Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation, the Guide channeling through Miriam is Ishmael.
Geoff: I am on a hillside, and there is a little white dog, which we will take up the hill and this little dog digs in burrows to flush out badgers, and all sorts. This is certainly not something I would do in this lifetime. This little white dog has gone into a hole, and it’s been killed…           I know that. I started to feel that I didn’t like this at all, because I hate this sort of thing, but suddenly it has changed. I have gone into the hole and am now with the badger that killed the dog- Seeing it from the badger’s point of view. There are two children outside that let this little dog in here. They are now very concerned. I know they will start digging very shortly, and the badger will die a horrible death. He is being persecuted, or he is being hunted, but he is a very peaceful creature, and lives in a peaceful environment, but humans to it of course are danger. I cannot see the significance of this lesson at this stage, unless I am blocking it because I do not like incidents where animals are harmed. Guide: You are Geoff: Well, I will concentrate on unblocking it, as I have to learn. I can see the Badger being dragged out by an implement, which looks like a steel claw. It’s an instrument that they use to drag badgers out of burrows. The Badger is going frantic, and suffering, and they then club it to death. This lesson is what is going with the children- the fear, negativity, trauma, stress, the pain and so on that was surrounding the badger and the dog, has now gone with the children. Because of what they did, it has attached itself to them.   This is to do with Karma! They have committed an act, which has created a negative, and they must now do something or experience something positive to get rid of that, so that they can experience both sides. So when any act is committed during a lifetime, it attaches itself to a person –as a record, and all these records must eventually balance, it attaches itself to the mental body of the person, and is carried from one life to the next. Guide: Unless a deed is done that can wipe it out in that particular lifetime Geoff: Yes, so you will always be in credit or debit. You will always be in both, as there are so many different types of experiences, and you react differently to each one, and it is only through gaining more experience that you learn what the truth really is. People carrying a burden on their back- there is more to that saying than meets the eye, because that is all their karmic debts that they must pay. A very valuable lesson. Now because of their karmic debts, it does not mean that the opposite has to happen to correct a debt. If there is an understanding, if those two in later years get an understanding of the pain and suffering that they have caused the badger and the dog, it is simply the matter of understanding that will correct that Karma. Guide: And trying to help someone else in the same situation as they were in, and whether they succeed or not is not the point, they tried. Geoff: So their ‘Way of thinking’ has been improved. The more you develop, the stronger the lessons become. Because you get into an area where you have never had the experience before, like group lessons and so on. And that is why you must experience those things. So as you get to that stage, it is not a matter of just learning, it doesn’t become a hard lesson each time, the lesson is – just that you accept it easier. So lessons don’t become harder the higher you get. They are stronger lessons but because you understand them better they are not so hard.

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