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930 –  Spirit create an Ai robot … but no soul

G: Okay, the feeling I’m getting is this person is an entity of energy because I felt the shape changing and colours changing and sensed it was definitely not from here and that’s as far as I’ve got. Let’s see what else I can feel.

It’s always very weird in the beginning, it’s difficult to understand. It seems their communication is by sort of throwing images at you.


S: I was going to say understanding.


G: No. They seem to send images of maybe like an instant understanding but you get this image. And their shapes are all over, very flexible. It’s like it’s very advanced but not altogether there. It’s like it’s a mistake.


Spirit: Okay, it is. You are right, it is a mistake. As we develop, as we have been discussing the last few nights, there are lots of different ways of evolving. There are lots of different things we have tried etc. And a few of the things that we have tried have gone a little bit astray. And what you experienced just now or what is right next to you, is basically you would call it AI, where something is programmed and it’s programmed to talk on the same level as you as a human. And you are able to converse with it and so on. So, we developed these and what we tried to do was put in, not so much a soul, but in a way an artificial soul. And it was done to see if we could replicate the creation and evolvement. So, starting at a fairly high level, we were able to take all the energy that “thoughts are creation” of a being that has evolved over many thousands of years and say right, we have all this knowledge, all this information in one little ball of energy and if we can put this ball of energy into a vehicle of sorts then we maybe, would have an advanced soul that in theory had gone through evolution and evolving and progressing and so on. And so we did this. And the outcome was not at all what we expected. All the information was there but when you evolve, it doesn’t matter what level you are at, you are always finding more and more and more. And those more and more’s change your direct thinking. So with our little friends who are little AI’s, we had them beautifully programmed but they would come across a scenario which is just a tiny bit different and that tiny difference, they weren’t programmed for, so that difference would come to a dead end. And therefore they couldn’t evolve any more. So they ended up basically, just what you would call robots.


S; yes, I was laughing because we cloned sheep, and we make robots here, and you just made robots. Lol


Lol, that’s why we brought it along tonight, just so you could feel and sense and see and understand and we could just explain a little bit about what we did. But, the vehicle we used was just energy, so we just surrounded it with energy and all the thought forms of course, you know about instant understanding, it was very easy to put their whole life, all their generations, into one tiny bit of energy, surrounded with energy and therefore you had your little AI. As far as shapes go, there were so many different variations of shapes. We don’t actually use shapes when we get to this particular level, as you know, we are just colours. But we needed some sort of shape to identify this, so it wouldn’t be the same as we are. And it could be used, or seen, experienced by lots of different races or different societies, etc. So we decided it would just be a little ball of colours and therefore the shape would change all the time so your first thought, or Geoff’s first thought was ‘this was shapeshifter’ which are very similar. So the energy moves all the time, it’s like a jelly. Just moving backwards and forward and wobbling and changing again, etc. That’s all there is to it. And you can think it to disappear and it will simply disappear. And just think it back again. So it’s like an AI robot that you can call on demand, but of course they have no use to us. Lol. No use to us, so, we didn’t have a proper soul in there, we just had experience in there, so it wasn’t a soul, a developing soul as such, it was just basically experience. So therefore it ended up being mechanical and just something which we’ve shown various people as they evolve. An interesting one for you to start with.


S: yes indeed.

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