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In this meditation a “visitor” channels through Miriam. 1996 Miriam – You have had many speakers from different planets and dimensions, and I am indeed a very, very old soul. Many lives have I spent in the different planets, many different forms have I taken, and many years, your years have I spent in spirit, but I have within me a great love of travel and as I am so capable of traveling in many ways, then that is what I have been doing for some time now. I can cast my votes ahead and travel as you would call astral projection while being in the physical, but that is only a temporary basis for I am mostly in spirit, but it may be that I am in the physical in order to contact someone and they are not able to be in communication with me unless I clothe myself in a physical body. Not necessarily the same as yours but you know what I mean. But for the rest in spirit then I can wish myself so very, very far. There is no one I think in the physical who has any idea of the vastness of creation. It is so gigantic and yet I can be in a short distance or a long distance for I travel from the center of the universe and I cannot possibly tell you where that is, for you wouldn’t understand. I couldn’t even explain it in your terms. I cannot even let you know if it is round or what shape it is, it just is. And on my travels I am able to sort out quite a few problems, you could say that I am much faster than a telephone or what you call your computers, I am as fast as the quickest thought, now how would you like to travel like that? Luke – Very well I think Miriam – It would be very well indeed, but there are many of you who astral project, it is not beyond your capabilities but it is something that you would have to practice. But because I travel so much I am able to relay, oh so many things, far too many to tell you today. I am also able to locate any problem that may be able to be solved in a very quick way. But I do enjoy it, for I meet so many people who are in their physical but advanced enough to see or speak to me as you do, or rather some of you do to your spirit friends. And it makes the world seem so much smaller, for there are so many different types of souls clothed in such a large variety of outer coverings, such a variety of the physical, that it would take me a long, long time to describe them all. And I have a feeling that before very long I shall offer my services to those who will listen and perhaps be able to describe to them somewhere that they can agree is possible, for some of the things they would not agree to. Your minds are not adjusted yet, but they are getting there. I am saying your, I am speaking now of the majority of people, but I would like that very much, at some future date to face an audience and let them ask me a question or two or three of what it is like, but it would have to be the right kind of audience, that would understand what I was talking about, when I described not just the areas, but the people And how they live. I am calling them all people now, for why not, we are all created from one, and I know that the question has been going round, as long as life has begun and people have had a mind, they have asked then who created the creator, but that is a puzzle that you would have to find out, many, many thousands of years hence from now, when you are nearer to where it began. And I think that you would be amazed at the answer, for even I do not know it all, but I have an inkling of how it all started, but that is all I have, and I have not met any one of the advanced souls, who have been able to tell me more. They may know more but not be in a position to tell me. And it matters not, for I know how glorious life is, and how glorious creation is and what I have learnt in my many lives, then it has made me very humble indeed. But I am thankful that now I am in a position to help in many ways and to bring joy and comfort and to open the eyes of so many people and let them see that marvels that are around them. How amazed are your scientists, astrologists and all these clever people who have been working and thinking that they know just a little of the universe, let me tell you friends, they know nothing. What they know is but a drop in the ocean, but at least if they will open their eyes and are willing to listen then they will learn a lot more. And that is what all life is about, we begin, we learn, we grow, we fall by the wayside, but then we start again, and again, and again. And when we realise that we cannot really be hurt – not the real spirit, in the physical way and we learn how to control emotions, we learn more about what or who we are, then my friends, life and lives are very short indeed. And then perhaps many more people listening will assess their lives, make the most of what they have, learn what they have to learn in this particular life, that they have chosen, and they will feel so much happier, and that happiness will spread, for it is going to be needed in the next few years, it really is. But I am not talking about doom tonight, I just had to come and pay my little visit, and yes I really think I will make arrangements to talk again, I have enjoyed myself, and I hope whoever listens to this tape, I hope there will be many, will also enjoy what is says, what is on it and know that it is quite, quite true. Of course I could make it up, there is no way in which it can be proven, not yet. But it will be, oh yes it will be hopefully before this civilisation ruins itself completely. Enjoy yourselves my friends and make the most of what you have and know that you have chosen your path wisely, for I can see the end but you cannot. Even those around you who are with you so often have not been able to see that little ending that I can, and it was a privilege that I was given just recently.

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