories, and as I go down “through” the rock, there are no different chemicals or different types of rock, it is all one uniform rock. It is freshly made – there are no memories, emotions or vibrations or anything and as I go through from one mound to the next it is all still new and smoking……… and…. it was part of creation – part of the planet when it was just formed and as I go forward there are huge areas of molten lava and lots of steam.  There is no life anywhere at all.  I can’t even see any sea.  At this stage there is not any sea. This is the earth when it first began, just a huge ball. So we will come back to those two eyes in a moment. There is a huge ball of black……… and smoking and steaming.  And as no sea has been created yet – the sea is being created – what happens with all this steam is when cooling begins to take effect, the steam goes up, it’s trapped in outside layers creating rain, comes down again across a very flat area.  I can see an area from the North Pole to the South Pole.  I can see Africa and North America and it is just flat and barren.  This flat and barren area is the first to fill up with water, and obviously this takes a helluva long time to do.  And as it fills up with water everything evolves etc. The water then starts to run around through different channels etc and this is what builds up the other sea so it is showing me the Atlantic is where it started, and so the Atlantic should be much deeper.  They are saying, “No it is not quite right and yet it is”, but the earth has changed so many times since it first happened. There are eruptions where land comes up, and goes down, and changes all the time – but I am getting the overall picture of what actually happened. Now it is like I have my arms wrapped right around the earth and I can see and feel, and understand the aspects of what it is now and – I go back to where I was where these two eyes were and they seem to be up in the Tibetan mountains somewhere. Those two white globes are still there. Let me try and get into them, and feel them. This is the opening plan – OK – its memories, it is the opening plan for earth when it was created – when the planet was designed and it had to go ahead and grow and look after itself, there was so much information that it is kept in a certain area because as the planet developed so – different spirits developed to look after the planet, and they each take over and they move on as we do – but on a much higher level.  The original basic plan is kept in these two orbs of light.  All the memories of the beginning of the earth etc.  Now – that is how the whole thing started. As each main spirit comes down as the main “Overseer” of the earth, to look after it – with a sort of counsel or sub-management if you like……. As they work and create the results are kept, and the plan is slightly altered where they make corrections to the way things are going because of free will.  They have to keep changing different things so the planet is altered and the plans kept in different areas.  It is then broken down as we know into spirits looking after different Countries, towns and areas and those memories are also kept in different areas. What the main reason for all these different ones is that the spirit in charge of a country now can see the way that it has developed over many thousands or even millions of years, and needs to reflect back, and has an idea to change it and needs to look back to see if this change was done in the past – or what the results of certain actions were, so the information is kept in these different energy centers – and they are dotted all over the world. We know that there are Memory rods for what has happened in each area. And these Memory rods are accessible by spirit and also by people such as ourselves who can go to an area. They were used by many tribes over the past thousands of years sometimes knowingly, and sometimes they just sensed – it was just a gut feeling but actually they were tuning into a memory rod. So there is a certain layer upon layer of information, it is all about how the earth has progressed right from the very beginning. Going back to the mountains why they were so clean then, there were certain minerals, basic rock if you like was created and none of the other elements were created because all those elements which are a part of life had to evolve, so it was just plain basic rock. On a different level what we see kept in memory rods about overseeing the life on earth itself, the rocks themselves and the trees and nature keep the memories of the divas – of progression on that side of life, so that they can read the nature as such.  So when a diva looks upon an area it doesn’t go to a specific memory rod or energy centre, it looks at the whole terrain and reads the energy which contains the memory in each individual thing e.g. trees, rivers, rocks etc.  The information is always there. It is a bit like us looking at somebody’s aura being able to see the past auras as well so Divas do the same.  They see the aura of the whole nature area to see how it is progressing, and they can also look into the past, and check there is information there which helps them create or helps them assist in the creation of better areas. Now they are showing me the air itself being a means of communication. When something touches another, imagine a lot of identical shaped boards, say there are 100 in a row, if you touch one at one end, it can be felt at the other end.  Now it is the same thing with air. As something is created here, it can be felt anywhere if you have the right antennae if you like –  or had the right mind, to pick up that feeling, so information –  is sent – we are not talking about dimensions here we are simply talking about life on earth.  Information can be sent from one country to another literally, and read by nature spirits and divas… on the other side simply by feeling what is in the air.  Animals also use this instinct to feel things in the air, so that is how they can feel when to migrate, and what direction to go in, and that there is danger coming and all sorts of things. Now again we develop to a certain degree, animals do it in different ways, this learning cycle in animals where they use air to understand is forgotten when they change to humans.  At a later stage though, it comes back in so it is part of the things we experience as we develop. Many lives into the future we will be able to feel, read and understand what is in the air.  