Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

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In this series of Meditations, various Guides channel through Geoff and Verna over several weeks, describing how the change will affect us, and what their plan is for the future. Although we know the approximate dates, I think it best that we do not publish them for now. These channeling normally start with Geoff describing what he is being shown, and then at some stage the Guide takes over completely – 1997 Geoff: I am trying to interpret what he is saying the best I can.  I can see what he is saying it is just very difficult to put across. Ok – it is to do with the change and after the change happens certain things that are done afterwards.  When the changes start to occur we know that this will be over a three year period and a lot of things will have to come into place at once, they can’t all be perfect, so there are sort of contingency plans for what will happen directly afterwards – a sort of “mopping up” operation for the earth afterwards.  What I am seeing now is the view from various Spirits all based in the mountains above Tibet, that is basically where the earth energy is going to be sent out from –  to do with a particular change. Ok – there will be major things happening like earthquakes, the tilt of the Earth on its axis etc etc. Leading up to that will be lots of natural disasters which will move people from one area to the next so that when the actual tilt does occur, the lost souls, or those who need to be, can be sent back, and some will “lead” a more understanding group of people on this earth.  Now as I am saying there are so many different and various aspects to this that you cannot do it accurately, so there is one spirit in charge of each group of people. When it comes closer to the time, people will be divided into groups – as like attracts like so it is the same with energy, and if you can imagine a town full of people, you will see that these people will move into specific groups where more than 90% are one group and 10% are the other. In each group there are 90% good and 10% bad or vice versa. Now it is predicted or planned that those who have not learned the correct lessons be sent back to re-evaluate,  and some will come back for a different life in the future therefore leaving just the “better” group of people on this planet to continue, and to develop it in a more loving manner.  So when some groups are wiped out afterwards – actually wiped out is such a bad term, we all know where they will be going and why all this takes place, so there is actually no need to believe that these are evil people simply those who have learnt lessons, but because of the free will on this earth, have been forced by the social groups to doing the wrong thing. As I was saying, these small groups can be sent home by small effects of nature, such as a tornado for example will go down a path and simply send home all those negative souls that got in the way. Now all this has to be directed by a whole variety of people. And where the earth energy is based is in the north of Tibet, in the mountains where for years energy has been stored for such an event such as this.  You know yourself that spiritual energy cannot be used directly to earth, it has to be changed into earth energy, and over the years each time we meditate, and spiritual energy is converted to earth energy, a small portion is taken and stored in these mountains for this particular purpose. The energy is directed and sent out to cover all areas of the earth, and those spirits in charge of a specific area can then draw on whatever they need to accomplish whatever they need to do.  They work as you can imagine very much in conjunction with divas and with nature, because natural disasters are the simplest to create the effect needed. Apart from nature, another method is to use emotion – you know that a group emotion can be “created” by a group, it can be directed by a group to an individual or can be directed to a smaller group of people, who do not have so much energy.  For instance you could put into the atmosphere the energy or emotion of hatred, jealousy and war.  These are not so much used by spirit, they are simply used to start where that energy can be drawn in and the groups will naturally draw in that energy – you simply have to make the first spark and then the people themselves will fan the flames and they will, or can destroy each other. I talk of this as if I am powerless but you will see that this is not true. If you could see the overall plan obviously you would understand the reason behind all of this. But because it is something which is not done too often, it cannot be spoken of in polite terms. We ourselves draw energy from many other areas.  This event which is about to take place on your planet is only one small event in the millions of universes, as you know them.  We draw energy from many other universes and many forms of energy as you can imagine but these other planet’s universes, lives and dimensions are all part of one overall plan – and our future here on earth will affect – or can affect many many others.  So in the other planets’ minds’- groups of people are all learning on one hand, and helping on the other to create a better environment for all of us. The advanced groups will look back and learn, and those that have not yet developed at this stage may only see a very small portion but it will sow the seed in their culture so they may not make the same errors.  So there are many groups of people who will be learning from this one experience, many groups indeed. What is left behind after this transaction takes place is a surplus of positive energy as against what will be for a time, negative.  Now this positive energy will now be available for many people and groups to use and it must be used in the right way. Those who do not know what will happen, it is difficult to express – let me start again – there is much energy which is going to be on this planet in various forms – and outside life-forms if you like, those more advanced than this society will be able to direct the energy through the people that are teaching after this change. Each person will of course still have free will, but as the change takes place, and also leading up to the change, there will be lot more openness of what you term spiritual development. There will be far more people looking into it, far more believers closer to the time so when the events start to happen it will create these groups of positive people, of understanding people, more people will search for the truth –  so afterwards you will be left with these pockets of people (still with free will) but they will have a far greater understanding, and they will then be able to teach on a far more positive note and will get far more acceptance –  willing students from those that have seen what has occurred. It will be used very much more after the change. People’s immune systems are getting weaker and weaker because of the various poisons which are produced on this earth.  