Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This one was done in meditation one night where we have a guide called White Feather and we are just allowed to ask questions. This is one of the questions.
Geoff:     I was told recently of another energy center which is towards the back of the head behind the crown chakra. Miriam(White Feather)You have been told about this before – a long time ago. Have you forgotten? Geoff:     Oh, yes, but I can’t remember it – I know it was always said…..then we found another one on the chest – a light blue one for healing and now I’ve been told of one on the back of the head and what I was told was – if you go into meditation and concentrate on this energy center you will see – it’s like somebody having a light behind you and it gets brighter and brighter – it’s a direct connection to your higher self? Geoff:     It is so for some people but not all people can tap into that energy. You can try and see and I must say you have developed remarkably well but it does not happen for everyone. Geoff:     Okay – thank you, I’ll try that.

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