Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – Now I am getting a wooden sailing ship next to a huge ice berg, it is at the North Pole, I can feel the weather, it is freezing cold, freezing drizzle, ice is forming everywhere, and we are in this boat next to this huge mountain of ice, the sails are down, it is too cold to continue at sea. And this boat has taken refuge behind this huge ice berg, there are no waves here, it is out of the wind, but it is bitterly cold, freezing, and the ship is beginning to ice up, and the water surrounding the ship is beginning to freeze and before long the ship will be crushed and all lives lost. Below decks I know there are many people, not a lot left at the stage that I am seeing, around twenty five people, and I am seeing the ship, it is crushed on its side but hasn’t actually sunk. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Not yet. Geoff – It has been crushed, pushed on its side and the remaining people are left in one room, the main room on board the ship, there is no fire, they have been without food for several weeks, and they are all in a state of near death, about to pass over, slightly delirious, can’t understand, but the cold is the worst thing, so, so cold. Miriam (Mr Wu) – And your purpose for being there? Geoff – I can see the bodies beginning to freeze as frost forms inside the room, and life is fading rapidly, and on one end of the room is a spirit with a robe on and the robe is a pinkish beige, orange color, very difficult to describe, and the spirit is watching over the death of these people. The spirit is also me, and as each one passes over, as each physical body dies, I take it and with the body still asleep as such and help pass it over to the helpers at the other side. One of these men is Verna. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes, I am glad you picked that up. Geoff – And this voyage taught them courage and adventure and togetherness, and it was a valuable lesson for Verna in that she/he got to live with a group of people for three years and get to understand them and their emotions and reactions to various things, it was a very hard lesson and Verna died without a true love in his life. He was also around mid twenties and it was a short life, but for a specific reason, which was to learn about people and especially to learn about people in circumstances like this, how they could form a group energy, an energy of courage and determination and positive thinking and so on. Miriam (Mr Wu) – And is she not also learning that now? Geoff – Yes, definitely. I was the guide to Verna for that life for we are linked together the two of us. Miriam (Mr Wu) – In many lives. Geoff – Yes, and she wanted to experience that, which she did and I remained as a guide throughout and helped them all pass over. Of which she was one of the last. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes, not an easy task for those that you love. But one that you undertake willingly. Geoff – Yes but one thing I feel, as the spirit of that time, watching Verna lose her life and suffer, I can feel the emotion that that spirit feels, which is nowhere near the emotion that should happen in human life today, simply because I understood the task that she had undertaken, and I am filled more with pride that she achieved it the way she had intended. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes and remember you were in spirit and had already learnt to conquer your emotions. And therefore the feeling was different. Geoff – Yes that’s right, and that feeling I am feeling right now and it is an impossible feeling to describe. An emotion that we have never before experienced on earth. Right? Miriam (Mr Wu) – Quite right – that was good

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