The body absorbs – we see many toxins and poisons on earth as being the various killers and germs and disease, but again you are only looking at one dimension – you are looking at an earthly dimension and only looking for earthly diseases.  Of course in energy there is disease as well – as you have been led to believe that all energy is positive energy but of course energy can be used in a negative way. There are different dimensions and different forms of energy where there are negative diseases. We call them diseases because this is the easiest way to understand them so far, these negativities can be on a spiritual, and on an earthly level – and those who are left behind will have the knowledge to remove “diseased energies” as such, is probably the best term.  In different areas there will be different forms of diseases.  Diseases that you know of now such as AIDS, obviously will come to a very healthy conclusion in the end, there are diseases which can affect the mind, there are diseases that can affect energy that spreads very quickly from person to person. People that are left over in groups will get together.  The financial side as you know does not make any difference.  The groups of people who have been left behind will all think the same way – they will all be very loving towards one another.  And if you can imagine just after a major event, with a group of people left, you will find the majority of those people are spiritual or those who are inclined towards spiritual understanding, or those that can develop into it. Those people will create a group energy which is very positive and very loving. But can you imagine if you will a valley, there were no houses or whatever just a few trees left and this group of people.  The group of people then start to let’s say build homes, plant flowers, vegetables etc. What they will create around them is a very positive energy force and those coming into that force will instantly be able to recognise it.  So what will happen is that there are the people with the right energy and right frame of mind will be drawn into these circles. Those who have energies of a negative nature will automatically turn away. And therefore they can be isolated.  Those who can be changed, from negative to positive will enter into one of these energy circles where the  people and their new loving understanding way, will be able to convert the negative person to understand what is right and what is wrong – in other words they will teach.  They will have such confidence and will project such loving energy that the person will understand this and be able to convert. But as we have said, you will still have free will on earth and you will still have free will to convert whether or not you want, but these are events destined to be in place and will be in place but you will still have free will to do with them as you wish. If you can then imagine an extension to this, we cannot have too much positive, there must also be some negative so that you that you have a balance, otherwise if you just had the one positive without the other then the negative or positive cannot be seen, it will simply be neutral. These areas of energy will start to expand and as people travel they will take the energy with them along different paths, they will put them into nature, into trees, into mountains, and wherever they travel this positive energy will follow.  The few negative energies that are left will be moving in between the major positive centers but they will always be there, the negativity will be small but we cannot do away with it all together because it is needed to teach. New spirits who come down to live lives in the new era can still be born and move into a negative way, because they still have to learn. There are many who still have to learn so even in a very positive new era there will still be and always must be negative people. You will then find there is a very big change.  If you look at a scale now and if you have 50% positive on the right and 50% positive on the left you have a balance – now this is not to say that is what it is but you must always have a certain balance.  Now if you change it to 90% positive and 10% negative, the balance will be a little different because so many people are very positive and understanding and so on.  But when something negative is done it will seem like a very very major thing – a major crime – a simple theft of a bag of sweets or whatever will seem to be a very major crime.  What you are experiencing now in this country (South Africa) is an awful lot of crime and the crime has become almost the norm, you have grown to accept it and live with it although it does of course worry you and influence you, but it is just the way it has been. If you take a different country that maybe you have been in perhaps 10-20 years ago – you can see a vast difference when you look back. But when you live with it all the time, you just accept it as being there. Going towards the change over the next several years, this crime will increase in certain sectors, and in most sectors the crime will be combated in smaller areas but in general will increase.  Now you will be looking at the majority of the scale being crime and the minority being the positive. Then what will happen is that the negative element will see the positive element as being very very strong – an exact reversal of the situation afterwards. Some of these positive people will be persecuted which is understandable but others will be there to teach very strongly and will convert the lesser of the negative people in time for this particular change. The development where they are learning more about living, survival and living in harmony than the stage you are at now as humans, and thinking on a far more advanced animal plain. This does not affect the animals too much – they will feel the positive and negative energy from the two opposing forces during the time of change and that will be one of the things they will learn apart from that they will not being affected too much. When the change takes place it is a very good opportunity to redistribute the balance of nature to where it will be needed.  