Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation a visitor (who is not in spirit) channels through Miriam (1997) Miriam (Thysic) – Good evening to you Luke – Good evening, welcome Miriam (Thysic) – This is my first try at what you call channeling and it was a little difficult to understand that I could come within another body and speak through these folk. It is very strange but I have plenty of help from the spirits around me. I am not of your earth, my planet is very, very far indeed and I am not in spirit hence the hesitation of getting here, I have done a great deal of traveling, but not this distance. I am well beyond anything you can see in your solar system, and beyond I think your last speaker, they tell me was beyond your solar system. It is very difficult to visualise the distance, but as I said I have done a great deal of traveling, but this is my first attempt at speaking. Not only did I have to do this, but my vocal chords are entirely different, for I am nothing like you in shape. We are a very highly developed species, but the covering that we use, as you use a human body, is something, I am asking for a likeness, it is something like your gorillas they tell me, but of course we are upright and the outer covering is mainly for protection from the heat and also the rough mountain ranges that we have and where I live. When I said that our vocal chords are different, we do not speak as you do, we are telepathic, but we do have slight calls or sounds that we use at the beginning for the young ones. Now our reason for inhabiting this planet is to see, and this is done in various different planets, new or old, is to see if they can be re-cultivated for habitation of a different species. I am getting used to this speaking now, it is getting easier, and the reason for that is some planets do eventually not die out, but their habitat is insufficient to feed and clothe the inhabitants and if it is a species that is to be protected and not allowed to die out, it is quite often more feasible to re-cultivate another planet than to take the inhabitants to infiltrate with another species, if you can understand that. And that is the reason why I and my companions have been in this planet for the last thirty to forty years, when we are trying different ways of increasing the food growth, the food that will be needed and also what will be needed to provide food for the feeder, if you understand, rather complicated, but you know that everything is a chain that, well not everything, but we all depend upon something, not necessarily in the meat line, but we depend upon something to feed us, and that something has to have something to feed it, even if it only some minerals in the ground. And that is what we have been doing and transporting what is necessary from another place, some from the original planet, but mostly new and purer in order that the species will continue to thrive and progress. Now I said it is very hot, and very hot it is indeed but there are lots and lots of trees which we find shelter, and we could of course had a harder outer covering, but this covering that we have, this hair, is very similar to the inhabitants that will be using this planet, and hence that is what we chose to have. But we are able, as you see, to travel great distances without being in spirit and therefore we can go about our duties much quicker. This is not the first planet that I have been involved in, to rehabilitate other species, there are so many, many planets that are new and have had no life, and there are also many who are eventually disintegrating or are becoming so over crowed that the inhabitants are in danger of dying out, so this process goes on for many, many people such as myself. In number there are about 5 or 6 hundred, and we are all qualified in various degrees to be able to fulfill this task, it may be the soil, the water, the air, the trees but we are all specialists in our field in order to make this a success. And we have not had any failures as yet, in the planets that we have re-cultivated as yet, or made ready for re-cultivation, for we do not wish the new inhabitants to take over completely, they have to work at it, but the beginning and the foundation for them must be there. I do hope in the future, now that I have got used to speaking again, oh yes I have done this of course in many other lives, but it is just in the past few years then I have got out of the habit of this type of talking. But I do hope to be able to give a clearer picture of the work that we do in some future date when there will perhaps there will be many more who will be interested in the different inhabitants of the many, many different planets that there are in the universes. I know of many but still don’t know of all for I think those that do know all have reached the time when they have no wish to return to any physical work but instead do their duty behind the scenes as it were. For their power then is so immense that they could not mix with the likes of myself even or you. My name is Thysic, and that is the name by which I will be known when I return in the not too distant future. In size I am about the same as yourselves, a little taller but not much, so I say goodbye for now, thank you for listening. Luke – Thank you for coming Miriam (Thysic) – I am only thankful that you made me so welcome, for there are many who are so called mediums but are afraid of something that they cannot visualise, anything outside of what they have seen or read about, and if they were to see some of the creatures and different shapes of other planets then they would be really shaken and many would not believe, but after all why should there just be one species of the creator. There are so many thousands and thousands of different living beings. I say goodbye for now. Luke – Thank you for coming.

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