Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



By Traditional Healers I mean Medicine-men, Shamans, Witch Doctors and the like. Living in South Africa the ‘Traditional’ healers are the local Africans. They mainly ‘throw the bones’ to diagnose a patient and can prescribe anything from an herbal remedy to sacrificing a goat. In the beginning there were 2 types of ‘Healers’, those that used herbs and natural products, and those that used energy. The North American Indians had a Medicine man that would cure mainly with herbs and natural products, and often would use Energy. Either knowingly or not. If you ‘love’ someone you are giving them energy. Take a Mom who cuddles her child that is giving love, which is energy. So you are ‘Unknowingly’ giving energy. When you see a starving child begging in the street, and your ‘Heart goes out to them’ that is sending energy too. But don’t make the mistake of giving them pity, that is a negative energy. Healing energy is created by the ‘desire’ to heal for most people. As you learn about Spiritual healing you understand the different ways, but it all starts with the ‘desire’. The stronger the desire the more energy you can give. So it is understandable that a Mom can give more energy (initially) to her child than a perfect stranger. So when you take a North American Indian Medicine man, he is used to giving and healing. He will probably then connect with Spirit (again knowingly or not) and his intuition or gut-feel will improve as he tries to give more. Spirit can connect with him, and improve his gut feel, and also nudge him in the right direction as to a correct diagnosis. This giving soon expands to a basic hands on healing. By giving he is drawing energy from Spirit, and passing it across to the patient. Spirit knows what energy is needed, and how it is to be used. The Medicine man is merely a channel for that energy, and converts it from Spiritual energy to Earth energy (Spirit cannot send energy direct as it interferes with free will amongst other things, it always has to go through someone on Earth) As the Medicine man sees the results, he ‘Believes’ more, so his faith is increased and he can then channel more powerful energy. If the Medicine man understands Spiritual life then he can talk directly with his healing guides and do even more. Now you can understand the Red Indians ‘Talking to their ancestors’. Now look at that same tribesman when the Witch Doctor says, ‘Your headache will go away’… In most cases it will go away, simply because the tribesman believes it will. So your traditional healers can work in different ways, and do not always understand why or how a patient is healed. One last thought is a trigger. Let’s say a healer is taught to ‘Clap his hands 3 times to summon the spirits’ before healing. He will then believe that this is what is needed. It is not. It is merely a trigger that he believes will initiate the process. That is why some throw bones, and some summon their Ancestors or sacrifice a Goat. Let me finish with a story about the newly wed who made her husband roast lamb for the first time. She broke the bone and folded it across the joint. She asked her mother why she had to do that. Her Mother said, ‘That was the way I was taught’ so let’s ask the Grandmother. The grandmother said exactly the same, so they all went to the great grandmother, who replied: ‘Because I had a small oven.’

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