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VIEWING MISJUDGED ITEMS. By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation one of my guides is channeling through Miriam and showing me some very unusual objects. Geoff – I have in front of me something very strange. It looks like a chest of draws with many, many, many, drawers in it – lots of little drawers, each one the size of a postcard. What seems to be flapping around this is something which looks like evil spirits, negative intentions or whatever. That’s what it portrays, but it is not. It is something which just looks like that. This is a box of memories – I don’t know from whom at the moment. This is where people have seen something, and assumed that it is bad when in actual fact it is not. Guide: Yes. Geoff – And they have stored it here. It looks a bit like an “odd box”. It has no real value but whoever collects the thought forms, memories, sort of puts all the unusual things in here for people like me to look at. Guide: And themselves – they test you. Geoff – And each one is something which it is not. Very clever that. We’ll have a look in some of the drawers and just see what we can see. The first one is a pair of forceps, which you think is going to be painful. But if they use forceps on you to remove a rotten tooth, it’s for the good. Guide: Yes. Geoff – And, we’ll have a look at another one. There’s a long spike – it looks like a chromium spike about 9 inches long. Can you imagine that sort of piercing your flesh? Guide: For what reason? Geoff – It looks like something that’s going to pierce your flesh and hurt but it is not. It is too … aligned – it’s a mechanical joint. Is that right? Guide: Yes. Geoff – Alright. The next one we have a gadget that looks like giant nut crackers. They’re semi-circular. Giant nut crackers with a semi circular shape on the end so it can crush. I immediately think of getting my fingers crushed in something like this. Guide: The old fashioned thumb screw or…. Geoff – A nasty bit of equipment anyway, but what it is used for is crushing something like a large wart. Guide: Yes. Geoff – Crushed to zero. That was fun. Okay, now let’s look at the things on the top that are flapping around like evil little bats. They were the most evil aspect of this box. And they look like, close up, they’ve got tiny little paws and they’re like little fruit bats – flying squirrels! , that’s what they are and they’re so cute. Close up they’re so cute. Lovely little things. Right – well, that was an interesting box. Guide: Very interesting.

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