Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – There has been an explosion in a small village in a third world country and an African woman has gone down with shrapnel that has cut the left side of her neck and it has cut the artery.  The blood is flowing very fast, we must just put our hands on the left-hand side of the neck and stem the flow of blood, just for a minute or two while other people rush to the scene to help her.  It was not the intention that this should happen to her.  There is also shrapnel lodged in the shoulder just below this main artery, which will cause a lot of problems as the area she lives in is very primitive. We must therefore stem the flow of blood, imagine the artery running from the ear down to the shoulder and Miriam and Verna must just hold the artery where there is a small tear, where the blood is escaping.  Using Luke’s energy we must withdraw the piece of shrapnel, I will place my fingers on the shoulder and Luke withdraws the shrapnel without his fingers using only the mind.  It is I like a piece of drain water guttering but very small, it is upside down with a jagged edge. Using the mind, withdraw it and the tiny tear that it has made I will seal with two fingers, it is done, Luke completely withdraws the shrapnel, we can then all put our hands on the shoulder which will stem the flow of blood from the main tear and disinfect the area where the shrapnel was in the body.  People will arrive any minute and find just severe lacerations to the shoulder and neck and using their primitive methods will continue. There is also a little damage below the ear, small pieces of metal, which have gone below the flesh and we can easily pull them out, as when she is found, the wounds will only be bandaged.  The people have arrived and we can now safely withdraw.   

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