It is the same as what we are doing now through channeling and exactly what I am doing now, seeing into different dimensions – we will be able to do the same thing on an earthly plane and feel exactly what’s happening in different areas. We have discussed the red Indians who can go this and sense different things, it is just more – it is just a better quality than that. Just going into this “library” is a little bit difficult because I may have to translate what I see and it is difficult to get it in the right words (Especially tenses) in fact I think you understand what I am saying so far. Now I am above the earth looking down on the earth, there is a huge scab forming on one side.  This is, I can tell you roughly if you take the North Pole looking straight down from the North Pole and see Europe on the right and America on the left and then just move slightly to the right of the centre of the North Pole this is where this huge scab is forming, 4 or 5 times as big as England.  When the earth turns on its axis – what is going to happen is like a wedge shape there going down to the centre of the earth – which is going to be pushed out with the pressure – it is like you cut a wedge of cake and it’s like the scab gets pushed out so it sticks up, a long way – higher than any man-made building. Of course gravity keeps it from going all the way out and this is what is going to create the wobble in the earth. This is what is going to create a sudden change, Earth will give a sort of vibration and spin and its axis will change slightly and then it will slowly get in balance again and become a regular spin.  What happens will be quite catastrophic. Tidal waves of course will be created, the weather will be changed quite dramatically because I see winds going up to this area………… winds up in the jet stream literally hundreds of miles per hour which create whirlpools, which will take extremely cold weather to areas where it is normally hot.  We are talking about whirlpools maybe a thousand miles in diameter.  Parts of countries will be covered in water.  One side will be covered in water the other side will be raised up out of the ocean and there will be fresh lands there. The southern polar caps will – a lot of it will melt – the top one won’t melt as much  because that is protected by the huge wedge we were talking about, ………. So there will be far more water created down there……so there will be various cracks and fissures, which will appear running the length of countries – volcanic activity will create huge explosions.  And the main thing is that the whole energy gets interrupted dramatically.  I can see the very smooth energy of the earth itself going round and round in circles and humming along and the whole thing.  It suddenly has a big wobble and these vibrations shoot from one side to the other causing big explosions – it is very difficult to explain. They have of course a reaction on the people down there, both physically and on their senses the same way as we can sense the difference in being in a big city and out in the country.  The thing will suddenly hit a lot of people like this huge awakening, and they will feel this negative vibratory force come towards then which will shatter their own thinking, the “group thinking”, their whole areas thinking, and after that it will start to calm down, and that is when the changes will start to occur.   When this happens – these energy balls, memory balls that are in this dimension on earth – some, hopefully not many will be adjusted and moved and therefore become more inaccessible to mediums and spiritual people who want to use them …….very small percentage and they were saying it does not make an awful lot of difference…………just showing us what can happen. There will be a huge darkness  – a huge cloud of dark volcanic ash which will cover one side of the globe – about a quarter to one half of one side and that will stretch from the North Pole over north of America going right across to Russia – sort of down to Canada and New York  and that area.  That will take several months to settle and that will change an awful lot of climate and vegetation, and chemicals in the earth when you re-plant fields etc, and the sunlight going through the chemicals will be captured in the ground that comes from the sun – all sorts of changes will occur.  The adjustment out of this catastrophe – the first part – will be about 15 years. What does begin to emerge as we know is a new way of thinking for the right sort of spiritual people etc.  The main adjustment will take 15 years. One place which will be pretty much unscathed is Australia – it is just in the opposite place, to where this huge wedge will come out…..and therefore won’t be affected psychically – very little damage in tidal waves etc.  Very little damage. The people that are there will be isolated for a little while as there won’t be planes flying for quite some time, while people try to realise and adjust to what has happened.  They will feel a little isolated and therefore will progress for the few months or few years in a different way because they have not felt any affects. They will obviously be able to see through the normal media what has happened and because there is no immediate effect on that island, they will think of the whole thing differently, and they will therefore develop a little more differently than those who have been directly involved.  And their progress will help balance – you have to have that positive and negative on each side, so theirs is just slightly different, but positive which will help with the new age…… There seems to be no energy centers in Australia – I am seeing it to be very green and new and Australia was created as an addition after the first structuring of the earth.  It was not an island when it started it was pushed up later on.  They needed to experiment there after experimenting with different countries – one more island to carry on experiments because in those days there was no connection with ships to Australia, and I am talking about pre-caveman days – and they did not make any provision for energy centers or memory centers, not really big ones to control the earth – there are however much smaller ones for local events. That seems to be all on that particular subject.  It is suddenly closed off. Maybe somebody wants to channel

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