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YOUR HIGHER SELF AND ITS MEMORIES   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation, I’m discussing your Higher Self with a guide called White Feather who is being channeled by Miriam
– We’ve just started and I’ve been drifting backwards and forwards through some things that look like big grey leaves in water, but it is in air. They are as big as a wall in your lounge. Geoff:     The walls are deceiving in their size – as you get closer they can be further away or closer themselves. It’s very deceiving but, as I look at a certain portion, I can see a portion sparkle with white and silver energy – a lot of silver and I think these are memories. Miriam(White Feather) They are. Geoff:     Energy memories. They’re memories of who is linked to me….. Miriam(White Feather)You are on the right track. Geoff:     …..they’re group memories.
Miriam(White Feather)Yes.
Geoff:     Right – and then you store it here, so when you need to research maybe for a past life – before the next life, or to research past lives, you come into this area and you will find the way to the memories that you need. Now these – I can feel, sense, different areas covering different things – the one I am at, at the moment – is maternal emotions – that’s the sort of section I’m in, but they all link up with each other and if you want to find out something on a certain subject that any of our group have experienced in all of their past lives, then you will find it here. Because as on earth where you have different cultures and different countries, so you have different groups over there, which have had different groups of experiences….. Miriam(White Feather)This is so. Geoff:     ….. and therefore at different stages of development. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes. You would not go into a library and go and look in the kindergarten section for a book on something much superior would you. Memories relating to our group are stored here. That is quite something. Now, when you have a problem on earth and you pray for an answer, what you are creating is a question….
Miriam(White Feather)Yes.
Geoff:     ….. and you, yourself, can go to this group memory center in astral in the evening (when you sleep) where you will be directed to the answer. Miriam(White Feather) If you are allowed to have that answer you will be given it, if not, then the question will be stored until it is ready to be answered. Geoff: Yes, that’s right and there are those that watch your progress who will allow you access or not. Miriam(White Feather)That is right – you have to keep your higher self-working. (laughter) Geoff:  Yes. Now, if we can discuss this higher self – if we have a physical body here on earth and an astral body or a spiritual body that can travel into astral, where does my higher self reside? Also in myself? Miriam(White Feather)It is attached to you but not in the astral body – it is attached to it. Geoff:     I think it is connected through a center at the top of my head. Miriam(White Feather)Through a center, yes. Geoff:     And my higher self is normally resident on your side?
Miriam(White Feather)Yes.
Geoff:     Right. So, I would find my higher self in my group hall of learning (See later article) Miriam(White Feather)Yes, you would. Geoff:     He’s very smart – he sends me out to do all the work….laughter Miriam(White Feather)Of course. Geoff:     Of course, I wouldn’t necessarily recognise it…. Miriam(White Feather)Oh no. Geoff: …. because it is not the same physical as me. So, should I get into serious trouble and I need some help, or some answers, that is when I can call on my higher self to assist. Miriam(White Feather)You can but it is not necessary let me get this right – it does not say that you ‘will’ get an answer from your higher self. Geoff:     No, because it is something that I must struggle through in the course of learning. Miriam(White Feather)But the word would go out from your higher self to wherever, whomever, the question is directed to. Sometimes you will get an answer directly as your mother does sometimes when she does crosswords. Geoff:     Yes, so my higher self will be controlling several of me in different dimensions. Miriam(White Feather)That is it – that is why you cannot, or it cannot, always give an answer directly to you. Geoff:     Yes, because I suppose it is also possible that my higher self is a she because each time I reincarnate I could be male or female. Miriam(White Feather)Oh yes, you can be. Geoff:    So, my higher self could be the same. Miriam(White Feather) That’s it. Geoff:     That’s an interesting thought. Miriam (White Feather)     So far you have not touched on a life past or future when you have been female. Geoff:     That’s true. Miriam (White Feather)     Perhaps another time. Geoff:     Yes. Yes, that’s an interesting thought. Miriam (White Feather)     The majority of people go through their lives about fifty-fifty. Geoff:     Now, there is nothing to stop my higher self…. we’ve seen it in it’s sort of separate forms – I go upstairs, decide I’m ready to reincarnate and I come back to a certain life to be born of certain parents to gain such and such an experience but, if there are different dimensions that I can go into, I also know it’s possible that I can have two separate lives on earth at the same time….
Miriam (White Feather)     Yes.
Geoff:     ….in two different areas. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes, you can. Geoff:     And, therefore, it is also possible that my higher self could also look after another me in a different country, which is female in different dimensions and at the same time so there could be dozens of me’s around. Miriam (White Feather) Yes, but that only comes as you develop. That does not come from the very beginning of life on earth or whatever, whether you are insect, animal or whatever, it only increases as you develop and grow. Geoff:  Yes, so it’s just a method of learning quicker ….as you advance the more you can learn. So, my higher self is the actual spirit that is doing all the learning.
Miriam (White Feather)     Yes.
Geoff:     When I pass over and go back to the other side, I would then become part of my higher self. Miriam (White Feather)     You would. Geoff:     So, in the case of a child where a child dies at the age of one year, and goes back to the other side, it, therefore….. two things can happen – it can go back and join its higher self or it can continue its learning but it has to go through as a child in spirit. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes, it depends what it has to learn. Geoff:     Right. Miriam (White Feather)     It gets very complicated, does it not. Geoff:     Yes, but it’s getting more clearly complicated now. Miriam (White Feather)     I understand what you mean. Geoff:  I’m just back with the group for a while and I can see them as gold forms of energy and not as people. I think we had best leave that for the time being. Miriam (White Feather)  I think so. Geoff:  Thank you.  

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