Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



The real you is still ‘upstairs’, your Higher Self, and you chose this life and the experiences you wanted to go through Let me first give you an example of an old lady I knew who knew nothing of life after death. I never had a chance to tell her what really happens. Her Church had told her she was to be judged, and would either end up in Heaven or Hell. She was scared, and very very insecure. She was fading fast, and her family had been called. She was in and out of a coma, and they did not expect her to last more than a few days. Let me explain how that happens. If you were to verbally tell me about your days at school, it would take you hours to get the message across…and then it would only be the highlights. Yet you have ALL of those experiences in your head. To simplify things let’s say that you could transfer the part of your brain with those experiences to me, then I would have complete knowledge of your schooldays…and in only a few seconds. This is what happened to the old Lady. She received an ‘Instant understanding’ of life after death. The next day her real family gathered around her bed and saw that she had suddenly perked up, she was lucid and very happy. But could she tell them what she had experienced? And if she did, would they believe her? What we see in meditation, when we are helping someone to pass over, is a rainbow of colors coming from their head connecting them to spirit. Their soul moves along this rainbow, and up into the higher dimension. Sometimes, if we have astral traveled into their dimension (during meditation) we can hold their hand, help them across, and hand them over to their spiritual family and friends. This is a fantastic experience as we are able to feel just a little bit of the beautiful love that they have over there. (They restrict how much we can feel; otherwise we may be tempted to pass over ourselves!!!) What a person sees when they pass over is different. They start to see Spirit around them that they recognize. A single spirit that they recognize may take their hand and just walk around the hospital and into a different dimension. Or they may look upwards into a tunnel of light and feel the tremendous love coming from it, and just start to float upwards. As your vibrations rise, you cross over into another dimension (Heaven?) On arrival you will be a bit disoriented, and it will take you some time to adjust to your new\real life…and also what you can do in it. Thought is the beginning of creation, and you can create whatever you want because you are no longer in a physical world. When you arrive, you will not know this, and because you ‘think’ you are wearing the same clothes that you passed over in… you are. Fishermen catch the biggest marlin and Mr. Moneybags will create the biggest pile of gold you have ever seen. You still have free will, and if you want to catch the biggest marlin every day, then you can. Whatever you think makes it happen. So, you see it takes quite a bit of adjustment. Once you have settled down then it is time to finish the lessons that you started in your last life on Earth. You are taken by your Guides to re-view your past life. Did you make the right decisions? And did you experience what you wanted too? You re-view your whole life, as seen by you, and as seen by everyone that you came into contact with, So, you judge yourself, and you decide if you learned the lessons well enough. And when you choose your next life on earth (when you are ready) you may elect to experience the same lessons again, or graduate to new ones.  

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