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In this meditation, Miriam is channeling. Geoff – Okay, looks like a young boy in an Indian township, or shanty town, his mother is wearing a head dress, which is slightly, it seems Indian, he is extremely thin, he seems to be suffering from what I first thought was malnutrition, but his stomach isn’t swollen, he is just extremely thin and dehydrated. There is a very strong link between me and this boy, a strong emotional feeling, as I felt with my daughter from last week. But I think the link is to the group as a whole and not to me. The woman who is with him is not his mother, he is about to pass over and she has asked us to help this boy pass over. He has no knowledge of spiritual matters or life after death, he has had a very rough life, he lost his family some months ago and has been looked after ever since by this woman. He was in a state of shock for a long time after he lost his family, at that stage he was already very, very under nourished, went into a state of shock and of course has nobody there to help him or treat him. This woman is an advanced spirit working in the black countries to help people and of course she volunteered for this position, the boy is just so confused, he has never been right since prior to the death of his family. He has lost the will to live, and is in slight permanent state of shock. His mind is totally confused, he is not going to pass over, what we must do is balance his mind, we must show him the love that only family can have. A circle such as this where there are three in the family, has a very strong type of love and to transmit this across to the boy will give him a strong reminder, not so much of what he has lost but what he can have, when he eventually has his own family. I am holding him, sitting on the bed, he is on my lap and I am holding him to my chest and I am transferring through to him all the pure family love possible and we will reverse the process of his dying, we are giving him back a glimpse of something wonderful, which he will hang on to and build on. And it will start with him accepting this woman who is helping him as part of his new family. It is a turning point in his very young life. Besides projecting all this family love to the heart center and the solar plexus, it is the solar plexus which has created this problem, we also send healing rays to the head, for the head also has to be balanced with the heart and solar plexus. His head is in a state of confusion, which can be expected and as he feels this family love his mind is finding it difficult to handle so the light that we put into his head is to calm him down and we have two colours, on is a creamy color, a soothing color, and the other is a very strong blue. Miriam (Channelling) – That is the blue that I was waiting for you to mention. Geoff – Blue is a healing color. Miriam (Channelling) – This is a special blue. Geoff – This is to balance the mind. Miriam (Channelling) – That is so. Geoff – And cream calms it down, and the blue balances, and in particular the change will be seen in his eyes, not by seeing blue eyes, but by seeing the eyes suddenly become alive again. Just a subtle change which can be seen, such as when people’s eyes sparkle when something wonderful has happened. His eyes will begin to sparkle. Miriam (Channelling) – Like stars in their eyes? Geoff – Yes, and the woman who has been helping him is now moving across to sit on the bed facing me and the boy will lean back in her arms and put his head on her chest, and she will take over and a connection has been made. And as we leave we leave this very poor shanty with a lot of wonderful love and energy which will always make it happier to come back to, there will be a feeling of peace and harmony there which will help the two of the progress onto the next stage of the journey that they have chosen. Miriam (Channelling) – It is an excellent diagnosis, really very good, you are progressing well.

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