These animals of course being so much closer to spiritual life than you are, in as much as they can see through various stages in their life, see into our dimension very comfortably, for them death and coming back to the life of their development is no problem – it is desired if you like by them so that they can get onto the next level.  So it does not affect them all that much.  Others will learn again the negative side of being killed during destruction by nature etc. but this is only a minor lesson before they progress to the next stage.  You will find that the majority of animals which are close to humans living with humans when the changes occur, will be those who are almost ready to take on their first human form which will be done after the change. They will be learning the final stages of what they learned during animal life and they will feel the severe positive and negative forces surrounding them during the time of the change. It is interesting to learn as well that as animals have a group mind, a herd of cattle for instance, will have a group mind apart from their individual minds and this group mind will develop as well as the individual.  Cattle that are kept by farmers are not really a good example. If we can take a herd of buffalo living in the wilds of Africa – there are amongst them those who die along the way and those who are born and this is all part of a group memory, and so when the change takes place, a lot of animals will be killed and new ones will come in after the change and therefore making the group mind an awful lot stronger.  It is like a herd is being culled and fed with stronger animals – the same group energy with memory – so much is taken away and new improved memory is brought back here in a far more positive way during the change. Those that look after the birth of animals in groups will, as we do, not require the animals or group mind to interbreed, they will take parts of another groups mind or herd, add here and subtract there and on the whole make the balance and the energy in that particular herd as best it can be, the best quality animals if you like, this is all part of breeding – breeding of the mind. Again when the change takes place a lot of history will be uncovered.  You see what we have to bring into the equation is the answers that people have been looking for, for so long – not all of the answers but just some, on one side you have history as you have just been watching with Stonehenge (A recent meditation) and so on – and that was one particular religion which changed so many times over the centuries, (and so will different religions) and as they used Stonehenge their thoughts and their religions changed quite dramatically. On the other end of the scale you have aliens and alien forms – advanced spirits and advanced souls, UFO’s and all that sort of thing. So these will be opened up and over a period between now and after the change, you can see these are already beginning, more and more things are coming to light – more and more things are being discovered, more parts of the jig-saw will actually fit into place to give you the complete picture of the new world to come. There will be, as we know more pyramids discovered and information in these pyramids which will be very valuable to historians to understand life in those particular days. They will have very solid proof of what happened in those days over many many centuries, but for the public to believe it will take an awful long time.  But it won’t be just one thing like the pyramids, there will be other things happening and with all of these things coming into the energy, all the negative on one side, all these new things on the other side, and of course positive energy as well it will be a very confused group of people for some time as the changes take place. What emerges, are people that understand.  They will think they understand or they will be at a stage where they will be understanding over the next 10-20 years.  People will form the groups to take all of us on this earth through until the next era. I have just connected with the library (This is a Spiritual library of information  that we have been able to tap in to lately) and Chup (A Tibetan guide) is here and he is explaining – What happens during what I have just been doing –  is that my mind is connected to this group library.  You have got to understand that what is in that library is a whole collection of thought forms that have been put together and shared. – it is like lots of authors writing a book and that is why at some stages it will seem as if I was talking and at other stages as if spirits were channeling- it is my mind reading what was up there. When somebody writes something with such intensity, the translation automatically becomes as if it was the author talking for that – he just wanted to clarify that. He is standing outside of sort of a monastery and he is very happy and very content because he will be going through this whole change as part of his learning. But he is very happy and comfortable with the change and all the things that are happening, he is very happy with groups like us who are learning with his help and very humbly he says, he is just a guide to point us in the right direction but also that he loves to see us progress and it is very gratifying to him to see each one of us reach the next stage in development.  He has included Steve (A new member of our group) in that.  He likes to see us in the next stage of development and what is going on.  I can actually see the different levels etc which is excellent. He is going to leave us now and there is lots of love, and he is saying that there are so many people, mediums and so on and when they close, they close with “I leave you with God’s blessings” and this sort of thing, not necessarily mediums but all sorts of people, he said that when you say something with love, it does come from God anyway and the level he works on as a spirit is just another very small “tentacle” of God and when they project love it comes from God anyway – it is accepted amongst spirits and you don’t have to say this is directly from God, this love just “is” –  and it is something we will know now and in the future. And he says his goodbyes and thank you  

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