Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


ASTRAL HEALING -YOUNG TIBETAN FUTURE LEADER CALLED SOO – 1990 In this meditation, Geoff is assisted by John who is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – I wasn’t sure whether the boy going was the same as the one I have just seen, which is like a Tibetan or Mongolian child, somewhere from the Far East, with a very round, shaven head. Miriam (John) – Tibetan Geoff – Yes a tiny tuft of hair in the center of his head, well dressed, obviously comes from one of the higher families, and there is a very old spirit who is this boy’s guide.     He is a future leader in Tibet, he will be very high, and the old man has brought him to us as part of his teaching so that he can see and understand that communication is possible through telepathy and that there are circles like this worldwide. I think he travels, he is traveling in astral at the moment, which is something that he can do, and he is no more than twelve years old. His future is very high spiritually, he must lead Tibetan people, the lessons he has to learn are very, very compact, an enormous amount of lessons in a short space of time, this is all pre-ordained, he is a high-up spirit and he has come down to assist his nation. And instead of going through hard karma lessons, he has merely come down, is being taught loads and loads of lessons very quickly, his path is very smooth, he is being prepared for something he must do in the future, which is of great importance to Tibet. He is greeting you mom, and you dad and he knows of Verna, and is sorry she is not here, and now wishes to say something direct to me, which I must listen to. We have formed a link between him and myself, this includes this circle or wherever I may sit in the future, this link is in preparation of a network of cells around the world who will link up on future dates, not on a regular basis, it will be a system that is there. If you can imagine hundreds of thousands of these cells all around the world, and when power is needed for some specific task such as helping with the Gulf War, a leader like our friend here will be, can tap into this network through telepathy, and we will connect to others, so that all the energy can be channeled in one direction. That is what he is being trained for. It will be some years, twenty or so years until this comes into practice, but over those twenty years we will communicate many times and start to build up an energy and communication. He is known as Soo, and he has other people to visit tonight, and he gives thanks and blessings and God’s love to all of us in this circle and it will be some time before he visits again, but he says know full well that this bond has been completed, it is now established, and you must forever keep it in your mind, for when it will be used, it will be such a strong power that between us all we can achieve near miracles. His guide which is a very wise old Chinese guide is bowing and gives us thanks for letting him and young Soo come into the meetings, and they will be on their way and also gives God’s blessings. Miriam (John) – But we think these two will be on our side helping you when that happens. Geoff – Yes, I think so. Was that all correct? Miriam (John) – That was quite correct, and the old man you have had before, once before he brought someone from Tibet. Geoff – Yes, I remember. That is quite something, I can see what is happening, what they are establishing, and how much work they still have to go through before the main work can actually start. Miriam (John) – Yes that is what we have been telling you, there are many places like this, many circles and they will all unite one day, not necessarily regular as you say, but the presence and the power will be there to be called upon when needed. And it will be needed unfortunately. Geoff – Yes, that is something that is going to happen to the earth and this is why this whole system is being set up. Miriam (John) – Yes, that is why.

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